September 2017

We are currently creating a single website for Toftwood Infant and Junior School Federation.
This site and all content is currently being reviewed and updated.

Aims & Values

d5We will try our best in all that we do – ‘Reach for the stars.

  • We will ensure that all children have opportunities for success, and are supported so they can reach their full potential. We will differentiate tasks for all children to provide them with attainable goals.
  • We will provide each child with a broad and balanced curriculum, which meets their needs and the requirements of the National Curriculum and the Early Years Foundation Stage.
  • We will ensure we support the children’s well being
  • We will celebrate the success of all of our children in equal measure.
  • We will provide an environment where everyone is equally valued and feels a sense of belonging.
  • We will encourage our children to develop personal independence and to respect the rights and views of others.
  • We will work hard to develop and enhance our home/school relationships in order to form a positive partnership between the school and home for the mutual benefit of the children, their families and the school staff.
  • We will ensure we fulfil our commitments relating to the ‘Home/School Agreement’ and support parents to fulfil their expectations in relation to it also.
  • We will develop and strengthen our community links and involve the local community in school life whenever possible.
  • We will aim for the highest possible standards of work and behaviour from all in our school, and ensure that all children achieve to the best of their ability.
  • We will be consistent in our values and expectations.
  • Our reward scheme will celebrate the successes of all our children.
  • We will plan and use the school’s resources realistically and efficiently to ensure value for money.
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