September 2017

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Maths Workshop

Maths Workshops for Parents, October 2016

Thank you for making our Maths Workshops such a success – over 80 parents and carers attended!

We are very happy to hear that the sessions have helped parents feel more confident when talking with their children about maths and helping them learn at home.

We understand that our session covered details about the entire Key Stage 1 Mathematics curriculum, so if you have any further questions or queries please don’t hesitate to ask your class teacher or Mrs Adams our Maths Subject Leader.

Our website also has a Mathematics page which has lots of additional information, including videos, that you may find useful.

Please find the power point that was used during the workshop below. We hope that this may be useful for you to access at home.

Here’s some of the feedback we received:

Everything was explained at a nice slow speed and explained fully which was wonderful. I am not confident with maths and I have certainly learnt a lot today. I now feel well equipped to provide support for my child.

Really helpful (as always), it’s always good to know how they’re taught at school, and the different methods they use. It is also a good reminder of how you can encourage maths in everyday life.

It was also wonderful to watch my child learning in class and be able to interact with her.

Thank you for this opportunity. The whole workshop was useful so I can still give continuity at home and understand better what my child is learning at school.

Good to see the support given to those children that struggled with concepts.

Great, very useful. Good that it is fairly early in the school year so we don’t get frustrated knowing how to help our children.

Very helpful as maths has changed a lot. Maths Whizz has really sparked a keen interest in maths for my child.

Helped me to understand how to make maths fun and how it applies to everyday tasks we do. It will help me explain the maths to my children when we are doing the simplest of things. It’s made me realise that maths isn’t as scary as it seems!

I enjoyed working in the class and doing the problem solving activities. It was good to use the practical resources and watch my child trying to solve the problems.

This session was very good and explained how maths was taught in class, and I now feel I will be able to help my child better in a way that is familiar to them.

It was good working with my child to get a feel of how they learn so I can help at home.

Found it useful to know what methods are being used in school so that I can reinforce and support learning at home.

I learnt lots this morning and felt Mrs Adams explained everything well.

Found workshop very helpful. The talk was given in a very understanding manner which made it all seem a lot clearer.

The length of the workshop was just right. It was very helpful to understand exactly how you will be teaching children the different calculations. I appreciate you running an evening workshop.

Very useful. The explanations of number lines and partitioning numbers made sense as my child has been telling me about this at home. A valuable insight for me.

Thank you for a great workshop. It has helped me to understand the things being taught which will help me help my child.

I’ve found this workshop very helpful as always. I particularly like the ‘star words’ as old habits often result in confusion at home.

Very informative, brought to my attention that my daughter’s learning in a different format to my other [older] children.

Found the session very informative, and how things have changed. I feel hopefully I will understand when helping my child.

I found it very informative as I don’t get much information out of my child. It’s nice to know how I can help my child at home, which is how they use it, instead of how I was taught many moons ago.

My child is loving maths so thank you!

Five parents also commented that the materials shared at the workshops were useful, so we are sharing the handouts here in case you need a refresher or were unable to attend:

We always strive to improve in everything we do. We asked what we could do to make the session even more useful and a parent asked us to share the websites that were mentioned that may be useful starting points for maths games online.

Here they are: (log ins provided from school)

Always supervise your child when they are using the internet.

Other improvements that could be made were also mentioned in our evaluations – all of these ensure our workshops continually improve.

  • Some parents said they would enjoy more time in classes with their children.

We understand that time in classes working with your child is very beneficial, which is why we make sure a whole maths session is observed. However, the workshop covers the whole Key Stage 1 mathematics curriculum, which would never be seen in one class lesson. We aim to show you some of the ways children approach maths in class.

  • Two parents said they would like to have a booklet of information provided/to be able to print workshop information at home.

We hope that the workshop materials shared above will enable this.

  • Two parents said they would rather move through the material covered in the workshop more quickly instead of stopping for refreshments.

We understand that taking time away from at-home or work commitments can make a long workshop difficult. However, we want to make sure that we cover all aspects of the maths curriculum as well as giving you ample time to observe and engage in some maths learning in school (for the morning workshop) whilst you attend. It is also an opportunity for parents to ask questions on a more individual basis.
We are also happy to offer the evening workshop, which is shorter as there is no in-class element.

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