Toftwood Infant School Tennis Festival

Summer 2 2018

On Tuesday, 10th July, 10 children from our Reception classes took part in a Tennis Festival at the Easton Tennis Centre.

The children worked together with children from other schools in the area to take part in a range of activities designed to develop the skills needed to play tennis. During the day children tried balancing a ball on their racket, playing floor tennis, took part in various throwing and catching games, completed relay games, had a go at bouncing a ball with a racket, and hitting a target. Some of these activities were quite tricky but the children all worked hard and had a fantastic time.

One member of the school team was then praised for showing excellent determination in their work.

KS1 World Cup Football Festival

On Tuesday 26th June, children from year 1 and 2 went to Bowthorpe Football Development Centre to represent our federation in a football festival. It started with the children completing different activities including practicing their passing and dribbling skills. Later on in the morning, the children played some friendly matches against other schools in a mini tournament.

All the children thoroughly enjoyed being outside and active. For many children it was their first time playing football and they really enjoyed the sessions and giving it a go. They worked hard on the skill activities and this meant that they were able to apply their skills during the games.

Well done to everyone that took part!

Year 5 and 6 Kwik Cricket competitions – Summer 2 2018

On the 12th and 14th of June, 8 Year 5-6 boys and 8 Year 5-6 girls took part in the West Norfolk and Dereham (School Sports Partnership) Kwik Cricket Competition.

On Tuesday morning, the boys played against Saint Augustine’s and Saint Peter’s. Each team won one game so Mr Mann had to calculate the score based on how runs were scored. Toftwood came 3rd with a very impressive total of 488 points!

In the second part of the afternoon, Toftwood played against Scarning and Thomas Bullock and won both games.

Throughout the day, Miss Parsons noticed a great improvement in the fielding ability of three of our boys.  Congratulations to all the boys who represented our federation and for coming 7th.

On Thursday, it was the girls turn to take part in the competition. In the morning, the girls played against Reepham, Saint Peter’s and Costessey B team.

As the day progressed, the fielding and bowling ability improved and some of the opposing team were caught out.

Toftwood had a rematch against Costessey B to decide who was to come 6th place. With an incredible amount of determination and skill, Toftwood won by catching their opponents out and scoring multiple ‘4s’.

“Our captain was really a good at supporting us as at team captain. Today was an amazing experience and I loved it! ”

”The day was exciting and fun.  The other teams were very supportive towards us. Although we came 6th, we all tried our best and worked hard as a team” ”It was really enjoyable to spend the day doing something we love.”

Congratulations to all of our girls for amazing effort and superb sportsmanship.

Key Stage 1 Outdoor Adventure Activity Morning – May 2018

On Tuesday 22nd May a group of children from Year 1 and Year 2 at Toftwood Infant School took part in an Outdoor Adventure activity morning at Taverham High School. The children thoroughly enjoyed working with children from different schools in Norfolk and represented the school very well.

The children had to work in teams to solve problems and complete a range of outdoor adventure activities such as orienteering. During the morning the children were able to develop their skills of being a good team member and various PE skills as they were coached by Sport Leaders from Taverham High School.

The children had a fantastic day!


Year 4 Mini Tennis May 2018

Despite some initial nerves, the children played some terrific tennis at the competition held at Easton College. All the children were fantastic and showed great sportsmanship regardless of whether they won or lost. Out of the 14 schools that participated in the competition, Toftwood Junior had two teams in the top seven. Amazingly, Toftwood Junior B came 7th and the A team were the overall winners, which means they qualify for the county school’s play offs to be held in June. Mrs Bowes-Mulligan and Miss Parsons were very impressed with the children’s behaviour and proud of the way in which they represented the school.

After the event, Mrs Bowes-Mulligan asked all the children their thoughts about the day. This is what they had to say:

“I had so much fun and was really shocked that we won,” Brayden, CH4.

“I had a great day since I put my skills to the test,” Maddison, AF4.

“We used our maths skills of being accurate. I also made a new friend,” Eva, RB4.

“I enjoyed the day as I won all my matches and fun playing tennis,” Sam, RB4.

