Summer Term 2018

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Computing in the Autumn Term


Nursery have created their own designs for a Christmas tree. They used Purple Mash to draw decorations on a template of a Christmas tree. The children then printed their designs and went to collect them from the photocopier. The children were so excited to see that their design was waiting for them!


Children in reception have been using a range of technology to help develop their mouse and keyboard skills. They have been using and too!

Year One

Year 1 have been following and writing algorithms (clear, precise instructions for a computer). They have used the beebot maps and app on the ipads to help with their learning of this. They had to give the beebots clear instructions to move it around from a starting point to an end point.

The children have also linked computing and outdoor learning through the use of ipads. They took pictures of signs of Autumn so that they could share what they had found and talk about how the seasons change.

Year Two

Year two have also being learning about algorithms. They used the beebot maps to create instructions for the beebot and used direction cards to record the algorithm they had made. They developed their knowledge further through using logical reasoning to give the beebot the whole instruction instead of giving it lots of smaller instructions to get to the desired location.

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