Dance Show

We were very pleased to be able to take part in the latest Dance Showdown in association with Premier Performing Arts that was held at OPEN in Norwich on Wednesday 16th November.

Twenty pupils, a mixture of year 1 and 2 children, boys and girls, some with dance experience; others without, from Toftwood Infant School took part. The theme was ‘A Night at the West End’ so we chose a track from The Lion King as our dance music. We thought this was a child friendly musical that all the children had heard of or had watched the Disney film. It related well to topics that the children had been working on in school such as the current Year 1 topic of Animal Life and children in Year 2 had previously worked on a mini topic about the continent of Africa.

For three and a half weeks the children practised hard during their lunchtimes with the help of Mrs Ponder and Miss McTavish, who both choreographed the dance. The children also printed and decorated their own t-shirts to wear for the show, with the help of Mrs Chapman.

When show day came the children were very excited but understandably nervous, as this was for many, their first performance on a stage. When we arrived at OPEN Norwich the children were wowed by the size of the venue. We had a chance to watch some other schools rehearse before it was our turn. After a few practises on the stage the children’s dance was perfected! Costumes were put on and faces painted ready for the show.

Their dance was fantastic, all the children performed incredibly well and they all said they had enjoyed the experience. We had many comments complimenting the children from parents, governors and teachers.

Well done to all those involved!


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Music Week 2016

The week beginning 31st October was a very busy week for the whole school! Children from Nursery to Year 2 were all involved in a Music Enrichment Week and spent the week taking part in a variety of musical activities.

Our first visitor of the week was Mr Owen from Neatherd High School and he brought along some Samba instruments for us to play. He taught us how to march in time to the beat and we practised going fast and slow. He taught us the rhythm “fish and chips, sausage and chips” and we had to clap along in time. Some of us were lucky enough to play along to the rhythm with the drums and shakers.

reception-1 reception-2 year-two-6 year-one-4

Some students from Northgate High School came to see us and taught us all about the instruments they played. They told us what they were called and how you play them. The students and their teacher performed two songs to us and we really enjoyed joining in with ‘Let it go’ from Frozen!

Year 2 had a different musical focus each day. After the visit from Mr Owen they had a go at creating their own rhythm to 8 beats with drums and performed them to each other. They watched a variety of videos showing different people drumming and then discussed and compared them. Aaron and Hollie from J.D.T came to see Year 2 and brought along 3 drum kits and music recording equipment to use. On Wednesday we created music videos as a class. Each Year 2 class watched a snippet of a different film which the videos were then based on. A premier was organised for the afternoon! Thursday was very exciting as Ben Langley (a star from Norwich Theatre Royals ‘Jack and a Beanstalk’) came in and held workshops for the Year 2 classes. He told the story of Jack and the Beanstalk and then the children acted out part of the story. They have also created their own STOMP routine using cups and made their own musical instruments in class.

year-two-1 year-two-2 year-two-3 year-two-4 year-two-5 year-two-6

‘The Beatles’ were the focus for Year 1 and they enjoyed listening to lots of their songs. They learnt the song ‘Octopus’ Garden’ and ‘All you need is love.’ They used the school zebra crossing to recreate the ‘Abbey Road’ album cover. The children coloured the album covers in the style of pop art. They listened to a range of tuned instruments and used this knowledge to design their own and had to explain what the sound would be like. Year 1 linked science with music and learnt how sound is made and how it travels to the ear. They investigated this through experiments. The year 1 classes were lucky to have a percussion workshop with Gary Newland. They had a drum each and practised playing in time with each other and learnt a short rhythm which they had to play together. Thomas said, “It was really fun because we learnt about instruments from different countries.”

year-one-1 year-one-2 year-one-3

Over the week, Reception listened to lots of different genres of music including classical, blues and country. They learnt the names of many instruments and learnt how to play them properly. Some children even had a go at reading sheet music and playing nursery rhymes on the xylophone. Our special visitor was Lorna from ‘Fledgeling Music’ who took us on a musical story telling adventure. We helped to tell the story of the bumble bee who was swept away from the hive and had to find her way back.

reception-3 reception-4

On Thursday, the Nursery children had a visit from Maria from ‘TinyTalk’ who taught them some animal signs to accompany songs and stories and use with parachute games. They painted in response to music and talked about the paintings they had created. The children learnt the names of instruments and how to play them by playing pass the bag of instruments.

nursery-1 nursery-2 nursery-3

We had a home learning competition to design and create a working musical instrument. We were very impressed with everyone’s efforts and enjoyed looking at all the different instruments including drums, cymbals, trombones, panpipes and shakers. Well done to all of the winners and everybody who took part!


Year 2 Cricket

Year 2 children have been enjoying cricket coaching sessions with Iain Brown.

The children practised throwing, catching and batting skills individually and in small groups. This led up to them playing a small game called caterpillar cricket. The children also had to practise their aiming skills and by the end of the sessions most children were able to bowl a ball and hit it with the cricket bat.

If your child is interested in joining a cricket club then please contact Iain Brown –

Twitter – BradenhamCC – @BCCBears

Website –

Email –

Cricket Assembly

Mr Iain Brown from Bradenham Cricket Club came into school and delivered an assembly about All Stars Cricket to year 1 and 2 children.

All Stars Cricket is a brand new initiative from the England and Wales Cricket Board aimed at providing children aged five to eight with a great first experience in cricket. The programme is delivered across England and Wales at over 1,800 fully accredited All Stars Cricket centres. It is a fun and active way to develop your child’s skills, and through our eight-week programme they will learn lots – as well as make new friends – in a safe and inclusive environment.

