Year 2 African Bags – Summer 1

The year 2 children have been focusing on the topic ‘Art Around the World’ this half term. They have learnt about different continents and countries as well as different artists and the artwork they create. They have painted their own ‘Concentric Circles’ paintings in the style of Kandinsky and created their own Andy Warhol portraits of themselves using pastels.

As part of this topic the children took part in a workshop run by Amy Brewster from Amy’s Artbarn. The children looked at different African fabrics and patterns and discussed what they could see.

The children then created their own African style patterns on fabric bags using different objects and fabric paints.

All the children really enjoyed the workshop and were pleased with their finished bags. The bags will form part of the year 2 art exhibition ‘Toftwood Tate’ in the Summer term, which will feature all the artwork the children have created.