September 2017

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Outdoor Learning

Spring 2 – Woodland Trust Tree planting!

Gardening Club is up and running again for the Spring season.  The children have already planted onion sets and broad beans, as well as doing some much needed weeding!   They have also helped to plant and water some trees that we received free from The Woodland Trust.  These include flowering Cherry, Rowan, and Birch.  The Woodland Trust actively encourages schools to participate in planting trees to help children learn about developing and protecting their natural environment.  For more information and activities about the Woodland Trust and Green Schools check out the website

We are looking forward to seeing our trees flourish in the school grounds.

Spring 1 Outdoor learning

Spring 1 Outdoor Learning

Year 1 and Year 2 have been learning about changes in the seasons as part of their Science and Outdoor Learning curriculum.  They talked about the differences in the seasons and the clues they might notice outside that tell them it is Winter.



Year 1 did some outdoor “paving stone art”.   As part of their topic “Beyond our Planet” they have been learning about the race to space and the planets in our solar system.    The children created an amazing array of pictures showing rockets, planets, and the solar system.



Year 2 investigated changes in temperature during Winter by creating outdoor frozen mobiles and noticing what happened to them.

Autumn 2016

Year 1 have been discovering Autumn in the school grounds.   They went for an Autumn Walk, and explored the pond area.  In our pond area we have a dipping platform and learning areas. We enjoy exploring the pond area as there are lots of different living things to be found there. We make sure we always treat them with respect.


Outdoor Learning provides the children with opportunities to explore the outdoor space within the school grounds in a safe, engaging and explorative way. Each session is planned; however there is always opportunity to follow children’s interests during lessons. Equipment and resources can also be used to enhance the children’s exploration and enquiry outside.

The school has a pond area on site which is used to provide opportunities for the children to observe living things such as tadpoles, frogs and birds. This area is wilder than other parts of the school so the children can observe different elements of nature too.

The school also has an Outdoor Classroom which can be used as a base for outdoor learning. It can be used as a shelter but also an area for the children to work in during outdoor learning sessions. Outside the classroom Ted’s Den is an area which includes a small group of trees and Early Years outdoor activities. This provides a forest-type area for the children to explore during the Reception year, but is also available for Year 1 and 2 children to use on a planned basis. It is used to give the children opportunities to observe trees/leaves/undergrowth and living things.

Each KS1 class has an outdoor learning session each week for 1 hour, which is planned for on a half termly basis. Every Early Years Foundation Stage class has access to an outdoor space as well as planning specific teacher led outdoor learning lessons.

Every Wednesday a gardening club is run to provide a small group of children with the opportunity to learn about plants and living things. They also get the opportunity to plant their own seeds and look after the school garden. This gives the children real life skills that can be used outside of school as well as developing social skills whilst working with others.

Reception children are using their newly opened outdoor area every single day as part of their free flow provision.  Ted’s Den is very popular with all of the children and provides a variety of opportunities for children to explore the outdoors in safe and secure surroundings. There are natural surroundings that give children the opportunity to explore outdoor learning as it should be.

Children can experience physical skills such as pulling, pushing, and climbing.  They are able to explore textures and materials and begin to be aware of the seasons of the year.  They also develop their language and communication skills, and learn how to work together on self-initiated projects.

There are story circles, den building facilities, a range of climbing opportunities and a range of resources and materials to inspire the children and engage them in purposeful self-directed learning, supported by staff as appropriate.


Working together to make a den.

Gardening Club

Gardening club have had a busy half term harvesting apples and potatoes, weeding the raised beds and planting bulbs for the spring.  They have also been collecting some acorns to see if they can plant them and grow some new oak trees!




Weeding the strawberry bed.

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