Spring Term 2019 – Gardening Club News

Gardening Club at the Infant School started up again at half term, and the gardeners have been very busy and enthusiastic when weeding the raised beds.  The strawberry plants now look much happier, and hopefully we will see some fruit later in the summer.  We have planted onion sets, garlic and potatoes and have noticed that the onions and garlic are already growing well.

We have also enjoyed the beautiful daffodils and tulips that the Autumn Term gardeners planted in our flower bed.  There have been lots of compliments from children and adults about how lovely they look.  Worth the wait!

Most of our fruit trees are growing, although not all of the ones we planted last year have survived the winter.  We are looking forward to seeing them blossom and grow during the summer.

Gardening Club News – Autumn Term 2018

The school gardeners have been busy harvesting fruit and vegetables this autumn. They collected boxes of apples and pears from our fruit trees and they each chose an apple to eat for their snack.

The gardeners also put bulbs and winter pansies into some planters to cheer up some of the garden space. They learnt how to plant the bulbs the correct way up deep in the soil, and then put the beautiful pansies into the top part of the planter.  Everything was watered thoroughly so that the plants have the best chance of growing.

The next job in the garden was to get busy with lots of weeding in our raised beds.  The gardeners also planted even more bulbs.  Hopefully we shall have lots of colour in the garden in the spring!

Gardening Club News – Summer Term 2018

Some new gardeners have joined Gardening Club this term.  We have been very careful to learn how to use garden tools safely and we have been weeding and preparing the garden for new plants.   We also planted colourful summer bedding plants in the boxes and pots.

In the raised beds in the garden we have seen all the spring bulbs die back and the summer flowers come out.   The strawberries are growing well, and the herbs have got enormous!   We have planted shallots, potatoes, broad beans, pak choy, pumpkins, peas and radishes.  The children are leaning how to look after the plants carefully and we are all looking forward to some vegetables to harvest soon!

Gardening Club News – Spring 2018

Gardening club have begun a new season outside with some clearing up of old leaves on the pathways, and planting some bright pansies in our spring flower bed.

We are also taking part in an interesting planting project from the East of England Apples and Orchards Project.  This is a charity that helps to preserve local species of orchard fruit trees, and provides the trees free of charge to schools.  We have extended our little orchard area by adding five apple varieties called Look East, Norfolk Dumpling, Red Falstaff, St Magdalen, and Pine Apple Russet, and 2 pear trees called Robin and Conference.   We are looking after them carefully and hope to have a harvest in a year or so!

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