September 2017

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School Uniform

5The School promotes the wearing of school uniform at all times. It gives the children a sense of belonging and creates a sense of identity. We expect all children to wear uniform as we are all a part of the same school.

The school colours are grey, green and white and should be worn as follows:

  • Green jumpers, sweatshirts or cardigans
  • Grey skirts or trousers
  • White blouses/shirts or white Polo neck shirts
  • Black school shoes – plain, no other colours, no logos etc
  • White sandals (plain) are permitted in the summer but socks should be worn
  • Grey, black or white socks
  • Wellies for outdoor working
  • (Very short shorts with tights are not acceptable school wear and should not be worn)

Sweatshirts, cardigans, polo shirts, T-shirts, book bags and legionnaire’s hats with the school logo are available to order each term. However, you do not have to buy uniform with the school logo on it, but we do request that you keep to the school’s colours. Most children have the sweatshirts/cardigans with the logo on and a bookbag and water bottle. With polo shirts, we advise you to buy plain white ones from a supermarket as these are much cheaper in the long run as the children can get very messy!

School shoes should be appropriate for use in school, be practical and safe, waterproof and suitable for working and playing in. Shoes with high heels, ugg type boots, crocs and shoes which do not support a child’s feet are not acceptable for school as they may cause injury to the children whilst they are playing. School shoes should be plain black. No logos, extra colours etc.  Please also do not send your child in lace up shoes unless they can tie them themselves. In the summer children may wear sensible plain white or black sandals, but socks should be worn also. If a child’s shoes are not suitable for school and do not meet the uniform code then we will ask them to change into their plimsolls for indoor use.

Hair bands and hair ribbons should be in school colours of green, white or black. Excessive hair decorations, nail varnish and tattoos are also not allowed. Any inappropriate hair decorations will be placed in the going home tray for safekeeping.

Summer wear includes dresses in green check or grey school shorts. Parents should note that Bermuda shorts; beachwear and football kits are not acceptable uniform.

Jewellery, apart from a watch and/or one pair of small stud earrings, is not to be worn. Children will not be allowed to participate in PE if earrings are worn. Health and safety regulations state that earrings must be removed for all sporting activities. Please remove your child’s earrings at home on PE days, and ensure that any ear piercing is carried out in the summer holidays only. Children with long hair should have this tied back on PE days and will not be allowed to participate if it is not tied back. This is for boys and girls!

PE kit should be in the school at all times in a labelled bag. Each child will need,

  • Black shorts, white T-shirt and plimsolls.

Wellies should be sent in in a carrier bag for outdoor learning. We go out whatever the weather so ensure your child is prepared!

All items of clothing should be carefully labelled with the child’s name.

If your child is not wearing appropriate uniform you will be sent a reminder letter regarding this. In sending your child to our school, you are agreeing to the uniform code we have in place. Wearing a uniform shows we all belong to the same school, and sets out expectations for them for the future.

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