A Visit from Vulpus!

On 16th October, Year 4 at Toftwood Junior School were thrilled to have a visit from a “real life gladiator”!

This “living history” experience was part of the children’s learning about the Roman Invasion of Britain and the children thoroughly enjoyed dressing up to become ‘real’ Romans for the day.

This thrilling day included topics such as: a close up look at the equipment used by Roman soldiers; the blood-thirsty story of the revolt of our local Iceni tribe lead by Queen Boudicca; what Romans did in the bathroom and even involved a ‘trip’ to the amphitheatre to see gladiators fight to the death (the children even learned how to appeal to the Emperor to either kill or spare the life of the defeated fighter).

The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and learned so much from the day; here are just a few of their thoughts:

“I enjoyed today because we got to learn in a more fun way by acting out everything.” Phoebe

“It was interesting because I got to learn more about the Romans and we played games and held pieces of brick and things Romans had in their hands 2000 years ago!” Max

“The day was great because I enjoyed holding the Roman things like a brooch and a real mosaic and I got to learn more about the Britons and how they fought against the Romans.” Adam

“Today was so fun because we got to hold real Roman equipment and art. Also, we got to be entertained by seeing Roman fighting.” Martina

“It was an educational day because we learnt lots of things we didn’t know before!” Dani

“I liked today because I got to handle real Roman things. I liked the story because it told us about how the Romans fought.” Kobe

“It was awesome, I got to act as the Roman queen! Also, we could touch all the artefacts like a broach and bits of a mortariolum (a mortar used in a Roman kitchen).” Natalie

“I had a really, really good day because we got to dress up as a Roman and we learned A LOT!” Josie

Year 4 Autumn 1 2017

Year 4 children have been having lots of fun and working extremely hard in science this half term finding out all they can about states of matter (solids, liquids and gasses).

They have spent some of their time thinking about sorting and grouping materials and explaining their reasoning, they have also researched and collected information and have been really enjoyed working scientifically to answer questions like this one:

Which drink is the fizziest?

The children had to think carefully to predict which of five different drinks was the fizziest and then carry out an investigation to find out if their idea was correct. They did this by finding out how much the gas in the drink weighed. As one child noted, “Gas is something so it must have weight!”

During their investigation, the children needed to work together to measure the volume and mass of liquids accurately and record their results. Then they had great fun shaking all the gas out of the samples to see which one held the most carbon dioxide.

And the answer to the question…..Cola is the fizziest!

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