Year 6 Autumn 1 2018

Year 6 have been studying Ancient Greece as part of our history topic this half term. We have studied the History of Greece by learning about the geography of Greece, roles of women, education in Ancient Greece and the Greek gods and goddesses. We have taken part in a ‘Greek themed day’ where a Greek visitor helped us to play Greek games and take part in our own Olympic games! We dressed up as traditional Greek characters. This learning has inspired us to write our own Greek myths using the stories of Theseus and the Minotaur, The Gorgon’s Head and Persephone. We debated the differences between Athens and Sparta to decide who had the better way of life.

This half term we have been extending our knowledge of electricity. Using this knowledge, we have created and drawn our own circuits. The circuits included many components such as buzzers, bulbs, switches and fans. We created our own burglar alarm using our knowledge of voltage.

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