Summer 2 2019 – Year 1 Holkham Hall Trip

We were very excited on the coach during our journey to Holkham Hall. As we travelled down the long drive we played I-Spy to see what we could spot.

When we arrived at Holkham Hall, we were greeted by the staff and we started our different activities.

We walked around the Field to Fork experience.

We learnt about the Coke family who lived in Holkham Hall and saw their family tree. We learnt that now Lord and Lady Leicester live there with their four children, four dogs and a parrot named Basil!

We saw lots of different tools and equipment that are used on the farm.

We saw lots of different products that are made from crops that are grown at Holkham.

We also learnt about the deer and birds that live at Holkham Hall and we looked at one of the deer antlers.

Some of us got to try on the game keepers hats!

We also watched a film all about farming at Holkham.

Another activity was learning all about the story of Holkham Hall.

We learnt about the history of the hall, the families and about the different people who work there. Some of us got to dress up as these people and pretend to do their jobs.

Finally we went into Holkham Hall. We saw the beautiful Marble hall, the Parrot Bedroom, the old Kitchen and the Saloon.

We all had a fantastic time at Holkham Hall and learnt about how people used to live years ago!

Summer 1 2019 – Year 1 Wedding

Celebrations were in full swing at Toftwood Infant School when all of the Year One children went to St Nicholas’ Church in Dereham to learn about the Christian celebration of marriage. The Reverend Sally Theakston conducted a special friendship ceremony for three ‘brides’ and three ‘grooms’, who pledged to be friends for ever. All of the children dressed up for the occasion, with the wedding party in full wedding dress and all the guests in their best clothes.

The visit took place to enhance the children’s learning about the Christian celebration of marriage, which they had been learning about in school. The children have learnt about the roles of people involved in a wedding, used a range of Christian artefacts to develop their understanding and made celebration cupcakes and invitations.

They also sang the song ‘Sing Hosanna’ accompanied by Mrs George, a TA at the school, on the Church organ.

They then returned to school to have a wedding breakfast. The children all enjoyed eating the cupcakes they had made and decorated, followed by a first dance and the celebrations continued throughout the afternoon.

Nursery Summer 2 2019

Our visit to Church Farm, Stow Bardolph

We had lots of fun visiting Church Farm, Stow Bardolph. During our animal encounter session, we stroked lots of animals and asked questions about them. We went on a tractor and trailer ride and fed the pigs some carrots. We enjoyed exploring the play areas, including the massive sandpit and climbing wall.

Summer 2 in Reception

We have just got back from our trip to Gressenhall for a Once Upon a Time workshop.

To start the day we all had to gather in the Chapel for the grand opening of Mr Curator’s museum. He had invited some celebrities along; Cinderella and Jack from Jack and the Beanstalk. We were interrupted by the Wicked Witch from Snow White, who was very upset as she hadn’t been invited to the opening. When Mr Curator went to reveal the objects, we were shocked to see they had gone missing! The Wicked Witch told us she had taken them and wouldn’t give them back! Our mission for the day was to take part in lots of different activities and see if we could find all of the museum artefacts.

First, we had to go on Jack's Quest and search for the missing golden egg. We spent lots of time looking up and down and we found it near the playground. We helped Jack to retell the story of Jack and the Beanstalk as he had forgotten some of the words! Because we told the story so well, we got to climb down Jack's beanstalk.

Next, we met the Wicked Witch from Snow White! She taught us how to make a potion and has to go on a hunt to find a dragon scale and some magic water. We then found a magic wand and learnt a spell.

Then we met Mr Curator who asked us to help him look for the missing objects in the shops. We had to be really quiet in case the Witch heard us! We found a magic pea, Grumpy's shoe, a troll’s bogey and a sweetie from the Gingerbread House.

We stopped in the chapel for lunch and a little rest.

