Year 4 Trip to Norwich Cathedral

As part of the RE curriculum, Year 4 visited Norwich Cathedral to learn more about the building itself and the Christian festival of Pentecost. The children had a guided historical tour around the cathedral, taking in the stained glass windows and spent time exploring and identifying different types of bird hidden all around the monument. Also, they learnt about the significance and the changing colours of the Christian calendar. As well as this, the children really enjoyed finding out about the Peregrine Falcons currently roosting on the spire of the cathedral. They had the opportunity to observe their nest through a telescope and compare their arm span to that of a range of birds of prey. Everyone had a fantastic day and the children were a credit to themselves and their school.

“I was impressed that the cathedral was built over 900 years ago and it’s still there.”

“I liked the stained glass windows, as they shone brightly in the darkness.”

“I learnt that celebrations for Christians have different colours.”

“I learnt that a bishop’s hat is a symbol of the flames of Pentecost.”

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