September 2017

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Art and Design

Art and Design is a foundation subject within the National Curriculum for Key Stage One, and it is an important aspect of the Expressive Arts and Design specific area within the EYFS. In our school we aim to stimulate the children’s creativity and imagination through Art. Art is promoted through all areas of the curriculum and children experience a wide range of work by male and female artists from a wide range of cultures, times, genres and styles.

In our school children are encouraged to discuss and express their own opinions through their art work and are given opportunity to do so. Children are given the freedom to express their own ideas and feelings, record observations, develop a range of techniques and use a variety of materials. We aim to give children the opportunity to work creatively indoors and outdoors both individually and in groups and we identify children that are talented and these children take part in art competitions that are organised by outside companies, for example this year’s Christmas card competition.

A Summer of Art at Toftwood

This term there has been lots of art happening at Toftwood!

Reception have been thinking about nature and had the opportunity to practice their painting skills by carefully looking at flowers and creating their own versions.

In Year One the children have been busy practicing their observational drawing skills. To make the most of the weather the children have been outside observing this in nature that they then had a go at sketching. The children thought about shading their artwork only using a pencil to add light and dark so that their drawing looked as realistic as possible!

The Year Two children have been busy getting ready for Toftwood Tate. They have been busy making invitations, posters and tickets as well as completing the art work to be displayed. They have been busy doing Chinese printing, African mud hut sculptures and Kandinski art work.Toftwood Tate was a fantastic exhibition, all the children should be very proud of themselves! See more on the Special events page.

Spring Term

This term we have been very busy creating lots of artwork throughout the school.

In Nursery the children have been exploring texture and different materials that they can use in their artwork. There has been lots of interesting textures for the children to explore including Velcro, foam, glitter and glue!

In Reception the children have been learning about colour mixing. There has been lots of different ways the children have explored colour mixing. Using paint contained in the same packet together, mixing paint together using a paint brush and combining technology to find out about how colours mix. The children have had the opportunities to explore all these things and especially enjoyed using a lightbox with transparent counters to explore and see what colours they could create.

In Year 1 the children have been learning about the artist Jackson Pollock and created splatter paintings to look like galaxies in space. The children thought about the techniques Jackson Pollock uses and recreated this in the classroom. It was very messy!

In Year 2 the children have been creating the first pieces for their Toftwood Tate exhibition by learning about the artist Monet. The children learnt about the watercolour style that he used in his work and recreated their own pieces of watercolour art by sketching then painting the school pond.

The children thought about how to use the watercolour properly and successfully mix any colours they needed that weren’t already available.

We appreciate and value all children’s Art work by displaying a variety of work throughout the school and we take pride in our displays. Year 2 also have their own art exhibition in the Summer term where the rest of the school, parents and the community are invited to come and look at the art work the children have been doing over the year. This year we have introduced a school gallery where artwork from all year groups is displayed together.

In the coming year the school is looking to achieve the ArtsMark award for our successes in art. We will be working hard to achieve this in all year groups and creating links with the Dereham community.



In Nursery the children have been exploring different colours when learning about Elmer the elephant. They’ve used lots of different materials to find out about colour and colour mixing including paint and glitter!


In Reception the children have been exploring different colours and have been experimenting with colouring mixing using magnets and paper clips. There is always fantastic continuous art provision in the Early Years that the children can access independently. Continuous provision includes: painting, colouring, gluing and sticking, printing and making models.


In Year 1 the Autumn 1 topic has been food and farming and the children have been thinking about all the different animals they saw on their trip to Easton College! The children thought about their favourite animals from the farm and used their painting skills to create beautiful artwork.


In Year 2 the children have been learning lots about medieval castles! The children have spent time researching and then designing ideas for helmets and shields. The children then made them following instructions and using their own designs. The shields can be seen in the year 2 corridor.

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