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Year 4’s Great Bake-Off!

Autumn 2 2017

Our Design and Technology work for this half term ended up being absolutely delicious! The task was to design and build an attractive and effective cake stand to display the winter themed cupcakes that they were going to bake – the children thought it was “quite tricky to do but really fun”.

Throughout the project, the children needed to use lots and lots of different skills. They began by thinking about the features a cake stand needed and decided that it had to be stable, flat and strong enough to hold their cakes. After that, the building process required very accurate measuring and cutting as well as some re-thinking when things didn’t go quite right.

During the building stage, the children found out why lamination is useful and decided how different parts of a structure can be held together e.g. by using flaps and slots.

To complete their projects, the children worked together in groups to create their batches of delicious spiced apple cupcakes. One big part of the task was to effectively work in their group, they needed to carefully follow the instructions and decide who would do the different parts of the task so they were able to get everything finished in the time they had.

At the end of their project, the children were really proud of what they had achieved, completing their strong and stable stands ready to show off their scrumptious cakes.

We hope you enjoyed their efforts too.

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