Spring Term 2018

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Literacy Workshop Spring 2017

Thank you to those of you who attended our Literacy workshop. We hope you enjoyed learning more about how we teach literacy in school and getting the chance to see the children learning in their classrooms. If you would like a refresher or were unable to attend, here is the presentation and information that was shared at the event:

thumbnail of Literacy Workshop Information for Parents Website

This information may also be useful when supporting your child with reading and writing at home:

Questions to ask your child when sharing a book

Supporting writing at home

Nelson Handwriting

When working in school, the children are always striving to achieve their next step or target. These targets come from our ‘Secret Code’ sheets, and are stuck into literacy books.

The Secret Code

In our literacy lessons the children learn their phonic sounds and about Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar and we hope that these information sheets may be useful. There is additional information about SPAG on the main Literacy page of the website too.

Phonics Glossary of Terms

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