Year 2 Medieval Day 16.10.17

On Monday 16th October, year 2 enjoyed a medieval day which linked to their Medieval Norwich topic. The children enjoyed taking part in lots of different activities including jousting and jestering. They also took part in archery which was run by Goldcrest Outdoor Activity; lots of the children managed to hit the targets and really enjoyed learning how to do this.  In the afternoon the children took part in a medieval banquet and dressed up in their own costumes. They enjoyed eating cheese, bread and grapes and each class performed a medieval dance, which they had been working on in PE, to the rest of the year group. It was a great day, enjoyed by all!

A Visit from Vulpus!

On 16th October, Year 4 at Toftwood Junior School were thrilled to have a visit from a “real life gladiator”!

This “living history” experience was part of the children’s learning about the Roman Invasion of Britain and the children thoroughly enjoyed dressing up to become ‘real’ Romans for the day.

This thrilling day included topics such as: a close up look at the equipment used by Roman soldiers; the blood-thirsty story of the revolt of our local Iceni tribe lead by Queen Boudicca; what Romans did in the bathroom and even involved a ‘trip’ to the amphitheatre to see gladiators fight to the death (the children even learned how to appeal to the Emperor to either kill or spare the life of the defeated fighter).

The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and learned so much from the day; here are just a few of their thoughts:

“I enjoyed today because we got to learn in a more fun way by acting out everything.” Phoebe

“It was interesting because I got to learn more about the Romans and we played games and held pieces of brick and things Romans had in their hands 2000 years ago!” Max

“The day was great because I enjoyed holding the Roman things like a brooch and a real mosaic and I got to learn more about the Britons and how they fought against the Romans.” Adam

“Today was so fun because we got to hold real Roman equipment and art. Also, we got to be entertained by seeing Roman fighting.” Martina

“It was an educational day because we learnt lots of things we didn’t know before!” Dani

“I liked today because I got to handle real Roman things. I liked the story because it told us about how the Romans fought.” Kobe

“It was awesome, I got to act as the Roman queen! Also, we could touch all the artefacts like a broach and bits of a mortariolum (a mortar used in a Roman kitchen).” Natalie

“I had a really, really good day because we got to dress up as a Roman and we learned A LOT!” Josie

Nursery Autumn 1 2017

We have been learning about colours. We explored making new colours by colour mixing with our hands.

We looked at the book called “The Rainbow Fish”. We printed our own fish using celery for the scales.

We have enjoyed exploring our outdoor environment.

Autumn 1 2017 Greek Hook Day

Year 6 welcomed their first topic of the year with an ancient Greek hook day. Activities on offer included Greek writing and numbers, designing their own mythical beasts and even taking part in their own mini Greek Olympics. The teachers were impressed with some brilliant ancient Greek costumes and the children’s knowledge of the different gods and goddesses. Since then, children have worked on their Greek pot designs and created some authentic shapes, patterns and motifs on their clay models.

Year 4 Autumn 1 2017

Year 4 children have been having lots of fun and working extremely hard in science this half term finding out all they can about states of matter (solids, liquids and gasses).

They have spent some of their time thinking about sorting and grouping materials and explaining their reasoning, they have also researched and collected information and have been really enjoyed working scientifically to answer questions like this one:

Which drink is the fizziest?

The children had to think carefully to predict which of five different drinks was the fizziest and then carry out an investigation to find out if their idea was correct. They did this by finding out how much the gas in the drink weighed. As one child noted, “Gas is something so it must have weight!”

During their investigation, the children needed to work together to measure the volume and mass of liquids accurately and record their results. Then they had great fun shaking all the gas out of the samples to see which one held the most carbon dioxide.

And the answer to the question…..Cola is the fizziest!

Our visit to the Sealife Centre in Great Yarmouth

Autumn 1 2017

When we arrived at the Sealife Centre, we were greeted by staff and we started our VIP Discovery Tour. We saw the penguins being fed their fish and watched the sharks and turtle swimming around as we walked through the tunnel.