All girls and boys are welcome, and each registered child will receive a pack of cricket goodies including a cricket bat, ball, backpack, water bottle, personalised shirt and cap to keep so that they can continue their love of cricket when they go home.

Registration is now open for the programme.

If you would like further information about how your child can be involved with All Stars Cricket then please contact Iain –

Twitter – BradenhamCC – @BCCBears

Website –

Email –

The children were very excited to find out about the sport of cricket and All Stars Cricket. Mr Brown challenged Miss Hooper and Mrs Chapman to a keep it up cricket bat competition.

Mr Brown will be leading some cricket sessions for the Year 2 classes in June and July.

A Grand Opening

Toftwood Infant School celebrated 2 very special events on Monday, 18th July. Firstly, Ted’s Den was officially opened by Katherine Nash from BBC Look East, and secondly, new play houses . This is a new outdoor space for the Reception children, where they can play, learn and work together in a natural environment. It is named after a very special man, Mr Ted Booty, who was one of the Governors who sadly passed away earlier this year. Mr Booty was a huge supporter of the school and the children and staff, and has helped the school in so many ways over the years. He was always on hand if support or help was needed with something, and was a long standing member of the interview panel for many staff. He also played a key part of getting the Nursery built and developing the grounds and buildings of the school. His contribution to the school was huge and the work he put into the school and its community is much appreciated by us all. His wife Gwen attended the event and said he would have been so proud to have seen it. Mrs Pedlow said that ‘it was a great privilege to have known Ted, as he had done so much for the school and this children during his time as Governor. It was a fitting tribute to remember a very special man.’  We have also added a mud kitchen, a writing shed and many more facilities.

We also celebrated the opening of our new outdoor play equipment, funded entirely by our PTA, The Friends of Toftwood Infant School. There are two new playhouses installed outside on the playground to allow collaborative and imaginative play to take place at lunch and break times. There is also a new trim trail outside for the children, with climbing equipment for all of the children. We would like to say ‘A huge thankyou’ to all of the parents and the committee who have worked so hard to raise the funds for this equipment, the children are so excited to have it.

Catherine Nash, from BBC Look East came to open these facilities for us on the day! We started the day with our guests in the hall for tea and cake before moving outside for the official opening at 11 am. The children and our invited guests all joined us on the playground for the event.

It was a lovely day and it was followed by a whole school special friendship lunch that was voted for by the children. They all enjoyed hot dogs, chips and a special cup cake out on the school field, picnic style.


Pizza Making Workshop

The children at Toftwood Infant School Participated in a pizza making workshop with staff from NORSE. The activity was arranged as part of the official opening of new cooking facilities at the school. The children were introduced to different ingredients, toppings and herbs that they could use to make their pizza’s. They were then able to design and make their own.

The new cooking area at the school was opened by TIG of NORSE, who provide school meals at Toftwood Infant School. Mrs Chapman, class teacher, said, “All the children were really enthused. They enjoyed finding out about how to make their pizzas and the ingredients they used. They are all excited to have the opportunity to use the new equipment.”

The school has upgraded their cooking area in order for the children to access the food and nutrition aspect of the new National Curriculum.

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Dereham Windmill Art

Dereham Windmill Art Exhibition, Summer 2016

You may have seen the article in the Dereham Times celebrating the Dereham Windmill art exhibition which children at Toftwood were proud to be part of. The children were fortunate enough to be asked to produce some art work to display in the local land mark by the windmill trustees, and every child was part of creating the collection of art, which was around the topic of St George’s Day.

IMG_0207 IMG_0211 IMG_0212

If you didn’t see the Dereham Times article about this event, a copy of the article is in our ‘In The News‘ collection.

Lent Event, 2016

Smiles and Compliments Day!

During the Spring 2 half term the school has taken part in an East Coast Religious Education initiative called “The Lent Event”.  This time we have been thinking about Lent – the time leading up to Easter.  Many people decide to give up something for Lent (usually chocolate!) to show they are making a sacrifice before the Easter celebrations begin.  This year a group of schools have been busy completing some challenges which involve the idea of “giving rather than giving up”.  Each participating school was given two challenges to complete before the end of Lent. We have completed a “Keep on Cleaning” challenge, and a “Smiles and Compliments” challenge.

Gardening Club busy collecting litter for Keep on Cleaning Challenge.


We had a Smiles and Compliments day in March linked to our PATHS work in school.  This involved setting up a compliments box in the hall, and children were given the opportunity to fill in a compliment to send to a friend or member of staff in school.    The compliments post box was soon really full, and compliments were given out and shared on the last day of term.

Our Compliments Box


Giving a friend a compliment!


Go to The Lent Event to find out a bit more about the challenges and possibly see some photos of some amazing smiles!

A Great Morning Smile!


Key Steps Gymnastics Competition

Wednesday 27th January 2016

A group of year 2 children took part in the Key Steps competition at Easton Gymnastics Club. It was very exciting being in a venue that was specifically built for gymnastics, and the children got to try out some of the specialist equipment. They were particularly impressed with the sprung floor and how bouncy it felt!

The children had practised various exercises that were going to be developed into a 1 and a half minute performance. During the morning the children were able to develop and practise their routine, and they were coached by some Sport Leaders from Taverham High School.

After lunch the children performed their routine in front of a panel of judges who awarded them a score. They all gave 100% effort and were excellent ambassadors for the school.

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