September 2017

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Design and Technology

We provide opportunities for each child to design, create and use their own ideas and experiences to further their learning in Design and Technology. Children develop increasing independence to develop as learners and broaden their thinking about the design processes, including creating and refining their own ideas. These skills are transferable to other subjects.

Design and Technology is taught through cross-curricular links relating to the topics taught throughout the year. There is a clear focus on raising standards in Design & Technology skills in line with the new curriculum. To enable a wide range of experiences in line with requirements, cooking facilities have been developed to enable all children to experience high quality food technology.

Children are encouraged to work independently and can select a range of equipment and tools to use. They are supported to test their ideas and persevere when things become more challenging.

Children will be given the opportunity to progress their skills throughout the school, with a particular focus on planning, designing and evaluating their idea and product, with an opportunity to improve it based on their evaluation.

Children are given the opportunity to access the cooking facilities on a regular basis. The school provides a budget to give the children a wide variety of culinary experiences.

Summer 2017

This term children in the EYFS have enjoyed taking advantage of the glorious weather and have taken their design and technology skills outside. They have enjoyed using the outdoor area to build dens and have been practising evaluating and adapting their dens when they have not been fit for purpose. They have also enjoyed developing their ideas using the large construction equipment available.

Inside the classroom the children have enjoyed being involved in whole class junk modelling activities to design animals and habitats that they saw at the zoo.

Children have been learning new skills and have practised these skills in their free choice activities.

All children in the EYFS have continued to enjoy daily access to creative resources and have been encouraged to develop their ideas and adapt their creations when necessary.

Children in Year One have also enjoyed taking design and technology outside this term. They have been using their DT skills to design and create boats. The children used a range of materials to create their boats and then tested to see if they would float. The children were encouraged to talk about their creations and adapt their ideas when things did not turn out as they had expected.

Children in year two have been busy exploring our school and drawing maps. They were challenged to create a 3D map of our school and they used their design and technology skills to create 3D map using junk modelling. The children were very proud of their creations.

Design and Technology in our school

In the EYFS, the children have been accessing a variety of resources to construct models and have been exploring ways to attach their chosen resources together. If a problem arises, the children are encouraged to discuss ways of adapting their approach and have been testing their designs to see if they are fit for purpose.

making-a-kite-1 making-a-kite-2 making-a-kite-3

The children enjoy constructing with a range of resources and enjoy talking about their ideas.

Digital Camera making-a-rocket making-a-telephone

In Reception, children have been learning about ways to stay healthy and have enjoyed making and tasting fruit salads. The children were able to select the fruits that they wanted to try and safely used a knife to chop them into smaller pieces.

making-a-fruit-salad-1 making-a-fruit-salad-2 making-a-fruit-salad-3

In Year one, children have been learning about where food comes from and have enjoyed a trip to Easton farm to find out more information. When they were back at school they designed and made a fruit skewer using healthy foods. They selected the fruit that they needed and checked that it matched their design brief.

healthy-fruit-skewers-1 healthy-fruit-skewers-2 healthy-fruit-skewers-3

As part of Year 2’s topic ‘Medieval Norwich’ children have been designing and making bridges and thrones for different purposes. Children decided which materials they could use for the bridges and thrones and decided how they would test them too.

year-2-photo-1 year-2-photo-2 year-2-photo-3 year-2-photo-4

Spring 2017

Children in the EYFS have continued to have access to a variety of resources and have been developing their ideas based on their interests.


They have been given the opportunity to learn new skills and to take part in class craft activities.


As part of our fantasy topic, children in reception have been practising weighing and combining ingredients to make their own gingerbread superheroes. The children enjoyed using the scales to weigh the correct amount of ingredients and practised rolling the dough to the correct thickness to cut out their superhero. The children were also given the opportunity to decorate their superheroes and enjoyed spreading the icing and making faces and buttons.


The children also had the opportunity to share their learning with their adults on parent open afternoon and made superhero accessories with the help of their grown-ups.


In year one, children followed instructions to make melting snowman biscuits and then used this experience to write the instructions to make the biscuits.

Children also had the opportunity to make rocky road slices as part of their space topic. They measured the ingredients using the scales and talked about the different methods needed to combine the ingredients. The children especially enjoyed taste testing their creations!

As part of parent open afternoon, the children enjoyed designing and making their own moon buggy out of junk modelling!

In year two, children designed and made a parachute. The children had a range of resources to make their parachutes with and were then able to test their parachute out by dropping them from a height. Children then discussed whose parachute took the longest to reach the ground.

Autumn 2016

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