Spring Term 2018

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Action Research

We are proud to have been part of the Excellent Learner action research project during 2015-2016. This project was led by Norfolk BetterToBest, and was designed to further develop how schools plan to support and  extend children as they learn how to become fluent and excellent learners throughout their time in school.

At Toftwood Infant School we introduced ten ‘Excellent Learner’ characteristics during the academic year, with each characteristic being thought about in classes to ensure children know how using these characteristics help them become an excellent learner, thinker and problem solver. We found that the Excellent Learner characteristics built upon the characteristics of effective learning that forms such a solid foundation for learning in the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum, and staff throughout the school have said that they have seen and heard children referring to the characteristics and how they help them move their learning forwards and help them overcome difficulties. An example of this was seen in Year 1 recently when a child was working on a maths problem solving activity – after 3 attempts, his teacher heard him say ‘I can’t give up…I want to be an excellent learner’ and continue until he had finished the task set successfully.

In July seven children from Toftwood Infant School were invited to a special end of year award ceremony with their families. These children were selected as winners in seven different excellent learner categories. Each child was awarded a trophy and book token to celebrate their achievement at the King’s Centre in Norwich.

What a special achievement!

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