National Roast Dinner Day

On 15th November 2017 it was ‘National Roast Dinner Day,’

Dereham Neatherd High School invited us to enjoy a roast dinner at their school! Mrs Pedlow, Mrs Adams, Mrs Gamble and Mrs Flynn took 10 children from the Infants and Juniors to the school during lunchtime where we had a lovely menu choice. There was roast turkey and gammon, potatoes and vegetables.  It was like being in a restaurant!

We also had the choice of fruit or crumble and custard for pudding. Look at the size of the puddings – they were great!

We sat with residents from Eckling Grange who were also invited to the dinner and many of our children spent time talking to other people from the community. It was a great opportunity to introduce our children to the community and to the High School and also to show everybody how well behaved and polite they were when we were there.  Mrs Pedlow was so very proud of us all.

Thank you to Neatherd for inviting us – we had a great time.

Freya said: ‘I loved it! The potatoes were really nice.’

Sophie said: ‘The vegetables were really tasty.’

Pantomime Actor comes to Toftwood Infant!

On Friday 10th November, Year 2 were lucky to have had Ben Langley in school. He is an actor who works at the Theatre Royal and will be starring in the pantomime ‘Sleeping Beauty’ which we will be going to see in December for our school trip.

Each class had a drama workshop with Ben and acted out the story of ‘Sleeping Beauty.’ The children then worked in groups to perform one of the scenes from the story and performed to the rest of their class. It was fantastic to see so much confidence from everyone – particularly those who are often quite quiet!

The children have been learning about this story in Literacy and will also be performing their own pantomime version for the rest of the school and their adults in December.

Harvest Thanksgiving at Norwich Cathedral

October 2017

The schools team at Norwich Cathedral asked both the Infant and Junior Schools to decorate a Harvest banner for the Harvest Thanksgiving service at the Cathedral on Sunday 8th October.  Children chosen from Years 1-6 worked together on the project and really enjoyed showing off their creative skills to make a colourful picture reflecting our agricultural heritage in Norfolk.

Seven children attended the service on Sunday afternoon with their families, and proudly carried all the banners down the aisle and displayed them for the congregation to see.  The Dean was very pleased with all of the banners from different schools which featured different aspects of the labours of Harvest time.  Mrs Marshall at the Cathedral Schools Department said “the banner you did and all the others were stunning and the Dean has asked me to thank all……..Toftwood saved the day by being there to carry banners! Thank you so much”.

The experience enhanced the children’s RE learning about the Christian Harvest Thanksgiving, and was a wonderful collaborative project between the two schools in the Federation.

Active Kids Festival

Tuesday 10th October 2017

Some Year 2 children had the chance to be involved with the Active Kids Festival held at Easton Tennis Centre. They were very excited to see what activities they would be participating in. Young Leaders from Taverham High School were there to run the activities supported by staff from the West Norwich and Dereham School Sports Partnership. The children had the opportunity to play 7 different fun and active games. From ‘Not in my back Yard’, a game which had the children racing against each other to throw all the beanbags and balls out of their area, to ‘Run for it’, where one child had to travel around the circle as an animal while a ball was being passed around and beat it back to base. The Year 2 children had a fabulous time and worked really well as a team. Well done!

Tennis Festival

On 11th July, 9 children from year 1 and reception took part in a Tennis Festival at the Easton Tennis Centre. We joined together with other schools in the area to take part in a range of activities designed to develop the skills needed to play tennis. The children tried balancing a ball on their racket, floor tennis, throwing and catching games, relay games, bouncing a ball with the racket, and hitting a target over the net.

Mr Mann asked the adults to decide on one member of the school team who had shown the quality of ‘Team work’. We a pupil from Year 1 as she was very aware of the younger members of her team, and helped them when they were finding something tricky.

We had a wonderful morning, and were eager to watch Wimbledon to see some of the skills we have learnt being used in a professional tennis game.


On 6th July, 20 children from year 1 and 2 took part in a Quadkids Athletics event. They went to the UEA sports park for an athletics competition against other schools in the area. The children tried different activities; vortex throwing, standing long jump, 50m sprint and a 300 metre run.

Mr Mann asked the adults to decide on one member of the school team who had shown the quality of ‘determination’. We had chosen Morganne as she completed the 300 metre run with a massive smile on her face and she had her mind set on crossing the finish line.

