September 2017

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Homework should be enjoyable, build on children’s learning and also be something that enables a parent to share in their child’s learning.

We will now be giving children homework activities as home learning and each child will have a home learning log/book. Every week they will be given an activity that is an ‘I can’ statement, and they can then decide how they complete the task, and how they present it.

Such statements could be:

  • I can go on a shape hunt in my home and find lots of different shapes
  • I can find minibeasts in my garden
  • I can show who is in my family
  • I can make numbers to 20 in different ways
  • I can find out about my favourite dinosaur
  • I can discover what life was like for a Victorian child
  • I can write an alternative ending for my reading book/for the story of Jack and the Beanstalk
  • I can use my spellings to write a story about…….

They may choose to complete their home learning activity by:

  • Drawing a picture
  • Making a model
  • Making a diagram
  • Working on the computer
  • Taking photographs
  • Using IT equipment
  • Being creative in another way!

You can do the work in the book, or if you make a model or choose another way to present it, take a picture also and stick that in the book so we have a long lasting record of their work.

Homework will come home on a Wednesday and should be returned on a Monday if possible please.

There are some rules:

  • It is not a competition, it is about your child learning and extending their learning in the way that excites them. There are no prizes, just knowing that your child has taken part in some enjoyable learning activities.
  • Parents must not do the homework for the child – we can tell when you have!!
  • You cannot just print something off the internet to stick in!

Have fun!

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