We also saw jellyfish, lots of different fish, seahorses and rays.

We saw a starfish and crab up close and got the chance to stroke them. The crab felt very soft and the starfish felt very bumpy! We learnt that a starfish has 5 arms and 1000 feet. We also learnt that crabs walk sideways because they don’t have any hips!

After lunch, we had a walk around the rest of the Sealife Centre and had a closer look at the sea creatures. We even got to go in the submarine and sat next to the rays and fish in the tank!

ZSL London Zoo Skype Call

On Wednesday 4th October the Year 1 children received a Skype call from a zookeeper from ZSL London Zoo. She was located in front of the giraffe enclosure and started by asking the children what their favourite animals were.

She then discussed different types of animals and how we can classify them. The children used what they had learnt from the topic ‘Animal Life’ so far and really impressed the zookeeper with their knowledge of reptiles, amphibians, mammals, birds and fish. The zookeeper showed the children different skulls, skins and teeth from animals and discussed why they might need these to survive.

The children took part in a quiz about what animals eat. They had cards to hold up to show whether the animal was a herbivore, carnivore or omnivore. The children all enjoyed taking part in the call and learnt lots more about animal life!

Year 2 Castle Trip 2017

Year 2 had a very exciting day out to Norwich Castle. Lots of the children had never been to the castle before so they were very excited!

We were greeted by characters that may have lived in the castle 800 years ago and we all took part in different activities during our visit. The children experienced a tour of the castle and were able to spot features that they had learnt about. They enjoyed handling real objects and deciding what they were used for, making a flag for a jousting competition, and learning about some of the different jobs inside a castle.

The children said:

“Wow! Look at Norwich Castle, it looks brilliant.”
“I can see the Battlements.”

Visiting the Castle brought our topic, Medieval Norwich to life. The children are now really excited for our forthcoming Medieval day which will include archery and a Medieval Banquet.

Year 2 Make Medieval Gingerbread!

As part of our Literacy and Topic lessons, year 2 have been learning about ‘Medieval Norwich.’ We followed a recipe to make medieval gingerbread and then wrote a set of instructions explaining what we did. We left the gingerbread to set and enjoyed trying it in the afternoon. We thought it was different to the gingerbread we would normally eat, but it still tasted good!

Here is the recipe for you to use at home.


A tablespoon of warm honey
A mug of breadcrumbs
A pinch of ground ginger
A pinch of cinnamon


  1. Warm up the honey.
  2. Add the ginger and cinnamon spices and stir.
  3. Stir in the breadcrumbs a dessert spoonful at a time, until you have a sticky dough.
  4. Mould the dough into balls.
  5. Leave in the fridge to set for 60 minutes.

6. Enjoy your medieval treat!

Year 1 Zootastic

Year 1 had Zootastic, a mobile petting zoo, visit school to enhance the children’s learning of their topic ‘Animal life’. The children had been learning about classifying animals into mammals, amphibians, reptiles and birds and also learnt about animals that are herbivores, omnivores and carnivores.

Ian and Alison visited on Friday 22nd September and worked with each year 1 class to talk about classifying animals. They came with lots of animals to look at, discuss and touch. Ian showed the children a snake, Bobby the tawny owl, Lisa the bearded dragon, Harvey the rabbit, Laurel and Hardy the guinea-pigs, Fluffy the tarantula and a scorpion.

The children really enjoyed seeing the creatures up close and listening to the facts that Ian was sharing about each animal. The children also learnt how to handle and care for the animals by being kind and gentle.

Year 1 Music Workshops

In year 1 we were very lucky to have the chance to have Mr Owen come and practise music with us from Neatherd High School. Mr Owen is the head of Music there and did some brilliant workshops with the children where we had the chance to use different instruments and think about keeping the beat to a song.

The children had a wonderful time and want to say a big THANK YOU to Mr Owen!

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