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Year 4 Autumn 1 2017

Year 4 children have been having lots of fun and working extremely hard in science this half term finding out all they can about states of matter (solids, liquids and gasses).

They have spent some of their time thinking about sorting and grouping materials and explaining their reasoning, they have also researched and collected information and have been really enjoyed working scientifically to answer questions like this one:

Which drink is the fizziest?

The children had to think carefully to predict which of five different drinks was the fizziest and then carry out an investigation to find out if their idea was correct. They did this by finding out how much the gas in the drink weighed. As one child noted, “Gas is something so it must have weight!”

During their investigation, the children needed to work together to measure the volume and mass of liquids accurately and record their results. Then they had great fun shaking all the gas out of the samples to see which one held the most carbon dioxide.

And the answer to the question…..Cola is the fizziest!

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