Autumn 2 2019 – KS2 Cross Country

On Thursday 31st October 2019, children from Key Stage 2 participated in the West Norfolk and Dereham SSP Cross Country event. We had three girls and three boys from each year group, which meant we had the maximum number of people allowed from each school in each race! This gave Toftwood a fantastic chance and really showed the enthusiasm for cross country running. Even more children wanted to come than we could take with us, so we hope you will continue running and come to clubs and events when they next come up!

We played warm up games before races and everyone supported each other in doing their very best. Toftwood had several top 20 places and two runners even got through to the Norfolk finals – well done to our Year 6 and Year 3 runners. Every single participant finished the course with great determination!

KS1 Cross Country Festival October 2019

Autumn Term 2019

On the 29th October, 16 pupils from years 1 and 2 took part in the West Norwich and Dereham School Sport Partnership Cross Country Festival. We arrived at our venue, Taverham Hall School and the children were keen to do a warm up as soon as they arrived!   We all walked the Cross Country course round the school field – 600m for Year 1 and 800m for Year 2.  Then it was time for the races.  Year 1 girls raced first with one of our girls achieving 13th place out of 100 competitors!  Then it was time for the Year 1 boys’ race followed by Year 2 girls and then Year 2 boys. One of the year 2 girls came 6th, which was amazing! The children were great at cheering on their friends and representing our Federation. Everyone managed to complete the course and showed great perseverance. The children really enjoyed the challenge and were determined to finish. They couldn’t wait to get back to school and share all the information with their classes. Well done KS1!

Tag Rugby Tournament 3rd October 2019

Year 6 enjoyed taking part in a Tag Rugby Tournament at Norwich RFC. In the morning, we drew 2 games and lost just one. We gained more skills through taking part and observing other teams. We had an amazing win in the afternoon!

Our reserve players were keen to cheer on and support the players, between games. T-O-F-T-W-O-O-D….Toftwood!

Our theme for the day was “respect”, which all of our team members were able to demonstrate, easily; however, after a lot of deliberation, the team were able to nominate their chosen player.

Autumn 1 2019 Active Kids Festival

On Thursday 26th September 2019, a selection of children from Years 2, 3 and 4 attended the Active Kids Festival held at Taverham High School, which was run by the West Norfolk and Dereham School Sports Partnership.

Young Leaders from Taverham High School were there to run the activities supported by staff from the West Norwich and Dereham School Sports Partnership.

The children participated in 8 different activities including ‘Overthrow’, where the children had to pass a ball over a high net, either by throwing, hitting or kicking it and trying to score a goal into the opponent’s net, ‘Not in my Back Yard’, a game which had the children racing against each other to throw all the beanbags and balls out of their area, ‘Jack High’, where they loved playing with an oversized football, having to roll it over their own line from the middle of the pitch and ‘Slalom Relays’ weaving in and out of cones, throwing balls in a hoop, skipping and dribbling a ball and scoring a goal.

The children encouraged each other, played extremely well, had a fabulous time and worked really well as a team. Well done to everyone!

Key Stage 2 Dodgeball Tournament at UEA Sportspark

On Wednesday the 3rd July, Toftwood Federation participated in a fun, thrilling Dodgeball tournament. When we arrived, we were very surprised and nervous at the amount of teams there were, even though we had been practising beforehand.

In the morning, we played against Hockering and Garvestone Primary School. Then we stopped for our lunch break. In the afternoon, we played against Costessy Junior, St Peters and Reepham.

We were proud that we played fairly against the other teams who showed great sportsmanship. Everybody enjoyed the Dodgeball tournament.

Ms Brown and Dr Francis were really impressed by the fantastic sportsmanship all our players shoed during the Tournament. They were extremely competitive and really wanted to win their games but, even when they were beaten by more skilful opponents, they still showed resect to everyone including the referees. As “respect” was the sporting value being looked for during this event, all the children were awarded with a special certificate – well done all of you!

Key Stage 1 Athletics Festival

On Monday 24th June 10 Year 1 children went to Hellesdon High School to represent the federation at an Athletics Festival. The children had a go at practising their running jumping and throwing skills as they took part in 7 different activities. Despite the heat all children gave 100% effort and listened very carefully to the High School Sports Leaders who gave the instructions. The children took part in a 40 metre sprint, a 300 metre run and practised their throwing using special shot balls designed for use in Key Stage 1. They also learnt how to throw a discus by practising with hoops and then moving on to rubber discs before trying the long jump and learning the basics of high jump.

Kwik Cricket competition June 2019

On the 4th of June, 8 girls, along with Mrs Bond and Miss Parsons, took part in the West Norfolk and Dereham school partnership kwik cricket competition at Great Witchingham cricket club.

There were 7 schools who took part in the large school tournament and the girls played really well against 3 other schools in their group. The girls won 2 out of their 3 games which meant they were in joint 3rd place.

In the afternoon, they competed against Saint Augustine’s to secure 3rd place. Unfortunately, due to the weather, the game had to be postponed and the afternoon came to a close.  Despite the wet weather, it was a great day out where the girls showed great sportsmanship and enthusiasm for the sport.

Trigolf Competition – May 2019

On Friday 3rd May, a selection of children from the Infant and Junior School Federation attended a Tri-Golf competition at Taverham Primary.

The children took part in a carousel of activities related around the skills of golf. The activities required them to consider the power of their swing in order to hit a target and alter this depending on their club. The children competed against other Infant or Junior teams to score as many points as they could.

It was a great day and the children’s behaviour was exemplary. One child said that ‘it was an amazing day and he really wanted to go to a golf club out of school!’ As a federation, we showed the sports partnership values and Toby in KM3 and Daniel in Mrs Thompson’s class won the team “Passion” Value for the day. The Infant school team came second overall!

Well done to all of the children who attended this sports event.

Kwik Cricket Tournament May 2019

On Thursday 23rd May, a group of 9 boys, along with Mrs Hughes and Mrs Brown, took part in West Norfolk and Dereham school partnership kwik cricket tournament at Great Witchingham cricket club.

There were 14 schools and the boys played really well against the 3 other schools in their group in the morning. Although they didn’t win their matches, the scores were very close, losing by only 2 or 3 points each time.

In the afternoon, they won their match by 257 points to 224. It was a great day, and all the boys were a credit to the school in their sporting attitude and general behaviour.

Mini Tennis Tournament – Summer 1 2019

On Tuesday, 30th April, 8 children from Year 4 took part in the West Norwich and Dereham School Sport Partnership Mini Tennis Tournament. The event was held at Easton College’s fantastic tennis centre with 8 local schools taking part. It was very exciting and a bit scary when we arrived to see so many players ready to take part in the competition.

We were split into two teams of four players and played LOTS of games. At the beginning, it felt a bit tricky but, the more we played, the more confident and successful we were. In the morning, each player had to take part in three different matches to score points for their team. Some games were easy but some were a real challenge and we all needed to show our resilience when things didn’t go as well as we wanted. Everyone tried their hardest for the team and we all won at least one of our matches – wow!

In the afternoon, we played another set of matches against different opponents and by this time we knew exactly what we needed to do were playing really well. We didn’t win the competition but did have a great time and our tennis really improved throughout the day – some of our players managed to win every one of their matches – amazing!

By the time we returned to school, we were all very tired but had a great experience representing our school. At this event, there the organisers were looking out for the games value of ‘RESPECT’ and all of our players were awarded with a special certificate because of the respect they showed to the match officials and other players throughout the day – well done to everyone.