Although we did not place in the top 3 of the schools participating, the children all showed great sportsmanship and congratulated the winning teams.

Tri-golf tournament

On the 16th May, 20 Children at Toftwood infant school enjoyed taking part in Tri-golf activities during a visit to Taverham high school. The children from key stage 1 were invited to take part in a tri-golf tournament along with children from other schools lead by sports leaders at Taverham high. Children were given the opportunity to learn and develop their golf skills by completing 8 obstacles. They were taught how to correctly hold a golf club and swing to hit the ball. The sports leaders encouraged children to support their team mates by cheering and the children received points for hitting targets and for positive attitude during the games. The children enjoyed joining in with the activities and had lots of fun as well as having the opportunity to learn a new sports skill.

NSPCC Assembly – Speak out. Stay safe.

On Thursday 18th May the children of Toftwood Infant and Toftwood Junior Schools attended an assembly led by Hayley Kidd, the NSPCC Schools Organiser for Norfolk.

Both schools are committed to ensuring all children feel safe and know what to do if they do not, or if they have any concerns or worries in their lives. With the help of Buddy the mascot, Hayley shared information on things that may harm us or make us feel worried and encouraged the children to think about situations in their lives that are not OK.  Some examples shown were when adults are using loud arguing voices that may be upsetting, or when a child is feeling unsafe because they are left on their own, or hungry because they do not have enough food to eat.  Hayley talked to the children about which adults they could talk to in school and at home if they are worried or sad about something that affects their lives.   All children are encouraged to ‘speak out and stay safe’.  Information about the NSPCC was given to staff, and all the children received a “Speak out. Say safe” sticker to take home.

The NSPCC offer a schools’ service which involves providing resources for schools to use at Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 with key safeguarding messages for children.  Their message is that it is vital that every child in every primary school across the UK understands abuse in all its forms, recognises the signs of abuse and gets help if they need it.  This is a commitment that Toftwood Infant and Junior school also share and have been discussing with the children in lessons and in assemblies too.

Parents and carers can see information about the campaign and the work of the NSPCC and how to report a concern they may have about a child being abused by looking on the NSPCC website. There is a link on the Infant School website too.



Zoe’s Community Challenge Special Assembly

On Monday 8th May the children attended an assembly led by Kathryn Redfern, the Practice Manager at Boots Opticians in Fakenham, about keeping their eyes healthy and reading for enjoyment.

Boots Opticians have been working in partnership with the National Literacy Trust, a national charity dedicated to raising literacy levels in the UK, to inspire children to read and look after their eyes. The children were very keen to talk about their favourite stories, such as Matilda, or The Gruffalo, and had fun guessing which animals could see better or worse than people.

One simple way you can help your child to become a great reader is by looking after their eye health, especially in the early years. Eyesight is a big part of a child’s development as so much of what children learn is through their sight.

Tips to help keep young eyes healthy

  1. Regular eye checks: It’s really important for children to have regular eye checks to catch problems early. Anyone under the age of 16 is entitled to a free NHS-funded eye check and vouchers toward the cost of glasses if needed. Visit to find details of your local Boots Opticians practice.
  2. Protect young eyes from the sun: Children tend to spend more time outdoors than adults, and their eyes have larger pupils and clearer lenses, meaning they are more susceptible to the sun’s harmful rays. Keep children’s eyes protected outdoors by wearing good quality sunglasses that have a CE mark.
  3. Eating a rainbow of colourful fruit and vegetables: These help young eyes get the nutrients they need to grow healthily. Foods like tomatoes, kale, melon, grapes and blueberries as well as fish, chicken, eggs and whole grains are packed with eye-friendly nutrients.

You can find more eye health advice and fun activities to complete with your child at sunbeams and lots of information on reading at

Key Stage One Football Festival at Bowthorpe Football Development Centre

20 Year One children went to Bowthorpe Football Development Centre for the day to represent our school. The morning session consisted of some skill activities where children practised dribbling the ball and shooting at goal. In the afternoon we made 2 teams and played some friendly matches against other schools.

All the children thoroughly enjoyed being outside and active for the whole day. They worked hard on the skill activities in the morning and showed determination playing their matches in the afternoon.

Well done to everybody!

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