September 2017

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As of 1st November 2016

Teaching Staff

Name Role
Mrs Joanna Pedlow BA Hons QTS Headteacher
Mrs Amanda Bell BA Hons PGCE Deputy Headteacher and SENCO
Mrs Laura Rudd BSc Hons PGCE Assistant Headteacher,  Reception Teacher
Mrs Sally Sutterby  BEd Hons Nursery Teacher
Miss Isobel Coombes BA Hons QTS Reception Teacher
Miss Chrissy Gold BA Hons PGCE Reception Teacher
Mrs Stephanie Carter BA Hons QTS Reception Teacher
Miss Alysha McTavish BA Hons QTS Year One Teacher
Miss Kelsey Hooper BA Hons QTS Year One Teacher
Mrs Deborah Chapman BA Hons QTS Year One Teacher
Mrs Kirsty Ponder BA Hons PGCE Year Two Teacher
Mrs Katie Adams BA Hons QTS Year Two Teacher
Miss Charlotte Clarke BSc Hons PGCE Year Two Teacher
Mrs Ann Reeve BA Hons PGCE Additional teacher for support and intervention and cover
Mrs Bernadette Nichols BA Hons PGCE Additional teacher for support and intervention


Teaching Assistants

Main Year Group Names
Nursery Mrs Rebecca Herring, Mrs Deborah Last
Reception Miss Estelle Maidstone, Mrs Ana Ratcliffe, Mrs Caroline Brown, Mrs Deborah Last
Year One Mrs Diane Pilbrow, Mrs Catherine Hartley, Mrs Emma Ebbage, Mrs Karen Gibson, Mrs Serena Ottaway
Year Two Mrs Bev Gamble, Mrs Carole Reay, Mrs Joanna Spinks, Mrs Angela Logdon, Mrs Joanne Newcombe, Mrs Deborah Last
Additional support and intervention Mrs Lisa George, Mrs Stacey Crowley, Mrs Gonia Litwin


Name Role
Mrs Diane Borgars Secretary
Mrs Fiona Macdonald Finance Officer
Miss Jill Vergerson Clerical Assistant


Caretaking and Cleaning

Name Role
Mrs Joan Morris, Ms Hayley Gooch,
Mrs Kathy McManus, Mrs Leanne Gunton

Midday Supervisors/Kitchen Staff

Role Name
Senior Mid Day Supervisor Mrs Val Richardson
Mid Day Supervisors Mrs Sarah Bristow, Mrs Anne Thurley, Mrs Kathy McManus, Mrs Rachel Joyner, Mrs Stacey Crowley,
Mrs Sarah Spouge, Mrs Kerry McNulty, Mrs Amanda Holmes, Mr Neil Blythe, Miss Lyn Nunn,
Mrs Sandra Abbott, Mrs Becky Herring, Mrs Marie Beckett, Miss Clair Ruggles
Cook in Charge Mrs Sue Purse
Kitchen Assistants Mrs Sonja Meachen, Mrs Dana Cockman, Mrs Christine Woodgett, Mrs Kimberley Evans, Miss Teresa Jarvis

Road Crossing Patrol

Name Location
Mr Douglas Charles School Lane


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