September 2017

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RE is delivered in accordance with The Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education in Norfolk – 2012, the 1988 Education Reform Act and the subsequent DES Professional Paper ‘Religious Education and Collective Worship’ Circular 1/94.

RE forms part of the curriculum and is linked to topic themes where appropriate. RE teaching is concerned with learning about religion by helping pupils to develop a positive attitude towards other people, respecting their right to hold beliefs different from their own, and towards living in a society of diverse religions and beliefs.  It is also about learning from religion by enhancing the children’s spiritual, moral, cultural and social development.

Children are taught to ask questions, enquire into and investigate the nature of religion, its beliefs, teachings, ways of life, sources, practices and forms of expression. They gain knowledge and understanding of individual religions and how they relate to each other as well as studying the nature and characteristics of religion.  Children learn to communicate their knowledge and understanding by hearing and using specialist vocabulary linked to different religions and their practice, for example church, cross, baptism, marriage (Christian) synagogue, kippur, Shabbat (Jewish).  These aspects of learning are taught using appropriate cross curricular activities and focus heavily on speaking and listening, but also include role play and drama, literacy, art, music and movement, and computing.  They include lots of age appropriate visual aids and hands on experiences, including a visit to the church in Dereham for a role-play wedding, a visitor in school to demonstrate the celebration of Shabbat, and dance leaders to introduce children to Chinese new year and Indian dancing.   These activities and experiences stimulate the children’s involvement in their learning and allow children of all abilities to access the RE curriculum.  Children are encouraged to communicate their own ideas in their own ways in relation to identity and belonging, meaning, purpose and truth, and values and commitments.

RE teaching is designed to enhance the children’s spiritual, moral cultural and social development by developing their ability to reflect on and respond to their own and others’ experiences in the light of their learning about religion.  RE links well to our Golden Rules, PATHS and British Values teaching, and impacts on all areas of school life where children are encouraged to develop an understanding of, and tolerance and respect for the views and practices of other people.

Summer 2 – Juggling, songs and The Bible!

What’s so special about the Bible?  This was the theme of an RE day about Christianity looking at what The Bible is and why it is special to Christians.

First the children enjoyed an exciting assembly given by John Hardwick which included a puppet, songs and juggling!   John explained that sometimes we need an instruction manual to help us learn how to do something as tricky as juggling before we practice it.   Christians believe that the Bible is able to help them live a good life if they follow its teachings.  He then led lively interactive workshops for each of the Year 1 and Year 2 classes introducing the idea of the Bible as a collection of many books and stories read by Christians.

The day was provided by Barnabus in Schools.  This is an organisation that aims to enable schools to explore Christianity creatively.  It is part of the Bible Reading Fellowship, a Christian charity, and it provides a professional service to primary schools throughout England and Wales, offering quality creative arts-based Barnabas RE Days.


Summer 1 – Learning about Christian weddings

Year 1 learnt about the Christian sacrament of Marriage in their RE work this half term.  They have been enquiring and exploring what happens at a wedding in church, the people who play a special role, and the importance of the symbols and artefacts involved.  The children got involved with the preparations leading up to a Christian wedding and then engaged in role play on the big day.   Then they visited St Nicholas’ church in Dereham and three “couples” promised to be friends forever with Rev Dominique Turnham officiating.

The congregation of children and adults took part in the ceremony, including prayers and a hymn before having photographs taken, and then attending a wedding reception back at School.

The children also had the opportunity to explore the church and look at the building and some of the Christian and historical artefacts kept there.  (See Year 1 section of website for more photos!).

Spring 1 RE

Reception and Nursery have been learning about the Buddhist celebration of Chinese New Year.  They read the story of the Animal’s race, learned how to make lanterns and dancing dragon puppets, and worked with Miss Gina to perform a Chinese dance.


This half term the children in Year 1 and 2 have been learning about Judaism.

Year 1 were introduced to vocabulary and items that are important to Jewish people of faith.  They then learned about the story of good queen Esther, and how she saved many Jews from the bad Haman.  Children learned about why Jews celebrate this festival joyfully.  As part of their RE enrichment day they made Hamantaschen biscuits, and prepared for a role play celebration party by making Purim crowns to wear.









Looking at the Torah scroll






Enjoying the Purim Celebration








Making Hamantaschen biscuits


This half term Year 2 have been learning about how and why people of the Jewish faith celebrate Shabbat.  They read the Creation story from The Bible together and learnt that in the story God created the world in 6 days and on the 7th day he rested.   Shabbat is the Jewish rest day, and is celebrated with a special family meal and prayers.   Children acted out a Shabbat meal, and made spice boxes.  They were encouraged to ask lots of questions, and talk about their thoughts and ideas.

Role play Shabbat meal.









Designing spice boxes decorated with symbols from the Jewish faith.



Autumn 2 2016

This half term Nursery have explored stories and clothes from other cultures, including India for Divali.


Reception  have been learning about Celebrations in our own families and in other cultures.  As part of their Understanding the World learning they have talked about how people might celebrate Bonfire night, Divali and Christmas with their families.   This has involved speaking and listening skills, art work, writing, music and dance.









Exploring paint to make fireworks!
Using coloured rice to create Rangoli patterns.




The Reception children enjoyed taking part in music and movement activities involving Bollywood dance in costume.


Mrs Rudd and Miss Gold’s class presented an interesting class assembly to the school and to visitors showing some of the activities they have enjoyed as part of their learning, including a puppet show telling the story of Rama and Sita for Divali.



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