Science – Autumn Term 2019

Reception Understanding the World- Autumn 1

This term in reception the children have been learning about healthy and non-healthy food.  The children read The Very Hungry Caterpillar focusing on what is a fruit, a vegetable and a special treat. They have also been learning that some foods give us lots of energy and why is it so important to have a balanced diet.  Everyone in the year group looked at body parts and spent time learning the names of them.  To help us remember the names of some body parts the children have been singing the song ‘heads, shoulders knees and toes.”

Year 1 Science- Autumn 1

This half term we have focussed on identifying and classifying enquiries about animals. The children worked together to classify animals into groups (mammals, fish, insects, reptiles, birds and amphibians). They also thought carefully about animal diet and classified the animals as carnivores, herbivores and omnivores. We thought of fun actions to help us remember the names of the groups!

The children also had an amazing educational visit to Banham Zoo, learning more about animals and completing a workshop about animal diet with expert zoo staff. For more information about this please see our Year Groups, Year 1 page.

The children have also enjoyed a ‘Mad Science’ visit for another fun filled assembly and we are sure the after school club will inspire the children who attend to continue to be curious and to ask lots of scientific questions.

Year 2 Science – Autumn 1

In science this half term, year 2 have been looking at different materials. They have enjoyed exploring materials such as wood, plastic and metal and described them. The children also enjoyed going on a material hunt around the school. The classes discussed the objects they found around school and what materials they were made from and then discussed the suitability of these materials for their uses. The children also learnt a materials song which helped them to understand the properties and suitability of a range of different materials. Have a listen and sing along at home;

Well done to all the children who completed some amazing home learning linked to this work!

RE Summer Term 2019 – Infant

This term Year 2 have been reading stories about the Hindu religion, and asking questions about what people in other religions believe, while Year 1 have been learning about aspects of Christianity.

Year 1 have been learning about Christian marriage and exploring what happens at weddings in church, and at weddings in other cultures.  They talked about the people who play a special role, and the importance of the symbols and artefacts involved.  The children got involved with the preparations leading up to a Christian wedding and then engaged in role play for a ceremony of friendship on the big day.   They visited St Nicholas’ church in Dereham and three “couples” promised to be friends with Rev Sally Theakston officiating.

The congregation of children and adults took part in the ceremony, including prayers and a hymn before having photographs taken, and then attending a wedding reception back at School.  The “Brides and Grooms”   all signed a Certificate of Friendship in the church.

The children also had the opportunity to explore the church and look at the building and some of the Christian and historical artefacts kept there.  One child said “I have never been in a church before!  It was fun!  I liked looking at the big organ and the bell from the ship.”

Year 1 have also been learning about The Bible as a sacred text for Christians.  Staff from the learning team at Norwich Cathedral visited school for an outreach day and the children took part in different activities, including exploring various artefacts and discussing parables.  This helps them develop their understanding of the Christian teachings of Jesus in The New Testament.

RE Summer Term 2019 – Junior

Year 3

This term we have been learning about Islam and what Muslims believe and how they practise their faith, including prayers, mosques and looking at the importance of the Qur’an.

Year 4

Year 4 have been learning about Islam and the importance of the Hajj. They made power points to explain what they have learnt. We have attached one for you to read.

Year 5

This term, year 5 have been thinking about the “Kingdom of God”. We have been asking questions such as:

  • What kind of king was Jesus?
  • If Jesus was king, what would his kingdom be like?
  • What could we do to make our community a better place?
  • Should we always forgive people?
  • If Jesus looked at the work of the church and the state of the world, what would please him and what would disappoint him today?

We have discussed these issues thoroughly to get give ourselves a greater insight into a bigger debate, learning a lot from each other’s varied points of views.

Year 6

This term we have been learning about the Jewish faith. We learnt about Abraham, the founding father, basic beliefs and practises. In connection to our history topic of World War 2, we also learnt about the Holocaust and persecution of the Jews and how faith can help people in times of trouble.

A Summer of Art at Toftwood Infant School

This term there has been lots of art happening at Toftwood!

Reception have been continuing to explore art through their play. They have been practising their drawing, painting, making, joining different materials and continuing to explore paint mixing.

In Year One the children have been busy exploring different mediums of art inside and outside the classroom. The have been using nature to create artwork and worked collaboratively in their classes to create one piece of artwork together. They had a large image cut into sections and with a partner had to recreate their section on a larger scale. When all the sections were put together they had created a enlarged version of one picture as a whole class. Mrs Ponder’s class artwork is displayed on the hall board and the children are very proud to have it displayed here!

The Year Two children have been busy getting ready for Toftwood Tate. They made invitations, posters and tickets as well as completing the art work to be displayed. Toftwood Tate was a fantastic exhibition, all the children should be very proud of themselves! See more on the Special events page. A special guests comment book has been kept in school to keep the very positive feedback received.

Music – Summer Term 2019

During the second half term children across the Federation took part in Arts Enrichment Week.  The week allowed the children to experience lots of activities revolving around the arts. You can read all about this week on the Special Events section of the website.

On Thursday and Friday there was a greater focus on music and children from both the Infant and Junior school had the opportunity to look at and explore different types of musical instruments, including some the children hadn’t encountered before! A string quartet also came into each school to perform and the children really enjoyed being part of this experience.

At the end of the week we held a family Open Morning and parents, carers and other family members were able to joint their children and participate in making musical instruments out of found materials. Each year group focused on creating a different type of musical instrument and children used their imaginations and got creative! Plenty of fun was had by everyone and children and grown ups alike were up for the challenge!

At the end of the week we had “The Arts Showcase” where children from each class got to show off their talents to the whole school.  We had singers, dancers, comedians and even dinosaurs! It was a lot of fun and we were lucky enough to have a number of children from the Junior School come to perform for us as well!