After lunch, we headed up to the farmhouse. We searched for fairy tale characters around the farm and we spotted some piglets and a sheep. We then had to help the ugly sisters with their chores. We learnt how to use the water pump, dug up some potatoes, watered the flowers and learnt how to milk a cow.

We then went into the house with Cinderella where she told us that she couldn't go to the ball because she couldn't finish her chores and she didn't have anything to wear. We offered to help her finish her jobs so she could go to the ball. First, we helped her to clean the table, as it was a bit dirty. We rubbed the salt in and then scrubbed it with a brush. Once we had done the cleaning, we helped Cinderella to look for the rest of the missing objects from Mr Curator's museum. We found Red Riding Hood's cape and Cinderella's glass slipper. Our next job was to pick up all the stepsisters socks! We also did a bit of dusting!

We all met back in the Chapel to conclude the day. Mr Curator was really happy that we had managed to find all of the missing objects!

The children had a wonderful day and behaved very well. We are very proud of them all!

Goldcrest Visit Summer 2 2019

On the 18th June 2019, Year 4 participated in an excellent outdoor learning experience courtesy of Goldcrest Outdoor Education Centre. Linked to their learning about habitats and food chains, the children participated in an orienteering activity based around the school ground. On the day, they also learnt about how to read a satellite map and use a compass to navigate.  Rounding off the day, the children played a fun and exciting game entitled ‘Hawks and Blackbirds’ which was based on understanding food chains, predators and preys. The children had a fantastic time learning outside and the weather even blessed us with some sunshine! Inside the classroom, pupils examined and identified common Ordanance Survey symbols and plotted some of these on a grid.

Summer 2 2019 – Year 4’s Arts Enrichment Week

We began the week with a fantastic investigation into ‘The Beatles’.  The children were fascinated by all the facts they discovered about the Sixties pop heroes and their cutting-edge hairstyles!

This led onto some lovely artwork including sketching portraits of the Fab Four, amazingly colourful Pop Art using a range of media and re-creating their famous album covers to show the children’s photography skills.

We also investigated the work of Andy Goldsworthy who is an environmental sculptor and photographer.  Goldsworthy is inspired by nature and uses natural materials for his artwork – which is often temporary.

The children really enjoyed letting their imaginations run wild to produce a group installation.  They followed this by working collaboratively with their peers in year 4, to create an outdoor artwork using the trees in our school grounds.  We present ‘The Year 4 Infinity’.

When thinking about musical art, we used collage to decorate musical notes and then demonstrated exceptional team-working skills to produce a “jigsaw” picture on the theme of music.  The children were fortunate to be visited by a String Quartet who shared their knowledge and technical application playing a range of music from the classical composer, Elgar to the Harry Potter theme. To change genres, the children also enjoyed how to Samba with a partner and learnt ‘Katoto Lala’ – a song in Swahili.

To finish the week, the children were thrilled to be a part of the ‘Toftwood Arts Show’ which took place at both the Infants and Juniors. What brilliant performances from all the contestants.  A great afternoon had by all!

The Arts Enrichment Week would not have been the same without the amazing support of the parents whether they have provided resources for musical instruments or come into the class to take part in the activities.  We have had a number of special moments which we cherish.

Fiver Challenge

This year, all Year 6 children will be participating in the Fiver Challenge, a national competition for young people aged from 5 – 11 years. This Challenge is free and run by Young Enterprise the UK’s leading enterprise and financial education charity, bringing learning to life and help encourage future aspirations in young people

Pupils are pledged £5 in groups of 5 and have one month to set up a mini business and create a product or service they can then sell or deliver at a profit.

We have thought of business ideas and have created logos:

Week 2

The children have been very busy this week. During the week they have had to price up and source and buy all their materials and products. They have had to prepare and present a one minute sales pitch, which must include a clear product idea, clear outlay and expected profit margins. They have presented their sales pitch to the class and the ‘judges’ decided if their business idea was good enough to lend them the £5 start up fee. All small business teams have worked hard with their ideas and as we move into week 3, there is a strong sense of purposeful activity.

