Christmas Production of Baubles

This half term the Year 1 and Reception children have been busy preparing for their Christmas Production of ‘Baubles’.

The story was about a kind school caretaker, Mr Potts, helping the children to understand the real story of Christmas by placing the baubles he had made on the school’s Christmas tree.

The children performed to their grown-ups and did a fantastic job!

Nursery Autumn 2 2017

Our topic for this half term was food.  We explored a variety of fruit and vegetables using our senses. We created pictures with the fruit and vegetables by rolling and printing with them.

We listened to the story of “Goldilocks and the Three Bears” and participated in activities linked to the story.

We have had lots of fun outside cooking with our new mud kitchen. Special thanks must go to FOTIS (Friends of Toftwood Infant School) for purchasing it.

Nursery Christmas Activity Morning

The children did a brilliant job with singing songs to tell the story of the first Christmas to friends and family. They also enjoyed participating in a selection of Christmas activities including decorating the Christmas tree, making decorations and wrapping presents.

Autumn 1 in Reception

This half term our topic has been ‘Ourselves’. We have spent time talking about our families and our pets, where we live, the things we like doing and we have been learning about our bodies and how to stay healthy. We painted self-portraits and made a display for the classrooms out of pictures of ourselves.

At the end of the first half term the children in Reception enjoyed a morning of activities linked to the celebration of Harvest, and to the season of autumn.  Parents were invited in to join their children to explore the indoor and outdoor environments, and the wide range of different activities on offer.

It was fantastic to see so many parents attend the session, and sharing in the learning experiences with the children.  Everyone had a fantastic morning!

Diwali in Reception

As part of our ‘Celebration’ topic, we have been learning about Diwali; the Hindu Festival of Light.

We started the week with a workshop with Miss Helen where we learnt lots of new dance moves and told the story of Rama and Sita, Ravana the ten headed demon and Hanuman the monkey king! We all enjoyed trying on and dancing in some traditional clothes.

In the classroom, we have designed our own Mehndi’s, lanterns, Rangoli patterns, shadow puppets and Diva lamps.

We have looked at Diwali information books, read stories and watched videos to find out more information.

Year 3 Autumn 1 2017 – Egyptians

This half term Year 3 have been learning all about Ancient Egypt. We have written some brilliant adventure stories about our character exploring the tombs in Egypt and decided what problem they would face whilst there. Thankfully, we all thought of some really creative ways to resolve the problem!

As part of our science work this half term we looked at mummifying a tomato.

We looked at the instructions for how to mummify a tomato and spoke about each step. They all made a prediction about what would happen to their tomato once it had been left for a week. Most of us thought that the tomato would go mouldy after a week.

We chopped the top of the tomato and spooned the ‘brains’ out. After that, we washed the inside and outside of the tomato before covering it in natron.

A week later, we uncovered the tomato and discovered that they had gone wrinkly and hard… but not mouldy! This was because the salt, in the natron, had absorbed the water.

We all enjoyed finishing off the half term wearing our Egyptian costumes!

Tractor visits Year 1 to help celebrate Harvest

This week the Year 1 children have been learning about Harvest festival. The children have learnt about the Creation story and how Christians celebrate the Harvest as part of the RE curriculum. They have talked about their favourite things about the Earth and things they are thankful for. One child said “I am thankful the tractors for helping grow the food.” This is also linked to the British Values that we promote in school as well as developing their appreciation of where food comes from.

As part of their learning, Mike Garrod visited from his farm in Garvestone and brought his tractor along too! Each child was able to sit in the driving seat and learnt about how the tractor is used during Harvest time. They also saw some wheat that had been harvested from Mike’s field this year and got the chance to ask him questions about being a farmer.

The children looked closely at some vegetables that are harvested at this time of year and we investigated where they were grown in the world. These vegetables were kindly donated to our school by Tesco Dereham as part of their Community Champion work.

Year 1 Autumn Activity Afternoon

We had fun during our Autumn activity afternoon. Our grown-ups were able to come into our classes and join in with some Autumn and Harvest crafts.

Everyone was able to make an apple crumble with their grown up ready to eat for tea!

We coloured some Harvest pictures.

We made split pin scarecrows and decorated them with patterns!

The children made leaf hedgehogs and Autumn leaf spirals.

We also used corks and cotton buds to paint leaves on our handprint Autumn trees!

We played Tractors and Trains board game and built different Autumn inspired Lego models.

Year 2 Medieval Day 16.10.17

On Monday 16th October, year 2 enjoyed a medieval day which linked to their Medieval Norwich topic. The children enjoyed taking part in lots of different activities including jousting and jestering. They also took part in archery which was run by Goldcrest Outdoor Activity; lots of the children managed to hit the targets and really enjoyed learning how to do this.  In the afternoon the children took part in a medieval banquet and dressed up in their own costumes. They enjoyed eating cheese, bread and grapes and each class performed a medieval dance, which they had been working on in PE, to the rest of the year group. It was a great day, enjoyed by all!

A Visit from Vulpus!

On 16th October, Year 4 at Toftwood Junior School were thrilled to have a visit from a “real life gladiator”!

This “living history” experience was part of the children’s learning about the Roman Invasion of Britain and the children thoroughly enjoyed dressing up to become ‘real’ Romans for the day.

This thrilling day included topics such as: a close up look at the equipment used by Roman soldiers; the blood-thirsty story of the revolt of our local Iceni tribe lead by Queen Boudicca; what Romans did in the bathroom and even involved a ‘trip’ to the amphitheatre to see gladiators fight to the death (the children even learned how to appeal to the Emperor to either kill or spare the life of the defeated fighter).

The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and learned so much from the day; here are just a few of their thoughts:

“I enjoyed today because we got to learn in a more fun way by acting out everything.” Phoebe

“It was interesting because I got to learn more about the Romans and we played games and held pieces of brick and things Romans had in their hands 2000 years ago!” Max

“The day was great because I enjoyed holding the Roman things like a brooch and a real mosaic and I got to learn more about the Britons and how they fought against the Romans.” Adam

“Today was so fun because we got to hold real Roman equipment and art. Also, we got to be entertained by seeing Roman fighting.” Martina

“It was an educational day because we learnt lots of things we didn’t know before!” Dani

“I liked today because I got to handle real Roman things. I liked the story because it told us about how the Romans fought.” Kobe

“It was awesome, I got to act as the Roman queen! Also, we could touch all the artefacts like a broach and bits of a mortariolum (a mortar used in a Roman kitchen).” Natalie

“I had a really, really good day because we got to dress up as a Roman and we learned A LOT!” Josie

Nursery Autumn 1 2017

We have been learning about colours. We explored making new colours by colour mixing with our hands.

We looked at the book called “The Rainbow Fish”. We printed our own fish using celery for the scales.

We have enjoyed exploring our outdoor environment.

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