Year 2 Shabbat – Spring Term 1 2019

As part of our RE learning this half term, Year 2 have been learning about the Jewish celebration of Shabbat. The children were very lucky to have visitors from the Norwich Synagogue come into school and share information about Shabbat and demonstrate what it is like to be part of the celebration. Each year 2 classroom was set out for the celebratory meal of Shabbat. The children were able to bring their RE learning to life by recreating what a Jewish family would do on Friday night and how they finish celebrating on Saturday. Ann Reeve, RE KS1 subject leader said, ‘Having visitors to enhance the Religious Education lessons really enables children to be immersed in the cultures and beliefs of others.’


Winterwatch Comes to Toftwood Federation

On Thursday 31st January, the children of Year 4 enjoyed an amazing Science opportunity. Along with children from all over the country, they took part in a special online live lesson from BBC TEACH who teamed up with Winterwatch to bring wildlife into our school.  With lots of cross curricular learning, the interactive lesson examined the mountainous and snowy habitat of Cairngorms National Park. The children came face to face with incredible animals, learnt how to classify animals based on their common features and explored how animals adapt as their environment changes. They were able to apply their Geography learning to describe the wilderness and also spotted the presenters using the adventurous vocabulary we have been studying in our reading sessions. The children particularly enjoyed observing the astounding wing span of a Golden Eagle and the soft, downy coat of the Artic Hare.

Mad Science, wicked weather workshops – Spring Term 1 2019

As part of the year 1 topic ‘Weather Experts’ the children had a visitor, Dr Dee Enay, from Mad Science. She started with a whole school assembly focussing on lightning and how electricity travels. The children were amazed!

“The electricity went through 5 people”.

“Dr Dee Enay is very clever because she pressed the boy’s head and the light turned off”.

Afterwards Dr Dee Enay worked with each year 1 class to explore rainbows and how light bends through rain drops. The children were able to wear special light bending glasses to observe all the colours in white light. Finally the children witnessed how the lightning in the Vander graph could create static electricity, it was a “hair raising” experience!

This extended the children’s current science knowledge and learning. Each class have been completing an enquiry where they observed changes over time. The children have created weather diaries recording what they could see and hear. After each recording they discussed the similarities, differences, patterns and changes between the weather we have had this term. For example last week a child said “the ice has gone”. The teachers then explained how a change in temperature had made the ice melt.

Christmas Production of ‘The Inn-spectors’

This half term the Year 1 and Reception children have been busy preparing for their Christmas Production of ‘The Inn-spectors’.

The story was about a group of ‘Inn-spectors’ who visit Bethlehem to inspect inns around the time Jesus is born. They meet the special baby, Mary, Joseph, the wise men and the shepherds, before declaring that the stable is fit for a king!

The children performed to their grown-ups and did a fantastic job!

Year 5 South America Topic

As part of Year 5’s South America topic, the children spent Friday 4th January learning about different countries  in the continent. The children all really enjoyed the day and learned a lot about South American counties.


The children learned all about carnival and created their own dance routine to have a carnival celebration themselves. In the afternoon, the children learned about the artist Romero Britto and had a go at creating a piece of art in his style.


We learned about the things that make Columbia an interesting country and lots about Columbian heritage. We discovered the lost city of El Dorado, which as the myth goes, was an old Columbian city. Our treasure maps show just where we think the city might be. In the afternoon, we found out how chocolate is grown and then made. Some of the best chocolate beans are from South America!


Children enjoyed a poem called “Up and Down the Andes” which explores the journeys made by children across Peru to celebrate the sun festival. We then painted Aztec style suns. We also tried Aztec style weaving using wool and sticks.

Cinderella Year 2 Performance, Autumn 2 2018

The year 2 children have been working really hard this term to practise and perform their pantomime of ‘Cinderella’. The children have been learning lots of lines and practising songs, as well as dance routines.

The story is based on the classic tale of Cinderella but with a twist! It features Prince Charming as a rock star named Rockerfella and Cinderella who wants to go to his concert but can’t because of the many jobs that she has to do for her Royal Step Sisters, Catherine and Philippa. Luckily, the fairy brigade help Cinderella and get her to the concert where she meets Rockerfella. Unfortunately, Fairy Nastyboots ruin the plan and change the clocks so that Cinderella has to leave but she leaves her shoe behind allowing her to be reunited with Rockerfella when he tries to find the girl that the show fits.


The children were excited to share their hard work with the rest of the school and their grown ups, as well as some members of our community.

Nursery Autumn 2 2018

Our topic for this half term was food.  We read the story Pumpkin Soup and made our own pumpkin soup.

We enjoyed making and decorating reindeer cakes.

Nursery Christmas Activity Morning

The children did a brilliant job with singing songs to tell the story of the first Christmas to friends and family. They also enjoyed participating in a selection of Christmas activities including decorating the Christmas tree, making decorations and wrapping presents.

Autumn 2 in Reception

As part of our ‘Celebration’ topic, we have been learning about Diwali; the Hindu Festival of Light.

We took part in a workshop with Miss Helen; she taught us some dance moves and we were told the story of Diwali. We learnt all about Rama and Sita, Ravana the ten headed demon and Hanuman the monkey king! We all enjoyed trying on and dancing in some traditional clothes. We have looked at Diwali information books, read stories and watched videos.

In the classroom, we have designed our own Mehndi’s, lanterns, Rangoli patterns, shadow puppets and Diva lamps.

We have looked at Diwali information books, read stories and watched videos to find out more information.

Year 3 Remembrance Day Visitor

On Wednesday, 7th November the Year 3 children had two special visitors in preparation for Remembrance Sunday. Mr and Mrs Hannant from Allied Star Re enactment Group visited in war clothes and shared information and resources about what life was like in the time of World War 1. They brought in different items of clothing, such as helmets and jackets as well as many different objects, such as the tools used to cook, a spade and a miniature first aid kit that would have been carried around.

The children were able to try on the clothing and explore the objects and were surprised to discover how different they were compared to the same items today. They noticed the fabric the jackets were made from was very itchy and that the helmets were surprisingly heavy.

The children also participated in a discussion about why people wear poppies to represent remembrance of people who have made sacrifices in times of war and were asked to think about how different their own lives are compared to children from the time of World War 1. The children shared some very thoughtful ideas and drew many comparisons during the session. The children also looked at the different toys children would have played with in war time and learnt that children would usually get clothes and not toys for Christmas because toy factories and shops were often used to make resources for the war.

The main message from our visitors was that there was lots of elements of remembrance to consider as Remembrance Sunday approaches and that many people made sacrifices during World War 1.

The children found the information and objects fascinating and asked lots of questions about what life was like for families in war time during the session and afterwards.

Claire Traferri, History Subject Leader at Toftwood Junior School, said the visitors “provided a valuable enhancement to in school learning for the children” and added that the re-enactment helped “bring the learning to life and enabled the children to understand what life was like during World War 1 and what Remembrance Sunday represents.  The children were astounded at the courage and bravery of the soldiers and were shocked at the conditions they had to endure in the trenches.”

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