Year 3 Geography Visitor

Thursday 15th March 2018

On Thursday 15th March 2018, Year 3 had a visitor from the Norfolk Record Office come talk to us about maps, land use and the local area.

We first looked at maps of the local area. We saw how Dereham and Toftwood had changed over the years and explored the changes to the school site! It was interesting to see Toftwood Infant and Junior schools suddenly appear on the maps!

We then spoke about land use in the local area. We built on our previous learning of rural and urban land use and learnt about arable land (land used for growing crops) and pasture land (land used for grazing animals). We then explored a tithe map of East Dereham from 1838. The tithe map was a record of who owned land and told us about people used the land too! Using data given to us from our visitor, we then compared the data with the map and colour coded what land was used for what use! We learnt that East Dereham was mostly arable crop land in 1838!

Year 3 Stone Age Day

On Wednesday 7th March, Year 3 have spent the day learning about the Stone Age period as part of our topic ‘Stone Age to Iron Age’. We spent the day wearing different Stone Age costumes and had lots of exciting activities to help us learn more about Stone Age life!

We have been looking at cave paintings from different caves found all over Europe, such as the Cave of Altermira, Lascaux Cave and the Magura Cave. We noticed many of the paintings were of animals and hunters. We talked about how this would have been important to the people who painted them, for food and clothes. We learnt about how people in the Stone Age made paint from natural resources such as minerals and plants.  We really enjoyed using different materials, such as charcoal and soft pastels, to create our own cave paintings.

We had an exciting visit from Cambridge Archaeology Learning Foundation who brought us different artefacts to look at and explore. We looked at a chest of drawers with different objects in each drawer, to help us understand what could be found in different layers of soil. We were then given a box per table of different items from the past for us to look through and decide what they were used for. These items included: human bones, seeds, flints, wool and jewellery.

We also enjoyed cooking ‘rock cakes’ in our classes. We all tried one and shared our opinion. Whilst the opinion was divided for some children, the majority of us found them yummy!

Spring 1 in Reception

This half term our topic has been ‘Fantasy’.  We enjoyed starting the topic with a dressing up day where we all came to school dressed as our favourite character.  We have been busy reading lots of stories, and have had visits from fairies, aliens and pirates!  We have explored potion mixing and making treasure maps, and we have been using our imaginations to write many of our own stories.

Year 2 Shabbat Day

As part of our RE learning this term, Year 2 have been learning about the Jewish celebration of Shabbat. We were very lucky to have visitors from the Norwich Synagogue come into school and share information about Shabbat and demonstrate what it is like to celebrate it. Our classrooms were set out for a celebratory meal which looked beautiful and made the learning come to life. Each class also performed a song to the year group at the end of the day.

Spring 1 2018 – Visit from Mr Ponder the Electrician

Mr Ponder came to visit Year One to talk about solar energy. He showed us how the light rays can produce electricity. We were lucky enough to see a solar panel up close and talk about solar farms.

Mr Ponder showed us a diagram of how solar panels can provide electricity to our homes. The children were fascinated to find out how big solar farms are and how they use sheep to keep the grass short. The children asked Mr Ponder questions about being an electrician and thoroughly enjoyed his visit.

Spring 1 2018 – Visit from Mr Bell the Weatherman

Year 1 children were treated to a visit from Mr Bell who is a meteorologist and a weather forecaster on the television as part of their Weather Experts topic.

Mr Bell showed the children how he presents the local weather and what the different images on the screen mean. He talked about how they show rain, the temperature and the wind speed.

Mr Bell then talked to the children about the different instruments that are used to measure the weather. We learnt that a rain gauge measures the amount of rainfall, a thermometer measures the temperature and an anemometer measure the wind speed.

Nursery Spring 1 2018

Our topic for this half term was clothes.

We listened to a story called “My Mother’s Sari”. We used large pieces of fabric to make saris and danced to Bollywood music.

We have used the story “Aliens Love Underpants” as a starting point for work on shape and colour

We also designed our own pants.

Year 4’s Great Bake-Off!

Autumn 2 2017

Our Design and Technology work for this half term ended up being absolutely delicious! The task was to design and build an attractive and effective cake stand to display the winter themed cupcakes that they were going to bake – the children thought it was “quite tricky to do but really fun”.

Throughout the project, the children needed to use lots and lots of different skills. They began by thinking about the features a cake stand needed and decided that it had to be stable, flat and strong enough to hold their cakes. After that, the building process required very accurate measuring and cutting as well as some re-thinking when things didn’t go quite right.

During the building stage, the children found out why lamination is useful and decided how different parts of a structure can be held together e.g. by using flaps and slots.

To complete their projects, the children worked together in groups to create their batches of delicious spiced apple cupcakes. One big part of the task was to effectively work in their group, they needed to carefully follow the instructions and decide who would do the different parts of the task so they were able to get everything finished in the time they had.

At the end of their project, the children were really proud of what they had achieved, completing their strong and stable stands ready to show off their scrumptious cakes.

We hope you enjoyed their efforts too.

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