“I had an amazing day as my team came 7th out of 14,” Oliver, AF4.

“I had a great day because I won all my matches and had lots of fun,” Toby, RB4.

“I thought it was a great day because everyone had fun,” Willow, AF4.

“I had an awesome day because we were the overall winners and have made it through to the county play offs,” Dani, AF4.

Norfolk Cricket Festival May 2018

On Thursday 10th May Mrs Chapman and Mrs Hartley took a group of Year 1 children to the Norfolk Chance to Shine Cricket Festival. The children had a chance to try some of the activities from the All Stars Cricket Programme which is available for children aged 5-8 years.

We got to complete 4 different activities led by cricket coaches and supported by leaders from Northgate High School. The activities helped the children to practise some of the skills needed to play cricket such as bowling, fielding and batting.

All the children had great fun. Isabella said “This is the best cricket ever!” And Bailey said “I’ve never tried that way of throwing the ball before” after they had been introduced to using an over arm throw by starting in a star shape.

KS1 Cross Country April 2018

On Thursday 19th April, 15 pupils from Years 1 and 2, went to the West Norwich and Dereham Schools Partnership, KS1 Cross Country Competition. The children had attended a club at school to understand what a cross country competition would be like too. The children enjoyed their day at Taverham High School and did their very best at the competition. There were 4 races; Year 1 girls, Year 1 boys, Year 2 girls and Year 2 boys.

The children said that they really liked the trip and Lily was given a certificate and sticker for ‘determination’ as she lost her shoe at the very beginning but that did not stop her!

Well done to all of the children who competed!

As a group we came 11th out of 26 teams!

Dance Show

In February a group of children from the Infant School took part in the Sports’ Partnership dance show, showcasing a dance to the song ‘Get back up again’ from the film Trolls. Our song choice was inspired by what we have been learning about resilience and never giving up in our PATHS lessons.

The children practised the dance over the course of a few weeks at lunchtimes and in the afternoons with Mrs Ponder and Miss McTavish. It was fantastic to see the children working as a team to practise and just as our song had been inspired by never giving up, the children always bounced back after any difficulties when practising.

When the day came of the show the children made us all so proud as they were so excellently behaved! It was a long day at OPEN Norwich and they children had a chance to practise on the stage with the lights before their two performances, one in the afternoon and one in the evening.

We are so proud of the all children that took part and hope they enjoyed the new and exciting experience. The performances were both amazing and the children remembered all their moves brilliantly. It has even inspired some of the children to go to dance lessons outside of school, as none of the children had any dance training before the event.

Cross Country Finals March 2018

On Wednesday 7th March, our team of 4 cross country finalists attended the Norfolk School Games’ Cross Country competition at the new venue, Holkham Hall. We had four runners from the Junior School, who all ran representing West Norfolk and Dereham SSP (School Sports Partnership) as well as representing our federation. After arriving in the drizzly rain, we walked the course to help familiarise us with the route ready for our races.

The distances were as follows:

Year 3 boys and girls – 1000m                      Year 4 boys and girls -1200m

Year 5 boys and girls – 1400m                      Year 6 boys and girls – 1600m

Finishing places were:

Year 4 27th

Year 5 42nd

Year 5 48th

Year 6 58th

Congratulations to our runners, with around 90 schools taking part and an average of 80 children in each race, these results are something to be proud of! Everybody conducted themselves brilliantly and proved to have great sportsmanship by cheering their fellow team mates on in their races.

Gymnastics Competition Wednesday 7th February 2018

On Wednesday, 7th February a group of children from Year 2 took part in a Gymnastics Competition at Easton Gymnastics Club. The children had the opportunity to work with the Sports Leaders from Taverham High School and coaches from Easton Gymnastics Club during the session and were great ambassadors for the school.

During the morning, the children had the chance to practice their routine that they had been learning at a lunchtime club at school, on the sprung floor. The children remembered the routine well and delivered an excellent performance. They also had a go on the beam, bars and rings before performing a vault element for the event judges.

Well done to everyone that took part!

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