Summer 2019 STEM Day

KS2’s Summer STEM Day featuring marvellous Maths!!

For our summer term STEM Day, we focussed on M for maths and the children experienced lots of fun and interesting activities incorporating a variety of maths skills.

Time was the key idea for our Year 3 children. They thought about the different ways that time can be represented and built their own device (a sun dial) to measure time. As well as that, they also investigated time differences around our planet.

In Year 4, the children’s main focus was on food and in particular, how much sugar was “hidden” inside. They did lots of measuring and used bar models to think about ratio. They also used statistics to read and compare information presented in tables.

Our Year 5’s looked at a really wide range of maths skills form pattern seeking (looking at spirals), to measuring and estimating the sizes of very large organisms, and using their statistical knowledge to collect data about a woodlouse’s habitat preferences (do they like it dry and light or dark and damp?).

While in Year 6, they concentrated on problem solving. They used their skills with algebra to decode messages and thought about how these techniques had been used in the past for sending information. They also thought about risk and probability when dealing with money.

Across the Key Stage, the children experienced a fantastic range of maths and realised that, just like science, maths really is all around us in everything we do.

Kwik Cricket competition June 2019

On the 4th of June, 8 girls, along with Mrs Bond and Miss Parsons, took part in the West Norfolk and Dereham school partnership kwik cricket competition at Great Witchingham cricket club.

There were 7 schools who took part in the large school tournament and the girls played really well against 3 other schools in their group. The girls won 2 out of their 3 games which meant they were in joint 3rd place.

In the afternoon, they competed against Saint Augustine’s to secure 3rd place. Unfortunately, due to the weather, the game had to be postponed and the afternoon came to a close.  Despite the wet weather, it was a great day out where the girls showed great sportsmanship and enthusiasm for the sport.

Summer Term Stem Day, Infant site – 23.5.19


As part of our federation STEM day (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) this morning the children heard the story ‘The lighthouse keeper’s lunch.’ We spoke about lighthouses and what they are used for and the children were challenged to build the tallest lighthouse and to place a light on top. We encouraged the children to build their lighthouses as tall as possible and change strategy if their towers fell over; did they need less bricks, more bricks, a different place to build their tower, use different bricks, did they need a bigger base…. The children worked in pairs to create their lighthouses and once they were happy with it they put their light on top. All of the children worked well together and changed strategies; they listened to one another and chose different places to build their models. We counted all of the bricks and announced the winners.


The children enjoyed completing problem solving activities about ‘The gingerbread man’. The children made their own gingerbread men, carefully measuring the ingredients and watching the changes that happened when they were cooked. They then thought about how the gingerbread men would cross the river and used their engineering skills to design and make boats. The children tested their boats and discussed their observations. Finally the children set up an enquiry to observe changes over time. The children predicted what could happen when the gingerbread men were put in different liquids (oil, milk and water). The children will carefully observe what happens to the gingerbread men and discuss what they learn.

Year 1 and 2:

The children enjoyed completing different problem solving enquiries in each classroom. The enquiries all involved measuring and engineering.
Enquiry one was to work as a team to engineer the tallest tower using paper. The children measured their towers accurately, recorded the heights and compared which was the tallest.

Enquiry two required the children to construct a strong paper tower and to test the strength using books. The children investigated how much weight their models could hold, recorded their data and compared which type of tower was the strongest. The children discussed what made the cylindrical tower the best at holding the most books.

Enquiry three gave the children the chance to take ownership over their learning and choose their own measurement challenge about length or capacity. The children had a selection of cards with challenges to construct models using different materials and compare the length of the models. The other option was to complete a capacity challenge filling different containers using various implements, making predictions about the capacity of a container or measuring the capacity using alternative units of measure (lego bricks).

It was fantastic to see so many parents join us to celebrate the end of STEM day. The children showed their families each activity and explained what STEM stands for. Three children even made up their own song about STEM day!

If you would like to complete more STEM learning at home see below.

thumbnail of Dissolving

thumbnail of Fireworks in a Glass

thumbnail of Fun With Density

thumbnail of Lava Lamp

Trigolf Competition – May 2019

On Friday 3rd May, a selection of children from the Infant and Junior School Federation attended a Tri-Golf competition at Taverham Primary.

The children took part in a carousel of activities related around the skills of golf. The activities required them to consider the power of their swing in order to hit a target and alter this depending on their club. The children competed against other Infant or Junior teams to score as many points as they could.

It was a great day and the children’s behaviour was exemplary. One child said that ‘it was an amazing day and he really wanted to go to a golf club out of school!’ As a federation, we showed the sports partnership values and Toby in KM3 and Daniel in Mrs Thompson’s class won the team “Passion” Value for the day. The Infant school team came second overall!

Well done to all of the children who attended this sports event.

Kwik Cricket Tournament May 2019

On Thursday 23rd May, a group of 9 boys, along with Mrs Hughes and Mrs Brown, took part in West Norfolk and Dereham school partnership kwik cricket tournament at Great Witchingham cricket club.

There were 14 schools and the boys played really well against the 3 other schools in their group in the morning. Although they didn’t win their matches, the scores were very close, losing by only 2 or 3 points each time.

In the afternoon, they won their match by 257 points to 224. It was a great day, and all the boys were a credit to the school in their sporting attitude and general behaviour.

