Autumn 1 in Reception

This half term our topic has been ‘Ourselves’. We have spent time talking about our families and our pets, where we live, the things we like doing and we have been learning about our bodies and how to stay healthy. We painted self-portraits and made a display for the classrooms out of pictures of ourselves.

At the end of the first half term the children in Reception enjoyed a morning of activities linked to the celebration of Harvest, and to the season of autumn.  Parents were invited in to join their children to explore the wide range of activities on offer.

It was fantastic to see so many parents attend the session, and sharing in the learning experiences with the children.  Everyone had a fantastic morning!

Year 5 Autumn 1 2018

Mrs Rathi and Miss Skinner are settling in nicely to their new roles in year 5 and the children have been incredibly kind in assisting them.
We have had a busy half term, with some exciting learning opportunities that the children have relished.

In English have been writing persuasive letters; we hoped you enjoyed reading them! Once we had perfected our persuasive prose, we then moved on to learning about science fiction. The children seem to have loved creating their own characters and sci-fi scenarios. We are currently in the process of writing our own science fiction stories so watch this space for some exciting and gripping stories.

Our reading is now taught as a whole class lesson once a week. The children have really engaged with “Kensuke’s Kingdom” by Michael Morpurgo.

Our maths has been focused around place value, addition and subtraction. Through using concrete, pictorial and abstract representations of our numbers, we have been ensuring our maths skills are getting stronger by the day. We have also taken advantage of the good weather to participate in some active and fun lessons to support the strategies we have learned.

In our Science topic, we have explored “Earth and Space”. We found out about the heliocentric and geocentric models of the solar system and sought evidence that the Earth does really revolve on it’s axis. Ask your children if they can explain why we have night and day.

Linked to our science, in geography, we have been learning about geographical features of the Earth. Volcanoes were a popular and exciting topic; the children were in awe when confronted with an erupting volcano.

In year 5, we proved that having no pen was not a barrier to learning. What an exciting and creative day we had! Following on nicely from our previous day’s learning in maths, the children enjoyed an active lesson. In mixed teams, they developed their reasoning skills as they helped each other by explaining the significance of estimating and rounding to solve space-themed word problems. This was followed by fun and games with our times tables. Have you tried playing Fizz Buzz recently? It really got us thinking!

In English, we were able to think differently about novels. With pens down, we turned our attention to creating an illustration for a book cover, especially for our own story. We carefully considered the purpose and impact of a book cover first, before exploring a range of artistic media and techniques.

It has been a fantastic half term for our year 5 classes and team.

Nursery Autumn Term 1

The nursery children have had fun getting to know their classmates and exploring the nursery environment, including the toad stools, storytelling chair and fairy garden.  They have also visited other parts of the school, such as the hall for parachute games and the library to select books.

Our topics for this half term were colours and harvest.

The children focussed on colour and pattern linked to the story ‘Elmer’.

They explored fruit and vegetables as part of the harvest topic.

Year 6 Autumn 1 2018

Year 6 have been studying Ancient Greece as part of our history topic this half term. We have studied the History of Greece by learning about the geography of Greece, roles of women, education in Ancient Greece and the Greek gods and goddesses. We have taken part in a ‘Greek themed day’ where a Greek visitor helped us to play Greek games and take part in our own Olympic games! We dressed up as traditional Greek characters. This learning has inspired us to write our own Greek myths using the stories of Theseus and the Minotaur, The Gorgon’s Head and Persephone. We debated the differences between Athens and Sparta to decide who had the better way of life.

This half term we have been extending our knowledge of electricity. Using this knowledge, we have created and drawn our own circuits. The circuits included many components such as buzzers, bulbs, switches and fans. We created our own burglar alarm using our knowledge of voltage.

Year 2 Castle Trip October 2018

Year 2 had a very exciting day out to Norwich Castle. Lots of the children had never been to the castle before so they were very excited!

We were greeted by characters that may have lived in the castle 800 years ago and we all took part in different activities during our visit. The children experienced what it would have been like to live in a castle by creating their own pennants for a jousting competition. They enjoyed handling real objects and deciding what they were used for, learning about some of the different jobs inside a castle and listening to a storyteller.

The children said:

“This trip is fantastic, I love seeing all of the arrow slits around the castle.”
“When I’m 7 I can be a knight!”

The children behaved impeccably and were a credit to our federation! Visiting the Castle brought our topic, Medieval Norwich to life. The children are now really excited for our forthcoming Medieval day which will include archery and a Medieval Banquet.

Year 4 Roman Day – Autumn 1 2018

The children in Year 4 had a very special visitor on Wednesday 26th September. To link in with their history topic, pupils were immersed in all things Roman.

Starting the day, the children learnt about key historical figures, significant places, weapons and battle techniques and important dates relating to Roman Britain. After splitting into the three classes, each group participated in themed activities. These included playing a Roman board game called ‘Delta’ which involved sliding counters and scoring points using Roman numerals; learning about and handling real Roman artefacts; and finding out lots of facts as part of a Roman quiz.

In the afternoon, we experienced the thrills and excitement of the Colosseum.  This included the procession of the powerful Emperor and his loyal wife into the arena followed by their guards, slaves and a band of musicians playing their instruments and wailing to ward off ghosts and evil spirits. The children enjoyed learning about how gladiators fought, and especially about some of the very strange helmets they wore for their contests. We ended the day by watching our very own gladiators battle each other, showing off their skill and daring before the Emperor decided who would live or die. The children thoroughly enjoyed these experiences and meeting Vulpus. Their excellent learning behaviours during the day were a real credit to them.

Dogs Trust and Cats Protection visit to year 1

As part of Year 1’s ‘Animal Life’ topic, we have had a visitor from the Dogs Trust and Cats Protection charities.

The children learnt about how to look after these animals, how to behave around them, and the signs that the animals might give to show how they are feeling. The children asked lots of inquisitive questions about how long the animals live for, how they are looked after, and used their own experiences of looking after cats and dogs to suggest answers to questions.

Our First Day in Reception

The Reception children have been settling in very nicely to their new school. They have been exploring their new classrooms and having fun in the outdoor areas, including Ted’s Den. The children have been on tours of the school to learn where everything is. They have been working hard in class and have already started learning about letters and numbers. They have also been very busy making new friends and getting to know each other.

Summer 2 in Reception

This half term our topic has been ‘In the Woods.’ We have been listening to stories about teddy bears and have been writing our own stories too. In the last week of our topic, we all brought in our teddies from home. Some of them got up to mischief while we were at home! On Thursday, we made and decorated a headband to wear to our teddy bear’s picnic and learnt the words to the ‘teddy bear’s picnic’ song. We all enjoyed sitting outside to eat our lunch with our teddies and friends.

Summer 2018 Year 5 visit to Hickling Broad

Year 5 enjoyed a busy day at Hickling Broad on Thursday 17th May. This was to support our local area geography studies this half term, as well as enhance our science topic next half term, on animal lifecycles.

We were allowed to catch butterflies and insects with butterfly nets, in various woodland locations, thinking carefully about their suitability to their habitats, and we tried to identify them. We visited a variety of habitats and looked for evidence of wildlife.

The picnic lunch on the lawn in the sunshine was very enjoyable and we had a peaceful and relaxing time sketching in the bird hide, linked to our unit on perspective drawing.

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