Year 5 South America Topic

As part of Year 5’s South America topic, the children spent Friday 4th January learning about different countries  in the continent. The children all really enjoyed the day and learned a lot about South American counties.


The children learned all about carnival and created their own dance routine to have a carnival celebration themselves. In the afternoon, the children learned about the artist Romero Britto and had a go at creating a piece of art in his style.


We learned about the things that make Columbia an interesting country and lots about Columbian heritage. We discovered the lost city of El Dorado, which as the myth goes, was an old Columbian city. Our treasure maps show just where we think the city might be. In the afternoon, we found out how chocolate is grown and then made. Some of the best chocolate beans are from South America!


Children enjoyed a poem called “Up and Down the Andes” which explores the journeys made by children across Peru to celebrate the sun festival. We then painted Aztec style suns. We also tried Aztec style weaving using wool and sticks.