Year 6 Cooking club

At cooking club, Yr6 have been learning about food nutrition and how we keep our bodies healthy by focusing on the ‘Eatwell Guide’. The children have made some healthy meals and learnt about where our food comes from.

Design & Technology Spring 2019



Our topics for this term are ‘Dinosaurs’, ‘Roots, shoots and muddy boots’.

Here are some observations from Tapestry of children using Design and Technology to develop their learning:

A child came to show me the plane that she had made, I was very impressed. She told me that it was like the plane that she went on a long time ago. When I asked her where she had gone she said, “On holiday, it was hot, I like when it hot. I like swimming.” I agreed that holidays were good fun. I looked at her plane and wondered if anything was missing, she was unsure so we looked at a picture of a plane together. The child noticed the writing on the plane and the windows, I suggested that she add them to her plane. She knew that she needed either a square or a rectangle but was unsure how to draw one, I modelled how and she tried hard to draw them on her plane; she even drew a window for the pilot to look out of.


Our topics for this term are ‘Fantasy’, ‘People who help us’.

Here are some observations from Tapestry of children using Design and Technology to develop their learning:

A child and his friends decided to use the large construction to build themselves a new juice machine. As the machine was taking shape the child realised that it wouldn’t stay standing up. I explained to him that it wasn’t ‘balancing’ and we chatted about what this word meant. We looked at a chair and I pointed out that each of its four legs were in the corners and this helped the chair to be stable. The child noticed his machine had only three legs and two of the were on one side. He worked hard to redesign his machine and we then tested how stable it was by gently bumping into it.

A child came over and showed me that she had made a watch on the making table. I asked her what we use watches for and she told me we use them to tell the time. I asked her if she could remember what we had talked about in maths before about time and she was unsure, so I reminded her that when the big hand points to the 12 we say O’clock at the top. She then remembered and did the action while saying it. I then looked at her watch and realised that she had drawn 2 O’clock as the time and asked her if she knew what time she had drawn. She had a look at and said 2 O’clock! Well done!

Key Stage One

Year 1

This term our topics have been ‘Weather Experts’ and ‘Our Planet and beyond’.

The children discussed traveling around on the moon in a moon buggy. They looked at some photos of moon buggies and talked about what features a moon buggy would need such as
wheels and a steering wheel.  The children then worked hard as they designed and made their own moon buggies and tested them in motion.

Year 2

This term our topics have been ‘Air, Land and Sea’ and ‘Art around the world’.

During the topic ‘Air, Land and Sea’ the children made Ham pasta bake and enjoyed eating this in school. It was delicious!

The children also talked about how people travel on water and discussed what is special about modes of water transport and who might travel on water and why. The children then designed their own boats to travel on water. They thought about what materials would be best to use and how to ensure their boat was going to float. The children chose their own materials to make their boats and tested them in a tray of water to see if their design and build had been successful. They then evaluated their boats and thought about what they would do differently next time.

As part of our ‘Art around the world’ topic the children have been learning about different countries.  They made and tasted a vegetable curry and this was new to many of the children but most said they enjoyed eating it and some said they would like to have it again.

Mini Tennis Tournament – Summer 1 2019

On Tuesday, 30th April, 8 children from Year 4 took part in the West Norwich and Dereham School Sport Partnership Mini Tennis Tournament. The event was held at Easton College’s fantastic tennis centre with 8 local schools taking part. It was very exciting and a bit scary when we arrived to see so many players ready to take part in the competition.

We were split into two teams of four players and played LOTS of games. At the beginning, it felt a bit tricky but, the more we played, the more confident and successful we were. In the morning, each player had to take part in three different matches to score points for their team. Some games were easy but some were a real challenge and we all needed to show our resilience when things didn’t go as well as we wanted. Everyone tried their hardest for the team and we all won at least one of our matches – wow!

In the afternoon, we played another set of matches against different opponents and by this time we knew exactly what we needed to do were playing really well. We didn’t win the competition but did have a great time and our tennis really improved throughout the day – some of our players managed to win every one of their matches – amazing!

By the time we returned to school, we were all very tired but had a great experience representing our school. At this event, there the organisers were looking out for the games value of ‘RESPECT’ and all of our players were awarded with a special certificate because of the respect they showed to the match officials and other players throughout the day – well done to everyone.

Football Event Spring 2 2019

After the success of the last tournament, Mr Barnes, one of our MSAs, organised and ran three football tournaments; years 5 & 6 Boys, 5 & 6 girls and years 3 & 4. It was open to all children, regardless of their footballing ability.

129 children in total signed up who wanted to play and from them, Mr Barnes chose captains to be in charge of the teams and the remaining children’s names were picked from a hat to make up the rest of the teams.

The tournament started back in February, taking over a month to complete by playing every lunchtime over group stages, semi-finals and then the finals. Matches were played in a 7 a side tournament, with squads of 10 players. The rules stipulated that each player had to play a least half of each game.

The finals results were as follows:

Years 5 & 6 girls final – Team 1     5 – 0    Team 2 (Lillie AR5 scored a hat trick)

Years 5 & 6 boys final – Team 1    1 – 0   Team 2

Year 3 & 4 Final – Team 5    3 – 0   Team 4

It was a great footballing event and the children all worked well as part of a team. It was good to see them all working together and supporting each other.

A big thank you to Mr Barnes for all his hard work organising and refereeing the matches and to all the children for their great sportsmanship. It was a great end to the term.

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