Our visit to the Sealife Centre in Great Yarmouth

Autumn 1 2017

When we arrived at the Sealife Centre, we were greeted by staff and we started our VIP Discovery Tour. We saw the penguins being fed their fish and watched the sharks and turtle swimming around as we walked through the tunnel.

We also saw jellyfish, lots of different fish, seahorses and rays.

We saw a starfish and crab up close and got the chance to stroke them. The crab felt very soft and the starfish felt very bumpy! We learnt that a starfish has 5 arms and 1000 feet. We also learnt that crabs walk sideways because they don’t have any hips!

After lunch, we had a walk around the rest of the Sealife Centre and had a closer look at the sea creatures. We even got to go in the submarine and sat next to the rays and fish in the tank!

ZSL London Zoo Skype Call

On Wednesday 4th October the Year 1 children received a Skype call from a zookeeper from ZSL London Zoo. She was located in front of the giraffe enclosure and started by asking the children what their favourite animals were.

She then discussed different types of animals and how we can classify them. The children used what they had learnt from the topic ‘Animal Life’ so far and really impressed the zookeeper with their knowledge of reptiles, amphibians, mammals, birds and fish. The zookeeper showed the children different skulls, skins and teeth from animals and discussed why they might need these to survive.

The children took part in a quiz about what animals eat. They had cards to hold up to show whether the animal was a herbivore, carnivore or omnivore. The children all enjoyed taking part in the call and learnt lots more about animal life!

Year 1 Zootastic

Year 1 had Zootastic, a mobile petting zoo, visit school to enhance the children’s learning of their topic ‘Animal life’. The children had been learning about classifying animals into mammals, amphibians, reptiles and birds and also learnt about animals that are herbivores, omnivores and carnivores.

Ian and Alison visited on Friday 22nd September and worked with each year 1 class to talk about classifying animals. They came with lots of animals to look at, discuss and touch. Ian showed the children a snake, Bobby the tawny owl, Lisa the bearded dragon, Harvey the rabbit, Laurel and Hardy the guinea-pigs, Fluffy the tarantula and a scorpion.

The children really enjoyed seeing the creatures up close and listening to the facts that Ian was sharing about each animal. The children also learnt how to handle and care for the animals by being kind and gentle.

Year 1 Music Workshops

In year 1 we were very lucky to have the chance to have Mr Owen come and practise music with us from Neatherd High School. Mr Owen is the head of Music there and did some brilliant workshops with the children where we had the chance to use different instruments and think about keeping the beat to a song.

The children had a wonderful time and want to say a big THANK YOU to Mr Owen!

Summer 2 Visit from a Post Lady

During Geography and Outdoor learning week, Year 1 had a special visitor. Tyler’s Mummy from Miss Hooper’s class came to talk to all of the children about being a post lady.

The children were captivated, as well as the teachers, to understand how the postal service works. Emma brought in photographs of the different stages before the post comes through your door at home.

The children were able to ask her lots of questions about how post is delivered and understood the importance of an address, especially a postcode.

She also explained that she can walk up to 8 miles a day.

Year 1 loved having Emma visit and would like to say ‘Thank You’ again for coming to talk to us about your job.

The year one wedding – Summer 1.

Celebrations were in full swing at Toftwood Infant School when all of the Year One children went to St Nicholas’ Church in Dereham to learn about the Christian celebration of marriage. The Reverend Dominique Turnham conducted a special friendship ceremony for three ‘brides’ and three ‘grooms’, who pledged to be friends for ever. All of the children dressed up for the occasion, with the wedding party in full wedding dress and all the guests in their best clothes.

The visit took place to enhance the children’s learning about the Christian celebration of marriage, which they had been learning about in school. The children have learnt about the roles of people involved in a wedding, used a range of Christian artefacts to develop their understanding and made wedding decorations, celebration cupcakes and invitations.

They also sang the song ‘Sing Hosanna’ accompanied by Mrs George, a TA at the school, on the Church organ. Just like a real wedding, the best man had trouble locating the rings, but thankfully found them in the end.

They then returned to school to have a wedding breakfast. They had a selction of canapes, followed by a first dance and the celebrations continued throughout the afternoon.

Spring 2 – Compass and map reading

Year 1 classes had Goldcrest, an Outdoor Education Company, visit on Monday 27th February to enhance their topic of ‘Weather Experts’. The children had previously looked at various maps and what features are included on these maps.

When Goldcrest visited the children learnt how to use a compass and the compass points of North, East, South and West. They then completed an orienteering course around the school to put their new skills in to practise.

Each child could remember the ‘Naughty Elephants Squirt Water’ saying to remember the compass points.

Spring 1 – Our Planet and Beyond

Children in Year 1 have been very excited to have created their own non-fiction booklet about Space. They have enjoyed becoming authors and sharing their work with an audience. They each shared their booklet with another child in the class and gave feedback about what they liked and how they could improve their booklet.

On Monday 23rd January, Reception children were invited to Year 1 to share their booklets. They enjoyed looking at their work and some children from Reception said that they loved Space and were very interested with the information the children had written.


Year 1 Autumn Activity afternoon

We had fun during our Autumn activity afternoon. Our grown-ups were able to come into our classes and join in with some Autumn and Harvest crafts.

We used Purple Mash on the computers to make a harvest basket.

image001 image003

We coloured some Harvest pictures.

image005 image007 image009 image011

We used playdough to make tractor wheels.

image013 image016 image015

The children made leaf hedgehogs and created their own farm vehicles.

image020 image019 image021

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