Year 2 Castle Trip October 2018

Year 2 had a very exciting day out to Norwich Castle. Lots of the children had never been to the castle before so they were very excited!

We were greeted by characters that may have lived in the castle 800 years ago and we all took part in different activities during our visit. The children experienced what it would have been like to live in a castle by creating their own pennants for a jousting competition. They enjoyed handling real objects and deciding what they were used for, learning about some of the different jobs inside a castle and listening to a storyteller.

The children said:

“This trip is fantastic, I love seeing all of the arrow slits around the castle.”
“When I’m 7 I can be a knight!”

The children behaved impeccably and were a credit to our federation! Visiting the Castle brought our topic, Medieval Norwich to life. The children are now really excited for our forthcoming Medieval day which will include archery and a Medieval Banquet.

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