September 2017

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School Council

1The school’s council is made up of children from across the year groups and a teacher. There is a chairperson, a treasurer and a secretary as well as two elected representatives from each class.

They meet once a fortnight to discuss issues raised in their class council meetings. The children have worked hard with this and many of their ideas have been implemented in school already. We always look forward to their next recommendations.

The children are consulted on important issues and have even interviewed candidates for the Deputy Head and teaching posts.

Spring 1 – Compliment Week

In January as part of the ‘Toftwood Acts of Kindness’  challenge, the School Council challenged the whole school to a week of giving compliments to others. In their classes the school council led discussions on the importance of complimenting others, discussed the feelings a compliment can give someone, and the types of compliments that we can give to others. The children remembered some of their favourite compliments they had received in the past as Special Person.

For the week the children and members of staff were asked to write out any compliments they may wish to send to another child or member of staff, and to post them in our compliments post box. At the beginning of the following week the box was opened, sorted, and the School Council led a special assembly reading out and distributing the compliments. The office staff were especially overwhelmed by the number of lovely compliments they received from the children.

Autumn 2 – Generosity

As part of our ‘Toftwood Acts of Kindness’ challenge this half term, the School Council chose to challenge  the school to demonstrate  acts of generosity.

Generosity – is a quality (like being honesty or patient). When you show generosity you might give away things (physical things or your time by helping others) or put others before yourself. Generosity is being kind, understanding, and not selfish.

The School Council went back to their classes and led discussions about what generosity means, how people may have shown generosity to us in the past, and what we could do as a school to demonstrate how generous we can be.



Giving up our own time to help others

Some of the children in Reception chose to give up their morning break time to help tidy up the books in the library. They did a fantastic job!


Children in Need 2016

It was Children in Need on Friday 18th November. As well as wearing spotty clothes to raise money, the school also collected pennies as part of our ‘Acts of Kindness’ challenge.  Three giant Pudsey bears that had been painted by Reception children were the perfect place to collect them. Daniel, the treasurer for our School Council, with the help of Mrs Reay, Mrs Reeve and Mrs Litwin counted all the pennies. It took a long time but we raised a lot of money for a good cause.

The School Council –  Autumn 2016

This year the School Council have decided to focus on a different theme each half term. Each theme is selected by the council to reflect the schools values. The school council representatives will conduct a discussion within their own classes based around the chosen act of kindness. They will work with their class teachers and peers to vote for and complete a task based on the value, and then report back during the fortnightly meetings. At the end of each half term the school council will share their experiences during a celebration assembly.

‘In our school we are kind and helpful. We respect and value everyone, and we look after our environment’. – The School Council

Autumn 1To look after our environment

This half term the School Council chose to focus on our environment. We talked about what the word environment means, how we would like our environment to be, and how we could go about looking after it.

Year 2

In Year 2 the children decided to look at saving energy within the school. Over the half term they took it in turns to go on whole school walks to survey our use of lighting. They noted where lights had been left on and discussed various solutions to save energy. The children made posters in their classes to help raise awareness to saving energy, and remind us to switch off our lights etc when we leave a room.


Year 1

Year 1 and Gardening Club chose to litter pick around the school grounds. Groups of children each week took it in turns to pick up any litter they found around the school premises. The children were given gloves and bin bags and worked with an adult. The children were really surprised how much litter had blown in from the street. Year 1 reported back to the School Council on their findings, and discussed the need for regular litter picking teams in future.

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Year 2 Hustings

At the beginning of the Autumn term Year 2 were very busy taking part in their Hustings week. A chairperson, treasurer and secretary had to be elected to run the School Council for the year. Two candidates for each position were put forward from each Year 2 class. During the week their supporters created rosettes and banners to use during the candidates final speech in the Hustings assembly to the KS1 children. At the end of the assembly the KS1 children were asked to vote for their preferred candidate.

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