Book Week – Spring 2019

The children had the opportunity to take part in a Federation wide Book Week. The theme for the week was ‘Awesome Authors and Performing Poets’.

The children were able to take part in some very exciting activities and lessons based around a variety of fiction books and poems.

The children were able to take part in shared story sessions, where older children read with the younger children between both schools. The children at the Infant School really enjoyed having the older children share these books with them.

In year 1 and 2 the children and parents/carers shared ‘Lost and Found’ by Oliver Jeffers. They were able to make predictions from the text and then made their very own penguin from the book.

The Junior school shared the book Tuesday by David Weisner. Every class looked at the book, talk about the book by answering questions on it and made frogs.

The children of both schools were able to attend the Federation annual Bedtime stories event. The children and their families came back to school in their pyjamas and with blankets and teddies to share stories, relax and listen to school staff reading and performing some of their favourite texts.

In Year 2 the children had written their own stories and made them into their own books during Book Week. The children absolutely loved this and really understood the pride of writing their very own book! One child, Logan, loved his character so much that he dressed up as ‘Mini Joe’ for the dressing up competition at the end of the week!

At the end of the week, the children took part in a Poetry Slam! Each class at the Infant School were able to share the poem they had written as a class to the whole school. All classes from Nursery to Year 2 were involved and it was a wonderful celebration of poetry.

  • Nursery children performed a dinosaur poem
  • Reception children shared their shape poems about animals,
  • Year 1 shared their alphabet poems about the winter weather
  • Year 2 children shared their alliteration poems.
  • Year three did Haikus
  • Year four Tanka’s
  • Year 5 ballads
  • Year 6 sonnets

Some of the class poems from the Junior school have been shared below!

To finish the amazing Book Week we had this year the children took part in a dressing up day based on their favourite character. Prizes were given out in assembly for our performing poetry competition and best costume of their favourite character. Even the staff had fun too!

–      ‘It is wonderful to have these opportunities in the school year to inspire children to have a love of reading and encourage children to realise that they can aspire to become authors, poets or illustrators for their future careers!’  – Kelsey Thompson and Anne Williams – Literacy and English leads.

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Year 4 seatbelt safety January 2019

Year 4 Seatbelt Safety Presentation by Rozalind Symonds

Year 4 have taken part in a seat belt safety presentation this term.  We all learned how important it was to wear seatbelts – no matter how short the distance we travel is.

Ms Symonds demonstrated the effects of a car crash using a specially designed ramp and a large model car with bean bag people. The ramp was designed to show the effects of a car crash at 30mph. The model car was equipped with seatbelts and there was also a bean-bag family.

Ms Symonds first asked, and then showed us what the effect of not wearing seatbelt would be on the beanbag family. The mother went through the car window, the father was crumpled under the steering wheel and the child travelled from their seat in the back to land crumpled up in the front of the car with their head on the gear box. We discussed the possible extent of each family injuries and agreed they were most likely to be fatal.

Ms Symonds then demonstrated the same crash but this time the family were wearing seatbelts. We found the family remained in their seats and the probable outcome of the crash would have been no more than whiplash.

We then discussed when children should be able to sit in adult seats without boosters.  Ms Symonds told us that although the height of a child by law is 135cm before they can sit in an adult seat in the U.K. it was advisable that all children remained in a booster seat until they were 150cm tall due to the nature of the adult seatbelts.

Children in Need 2018

On Friday 16th November children across the federation supported Children in Need through a non-uniform ‘Show Your Spots’ day. Children from the School Council created posters, collection pots and envelopes, and collected the donations in each class. The children enjoyed a range of activities throughout the day including mask making and counting Pudsey spots!

Thank you to everyone for their generous donations. The Federation raised a total of £750. Well done everyone!

Year 3/4 School Games Sportshall Athletics

On Monday 19th November 2018, a total of 17 boys and girls attended the year 3/4 School Games Sportshall Athletics at the UEA Sportspark, where around 200 children took part. 12 teams competed in a total of 12 field and track events. These included the obstacle relay, relay, under/over relay and field events including chest push, standing long jump, vertical jump and soft javelin.

The afternoon was a very noisy affair where the children had a wonderful time competing and cheering on their team mates. Toftwood Junior were the very proud winners of the WNDSSP Team of the Day. They were chosen by the other schools for showing great sportsmanship.  Well done Toftwood!

Christmas Card Competition

Children from classes across KS2 have been working hard this week on their entries for an Art competition. The competition was to design a Christmas card for George Freeman MP, the children sketched and coloured in their designs across two lunch times. The children had imaginative ideas and created some fantastic entries. We are now all keeping our fingers crossed that our entries are chosen, as the winner will join George Freeman MP for a tour of Parliament and have tea on the Terrace of the House of Commons and runners-up will receive a book token. Good luck everyone!

Pantomime Actor comes to Toftwood Infant – November 2018

On Friday 2nd November, each year 2 class took part in a workshop with the actor Ben Langley from the Theatre Royal. Ben will be starring in the pantomime ‘Aladdin’ which the children are going to see in December and the sessions have inspired the children and given them the chance to experience acting and the process of bringing a story to life.

Each class had a drama workshop with Ben and acted out the story of ‘Aladdin.’ The children then worked in groups and performed one of the scenes from the story to the rest of their class. It was fantastic to see the children working together and demonstrating such confidence –even those who are often quite quiet in class!

The sessions were the perfect way to enhance the children’s own performances in their pantomime of ‘Cinderella’ which they will perform for the rest of the school and wider audiences in December. The children are also excited for the school visit to the Theatre Royal to see Ben Langley and the cast perform.

Here’s what some of the year group shared after the sessions:

“I liked that we all got a turn to go up and perform” Ellouise.

“I enjoyed the story because he made me laugh!” Shanice.

“I liked acting, I was Aladdin” Harrison.

Before Ben left, he commented on how talented the children were and said that he couldn’t wait to hear about our school performance!

National School Meals Week

Norse Commercial Services provide the hot lunches at Toftwood Infant School and as part of National School Meals Week they are sharing four recipes for some ‘School Meal Classic’ puddings. Please see the attached recipes for Cornflake Tart, Floating Islands, Sticky Toffee Pudding and Raspberry Jam Steamed Sponge in case you are interested in trying to create some of these at home. National School Meals Week is from Monday 12th to Friday 16th of November.

thumbnail of Norse National School Meals Week Nov 2018

Halloween 2018

The kitchen staff at the junior school went all out for Halloween with some fantastic Halloween treats, such as cupcakes. They relaly made a huge effort and all of the children enojoyed the food and the decorations. A huge thankyou to our Kitchen staff!

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