Week 3

This week is the busiest week of the Fiver Challenge, the pupils have to advertise their product and make their product ready to sell.

The various companies, have shown their ideas in assembly on Tuesday to the rest of the school. The main focus this week has been advertising their products around school and making their products. All teams have shown a very busy focussed work group ethic. Teams are really working well together, all teams have a very clear idea of their product and what it should look like. There is an incredible amount of hard work going on. We are now hoping for good weather for our Fete.

Week 4 Final Week

Today we held our Fiver Challenge Fete

The thunder clouds cleared so we were able to hold it on the field. The children were really excited about eventually being able to sell their products. All the teams set up very impressive stalls with banners and balloons. Parents were very supportive, most stalls sold out of their products and all teams made a profit.

The total is still being counted.

The Result

Thank you so much for your support in our Fiver Challenge, all proceeds will go to the Y6 Leavers Party.

The Total Raised towards the Y6 Leavers Party was


The Top three Teams were:

Growth £52.25

CARMS £54.53

LOGIX £54.96

Well Done Everyone for a fantastic effort.

Year 5 Summer 2 2019 STEM Day

Year 5 have enjoyed lots of different activities all around the ‘M’ in STEM – Maths!

Miss Skinner and Mrs Hodges led an exploratory session about the golden sequence, where the children discovered the perfect spiral in nature.

Mrs Lee led a session to investigate the best environment for mini beasts. Children had to use their timing and observational skills to see what sort of environment the mini beasts preferred.

Mrs Rathi led an exciting session allowing the children to visualise just how large some sea creatures are, and used the playground to re-create their size.

All in all, the children have enjoyed learning about Maths in a different and creative way.

Year 6 Summer 2 2019 STEM Day

Year 6 really enjoyed focusing on maths as part of STEM Day. Our first activity involved us managing money with a quick and easy game. It included small elves and a tree farm. The game was based on probability where we had to try and make the most money. Although, like the taxman, you had to take risks. It was a really fun way of being competitive.

Next, we started cracking codes using symbols (Morse code), a mixed alphabet and surprisingly maths! We used letter and code frequency to decipher hidden messages and texts.

Our final task involved us looking at Vedic patterns with our parents. Vedic maths teaches how to solve mathematical problems; it comes from India and Persia and is at least 3000 years old. We reduced 2 digit numbers to single digit numbers, for example 32; 3+2 = 5. The single digit numbers were then placed within the multiplication square. We then connected all of the 1’s, 2’s, 3’s etc. together to create patterns.

Year 4 Summer 2 2019 STEM Day

Year 4’s super sweet summer STEM Day 2019

For our summer term STEM Day, year 4 have been thinking about healthy snacks and drinks and, in particular, how much sugar we all eat. The children have practiced lots of maths skills as part of their learning today.

To create a scrumptious, vegetarian flatbread, the children needed to measure accurately to check they had the correct amount of each ingredient and to think about time intervals to make sure their snack was cooked in the correct time. As well as that, they also needed great team-working skills to complete this complex task.

The children were all shocked by how much sugar was in their favourite drinks. They loved designing and making fruity Mocktails, using sparkling water to dilute the very sugary juices. They used bar model to work out the ratio of the juices they used and recorded this carefully. They then chose appropriate measuring cylinders to measure their ingredients. As well as all this, they also thought of ways to advertise their drinks and convince others they should make healthier choices.

They also investigated the secret added sugar in foods – they were surprised that foods like crumpets, bread, quiche and breaded chicken all had added sugar! They also looked at the advised amount of sugar children should eat per day and different words which can be used on food labels which mean sugar. Looking at food packaging and nutritional information taught the children how to make healthier choices even if the packaging is designed to make the products look healthier. The children then took a food category to investigate and compared the sugar levels of different products to help us make healthier food choices.