Please do look at all of the exciting activities and learning experiences the children have been experiencing.

Hatching Chicks – January 2018

The Year 2 children have had a really special addition to their classrooms linking to their topic of ‘Air, Land and Sea’ this month. On Monday, 22nd January ‘Living Eggs’ delivered twelve eggs, and the children waited in anticipation for them to hatch.

The classes didn’t have to wait long, as the first chick hatched on Tuesday evening! Eight hatched in total, and Year 2 were fortunate enough to record a clip as one of the chicks worked hard to break free from their egg.

The children have used this experience to enhance their Science learning, as well as in their Literacy lessons. They have kept a diary of the ‘journey’ from an egg being laid to a chick hatching and written fact files about chickens and the different stages of the life cycle of a hen. The work produced has been fantastic.

One child said, ‘It was really exciting to see them hatch.’

Another added, ‘I’ve really liked watching them move around and they look so cute. It was good to touch them and they felt so soft.’

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