Summer Term 2018

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Summer 2 – Butterflies of Britain Visit

Last week the Year 2 children at Toftwood Infant school were visited by Lindsey and Steve from Butterflies of Britain and a group of Painted Lady butterflies. This was part of their topic Habitats and Environments, through which they are learning about insects, their life cycles and how they survive in the wild.

During this visit the children had the opportunity to go into the butterfly tent where they could hold the butterflies giving them the opportunity to see this beautiful insect up close. They were also able to watch them feed on a selection of fruit and fly around the tent.

The children learnt a lot about the butterflies throughout the day. They learnt the different names of the most common butterflies in Britain, by taking part in a name matching activity and butterfly trail outside the tent.

The Reception children were also able to come and meet the butterflies as they have been growing their own butterflies in the classroom, observing the life cycle from caterpillar to cocoon to butterfly!

At the end of the day the children helped to release the butterflies into our school grounds and the children were excited to wave goodbye to them as they flew away.

One child said “It was amazing to hold a butterfly; I’ve never done that before!”

Kirsty Ponder, the Science subject leader said “It’s very important to have enrichment opportunities in school to give the children real life, up close experiences. It helps them learn in a practical and exciting way!”


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