Virtual Reality Workshop for Years 1 and 2

On Wednesday 18th April Year 1 and Year 2 at Toftwood Infant School had a virtual reality workshop. The year one children were able to zoom into space and visit lots of the planets in the solar system. The children learnt so many facts about these planets and couldn’t wait to share their new knowledge with the class.

The year 2 children travelled through space to Australia. They listened to Aboriginal stories and discussed the beliefs of the people who live there. The children watched many tribal dances that gave them clues for different animals and finished the workshop with a ‘find it’ game.

It was a brilliant experience for the children as it enabled the children to use technology to learn about their topics and has provided a wonderful learning experience for all of KS1.


Cats Production April 2018

Some of the children in the federation took part in a Dereham production of Cats in April 2018. We are so proud of them for taking part and for sharing their talents and enthusiasm for singing and acting with a wider audience. Congratulations to all of them!

Writers’ Workshop April 2018

Friday 23rd March 2018

30 children across year 5 were invited to attend a free writers’ workshop, offered to us by “The National Centre for Writing” based in Dragon Hall, Norwich.

Firstly, we explored “free writing” where the children were encouraged to keep their pen moving for 4 minutes, to encourage capturing their ideas, freely.

We looked at the idea of “translating” ideas from the fairy tale, “Hansel and Gretel” into our own versions, after establishing the basic framework of the story. Lewis encouraged us saying “let your imagination run wild within the framework.”

At the end of the session, he listened to some of our stories. “I don’t mind if it’s not finished, it’s left us wondering….” He encouraged.

He chose Kailan, Ashleigh and Ava to record their stories which will be edited and woven into a pod cast, with children from other schools who have taken part. He will also add music to their recordings.

As he finished, Lewis told the children that, “your lives are interesting…your stories are important….I’ve given you some ways of telling them.”

When this project is finished, it can be found on the “Writers’ Centre” website.

Go Go Federation Hare

The federation have worked together on Gerry our Federation hare.

We wanted to create a hare that every child in the federation could be involved in the painting of. Each year group had a different section and a different theme to paint, including puzzle pieces, stripes, hand prints and stripes.

  • Nursery and Reception did the base and the hand prints
  • Year One did finger prints
  • Year Two did stripes on the front left leg
  • Year Three did swirls on the other leg
  • Year 4 did zig zags
  • Year 5 did the patchwork squares
  • Year 6 did the rear end with puzzle pieces!

The hare is all of the children’s own work and we are so pleased that their art work will be seen by hundreds of people! We will let you know where he ends up so you can go and visit him.

A big thank you to all of the children for their collaborative working on the federation project, and to the staff who supported the children to do this, especially Mrs Hodges and Miss McTavish who organised the project.

Dance Show

In February a group of children from the Infant School took part in the Sports’ Partnership dance show, showcasing a dance to the song ‘Get back up again’ from the film Trolls. Our song choice was inspired by what we have been learning about resilience and never giving up in our PATHS lessons.

The children practised the dance over the course of a few weeks at lunchtimes and in the afternoons with Mrs Ponder and Miss McTavish. It was fantastic to see the children working as a team to practise and just as our song had been inspired by never giving up, the children always bounced back after any difficulties when practising.

When the day came of the show the children made us all so proud as they were so excellently behaved! It was a long day at OPEN Norwich and they children had a chance to practise on the stage with the lights before their two performances, one in the afternoon and one in the evening.

We are so proud of the all children that took part and hope they enjoyed the new and exciting experience. The performances were both amazing and the children remembered all their moves brilliantly. It has even inspired some of the children to go to dance lessons outside of school, as none of the children had any dance training before the event.

Step On It Training

The year 1 children at Toftwood Infant School have been learning the importance of road safety and have taken part in the Step On It training. The children have learnt about the signals a car might show when manoeuvring, like indicating, reversing and breaking and have also learnt how to cross the road safely.

Mrs Pilbrow, a TA at Toftwood Infant School, has taken small groups of children along School Lane to learn about where it is safe to cross, looking both ways to check for traffic and staying with their adult when crossing the road. Mrs Pilbrow said ‘it is a very important lesson that the children should learn and if one day this saves a child’s life, it is a great lesson for all’.

The children enjoyed the training and could talk about how to stay safe when crossing the road, the different vehicles and dangers that might be on the road and the importance of listening carefully for traffic too.

Czech Work Experience Students

In March 2018 we hosted two Czech work experiences students organised by Neatherd High School.  They joined us for a week and worked with the office staff and the senior leaders. They did a range of office tasks including filing, making phone calls, passing on messages, computer work and they even helped to sort through the infant Library prior to its makeover. It was a great experience for them and for us, and we hope they enjoyed working behind the scenes of an English school.

You can see a link to this on the Neatherd facebook page

Supporting children in Gambia March 2018

Children in Mr Hambright’s class have been supporting children in a school in the Fresh Start Foundation School in Gambia. They collected donations of books and other items to send to help the children. You can see some of them in the pictures. The children there were very excited to see what they had been sent. We are very proud of them for thinking of other children and supporting them.


A Visit from the Dereham Brass Band members – March 2018

In assembly, Junior School children were treated to a visit from three members of Dereham Brass Band. They were entertained with a couple of songs played on euphonium, cornet and flugelhorn and some children had a chance to test their ’emboucheur’ (lip skills!) playing the p-buzz (an extendable horn with a mouthpiece similar to brass instruments) and their rhythm with various percussion instruments.

 There are places now available in Dereham Training Band for brass and percussion players. They currently have 8 training band players, supplemented by 2 proficient players who are getting to grips with new instruments. The youngest is aged 6 and the oldest is 70+ and they are all enthusiastic and talented!

If your child (or you!) would like to have a go, then there are rehearsals every Thursday in Charles Wood, Rashes Green, for one hour starting at 18.30. If you have instruments, then bring your own, otherwise the band has instruments they can loan.
The first week is free so they can see if they like it and then only £1 per week!

Please do consider this amazing opportunity to be taught to play and support your local brass band.

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