Computing in the Summer Term 2019


This term, the children in nursery have been learning how to use paint programmes and have completed searches using kiddle. Some of the children searched information about toucans and others on how to build a wormery.


The children in reception have enjoyed going to the Computing Suite for the first time this term. They enjoyed using the website, Purple Mash and drew some lovely drawings to improve their mouse skills. They learnt how to open a new page, hold a mouse correctly and have fun with the different paint tools!

Year 1

The year 1 children have been using the website purple mash to draw pictures about their favourite things during their time in year 1, They were able to use different tools and developed their mouse skills. They also write a sentence about their favourite thing to improve their keyboard skills.

Year 2

During the year 2 topic Art around the World, the children have enjoyed making resources for their art exhibition including badges and posters using the program textease. They also enjoyed researching the artists whose work they have been recreating using the search tools on the computers and using the kindles.

Science Summer Term 2019


Barefoot sensory walk. We talked about the textures of items as we walked through them.

Rainbow walk- we looked at the colours in the rainbow and made coloured footprints!

Bubbles-children had a go at blowing giant bubbles using a hoop. They talked about techniques for making the best bubbles.

Shadow puppets! Children talked about shadows and how they were made.


This term the children have enjoyed exploring the outdoor areas. They have encountered several mini beasts and this led to lots of questions! When the children found a worm they were very keen to try and measure the length of the worm and made estimations first. They also thought carefully about what they could do to help a spider that they found. Some of the children were inspired to write their own mini beast story about what they found!

Year 1

Year 1 children have enjoyed learning about inventors during our Step Back in Time topic. We have learnt about Thomas Edison and how he invented the light bulb. We explored lamps, wires and batteries and investigated how to make a circuit. We were very pleased when we found out how to do it and we switched all the lights off so we could see our lamps shining!

We also learnt about Alexander Graham Bell and his telephone. We looked at different photos of telephones through the years and made our own phones using cups and string. We explored how the different length of string affected the sound.

Year 2

This term the children have enjoyed learning about habitats and environments. They built on their previous knowledge and explored the school grounds, including the pond area, identifying and classifying different animals. The children researched some of the animals they found and created amazing non-fiction fact file booklets in Literacy.

As part of this topic we visited Easton Farm and were able to ask lots of scientific questions about the animals and their habitats. More information about this can be found on the Year 2 tab of the website.

Literacy Infant Summer Term 2019


Nursery children have been writing their own scribe stories with an adult. Some children heard initial sounds and were able to write their initial sounds. They have come up with some amazing story ideas and characters! They have also written their own party invitations including firework pictures.



The children have written about going to Gressenhall and the magical journey they had been on. The children wrote about their favourite part of the trip. A big highlight of their day was getting magic from the tree and finding a golden egg!

Year 1

The children used their recent trip to Holkham Hall to write about real events in the style of a chronological report. They used photos from the three activities to order and write about their day. The children loved this trip and it really inspired their writing to add extra information.

Year 2

The children watched a Disney short clip called Lava. They then researched about Hawaii using holiday brochures and talked about the descriptive language written. They then wrote and made their own brochure! These were fantastic and made the staff want to visit each of their hotels!

They have also written to inform by making a non-fiction Minibeast booklet. They were very excited to make this in to a book to share with the year 1 children.

Geography Summer Term 2019

Early Years

In Nursery the children have been developing their knowledge and understanding of the world by visiting Church Farm, Stow Bardolph. They learnt about a farm and the animals that live there. They talked about their journey and the time it took to get there.

During independent learning time, some children created their own maps of special places. One child made a treasure map which included x marks the spot, lollipop trees, mountains covered in chocolate and a pond full of mermaids!

A nursery child talked about family living in New Zealand, which they knew was a long way away. They looked for New Zealand and the UK on the globe with a member of staff and discussed climate and the animals living there. They also talked about penguins living in Antarctica ‘down the bottom!’

Year 1

Year one visited Holkham Hall and explored a completely new environment!  They looked at the Field to Fork exhibition and learnt about farming through time in Norfolk. They saw lots of different products that are made from crops that are grown at Holkham.  The children also learnt about the park and the deer that live there.

Year 2

Year 2 have been learning to use their Geography skills by taking part in fieldwork in the school grounds.  They have been using simple compass directions and locational and directional language to describe the location of features on a map.

History Summer Term 2019

Early Years

The children have been encouraged to talk about any significant past events in their or other people’s lives.  Their interactions with other children and adults have been observed and noted on Tapestry (the online and interactive Learning Story used in Early Years).  They have explored artefacts during a visit to Gressenhall Rural Life Museum.

Year 1

During the topic of ‘Step back in time’ the children have talked about the similarities and differences today compared to Victorian times. This topic included a visit to Holkham Hall and participating in a Victorian wash day.

Year one have also looked at famous inventors in history, including Thomas Edison who invented the light bulb and Alexander Graham Bell who invented the telephone.

Victorian Wash Day

The children experienced what it would have been like to wash their clothes in Victorian times.  They took turns to have a go at each stage and hung the clothes on the line to dry.  This was an excellent way to show the children how things have changed over the years and how lucky we are nowadays to have machines to help us.

Year 2

During the topic of ‘Art around the world’ has looked at the children have learnt about the life of a variety of artists such as Kandinsky and Andy Warhol and the impact they had on art history.  In the lessons they also created art in the style of these artists.

The children have also had the opportunity to learn about the history of art in other countries such as Australia and Egypt. They have seen and recreated aboriginal art and Egyptian hieroglyphics as well as performing their own version of the Haka after learning about the Maori people from New Zealand.