Please note all home learning for the school closure period is on the coronavirus tab as are all updates etc.

We are pleased to be able to share that Toftwood Junior School has been judged to be a good school by OFSTED January 2020.

The Infant and Junior Schools are closed due to the coronavirus outbreak until the Government instructs them to re-open. It is not safe for schools to be open. The virus is rapidly spreading and the number of deaths is increasing daily.

Please protect our NHS and other frontline workers. Children with an emergency care space should only attend if absolutely necessary as their parent/carer has a vital role in the fight against the coronavirus.

If the infection is passed on by a child attending the emergency care sessions, we would be forced to close the provision, leaving hospitals and other key services understaffed. If staff have to self isolate or become ill and we cannot safely supervise children, we will have to close this service.

You may need these staff. They may be the difference for you or a family member between life and death. Think carefully about using an allocated emergency key worker place for your child.

Please stay inside and keep children home and safe.

The safest place for your child is at home.

If your child has an underlying medical condition, including asthma, the guidance says they should stay away from others for 12 weeks. It would not be sensible to send them into school or another provision as they are at an even more serious risk if they catch the virus.

Everyone should be socially isolating unless it is essential to leave the house. Please do not let your children go out to meet friends or go to the park etc. We can only stop the spread if people follow all of the guidance.

Please take all recommended precautions. We want to keep our community safe and protected.

Information from NASEN

Can a child with an EHC plan be refused access to school during the period of closure, if they can safely remain at home?

A common misunderstanding is that children with EHC plans have an ‘entitlement to access school’ during the period of closure. The practical reality is somewhat more nuanced than this. Pupils with EHC plans are able to access childcare at school, but should only be doing so if:

a) risk assessment suggests they would be safer in school, or

b) they are the children of key workers, and it is not possible for them to be kept at home.

It is worth noting that the provision available from schools during the period of closure is primarily focused on childcare rather than education. This childcare facility should not be used for any child who could safely stay at home, regardless of whether they have an EHC plan or not. Indeed, we would expect that most families would not want to increase the level of risk to their child by sending them into school.  

In relation to refusing access to school, if it is the view of the Headteacher that having a particular child in school significantly increases the risk to them or others (staff or pupils), and there is a reasonable alternative (such as staying at home), then it seems appropriate for schools to take the necessary action to keep children safe.

Parental Feedback 2019


"They have had a fantastic time in Nursery. They have become so independent and ready for school. I thank you all for the support and opportunities you have given them and am grateful that they were able to enjoy time at such a wonderful Nursery."


"I’m so proud of how well our child has done this year and the way they have progressed, this report reinforces that. They have loved being taught by you and take great pleasure in sharing what they have learnt. I can’t thank you enough for making their first year at school so enjoyable and helping to transform them into such a clever, confident little child"

Year 1

" Each year flies by with one blink of an eye. I would like to express my gratitude towards their teacher and TA for their patience and support. I am impressed with how far they have come. They have shown us that they’ve enjoyed their learning in year 1. Thank you for all your help and guidance."

Year 1

"Our daughter has had another super year at Toftwood Infants. Thank you to all those who have contributed to her progress this year."

Year 2

"I’m very proud of my child. I know that they have worked hard this year to make good progress. It wouldn’t have been possible without you as their teacher. Thank you for your patience, your smile and wisdom. Thank you for being such an amazing person and a true inspiration for them and many other children."

Year 3

"We are very pleased with our child’s progress this year.  It has been a great start to their move to junior school.  They have grown in confidence throughout the year."

Year 4

"I am so pleased with this report, I can now see our child is starting to improve so much.  I’d like to thank the school and their teacher for helping our child so much when they needed it the most."

Year 5

"Thank you for teaching my child and helping them to develop in confidence.  It is really lovely to hear that they are doing well, we are very proud of them. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all that has been done this year to help my child."

Year 6

"We are extremely pleased with our child’s report.  They enjoyed their time at TJS and are sad to leave such a positive and encouraging environment.  We appreciate all the effort of all the wonderful staff."

Parents/Carers: If you would like a paper copy of any of the information shown on our school website please contact the school office.

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