Summer 2 in Reception

This half term our topic has been ‘In the Woods.’ We have been listening to stories about teddy bears and have been writing our own stories too. In the last week of our topic, we all brought in our teddies from home. Some of them got up to mischief while we were at home! On Thursday, we made and decorated a headband to wear to our teddy bear’s picnic and learnt the words to the ‘teddy bear’s picnic’ song. We all enjoyed sitting outside to eat our lunch with our teddies and friends.

Summer 2018 Year 5 visit to Hickling Broad

Year 5 enjoyed a busy day at Hickling Broad on Thursday 17th May. This was to support our local area geography studies this half term, as well as enhance our science topic next half term, on animal lifecycles.

We were allowed to catch butterflies and insects with butterfly nets, in various woodland locations, thinking carefully about their suitability to their habitats, and we tried to identify them. We visited a variety of habitats and looked for evidence of wildlife.

The picnic lunch on the lawn in the sunshine was very enjoyable and we had a peaceful and relaxing time sketching in the bird hide, linked to our unit on perspective drawing.

Nursery Summer 2 – Visit to Church Farm, Stow Bardolph

We had lots of fun visiting Church Farm, Stow Bardolph.  We stroked some of the animals and asked lots of questions about them, during an animal encounter session.  We went on a tractor and trailer ride and stopped to feed the pigs some carrots.  We enjoyed exploring the indoor and outdoor play areas, including the massive sand pit.

Summer 2 – Visit to Easton Farm Year 2

In school our topic in year 2 is ‘Habitats and Environments’ and we have been learning about habitats and the animals that live in different habitats and how they survive.

As part of our learning, the year group went on a trip to Easton Farm to look closely at different habitats. While we were there we looked for and identified minibeasts in different places and went pond dipping where we used a key to identify the creatures we found and met various animals and discussed why their habitats were suitable for them. We also made bug hotels and bird feeders to put in our gardens at home using natural outdoor materials.

As always, we were so proud of all of the children who were superbly behaved during this visit.

Summer 1 in Reception

This half term our topic has been ‘Animals’. To start our topic we went on a trip to Banham Zoo where we had a great day looking at and finding out about all of the different animals that live there. We have been learning about different types of animals and their habitats. We have talked about how to care for animals and some of the children have been sharing photographs of their own pets with the class. We had a visit from Mrs Ponder and her guinea pigs where we learnt how to care for them. We spent time painting and drawing animals, and even used junk model materials to make our own animals.

Summer 2 2018 – Visit to Holkham Hall

When we arrived at Holkham Hall, we were greeted by the staff and we started our different activities.

We walked around the Field to Fork experience.

We learnt about the Coke family who lived in Holkham Hall and saw their family tree. We learnt that now Lord and Lady Leicester live there with their four children, four dogs and a parrot named Basil!

We saw lots of different tools and equipment that are used on the farm. Some of us got to hold them and use the bird scarer!

We saw lots of different products that are made from crops that are grown at Holkham.

We also learnt about the deer and birds that live at Holkham Hall and some of us got to dress up as game keepers. Miss Hooper got to dress up too!

We also watched a film all about farming at Holkham.

Another activity was learning all about the story of Holkham Hall.

We learnt about the history of the hall, the families and about the different people who work there. Some of us got to dress up as these people and pretend to do their jobs.

Finally we went into Holkham Hall. We saw the beautiful Marble hall, the Parrot Bedroom, the old Kitchen and the Saloon.

We all had a fantastic time at Holkham Hall and learnt about how people used to live years ago!

Banham Zoo Trip Year 3

On Friday 8th June 2018, Year 3 went on a trip to Banham Zoo to prepare them for their next science topic ‘Animals including humans’. We had a lovely, calm coach trip there and arrived at the zoo with a lovely sunny day on our side!

While we were there, we all had a session in the Education Centre where we learned about the different skeleton types and what a body needs to move. First, we were introduced to some animals that have an exoskeleton – a skeleton on the outside of their body! We met a Madagascan hissing cockroach and two giant land snails! We all had a go at holding or touching them if we wanted. We also got shown the sheddings of a tarantula and a scorpion and learnt about how they outgrow their exoskeletons and create new ones underneath. We then got introduced to a snake! They have an endoskeleton, which means their skeleton is on the inside. We were fascinated to find out that when we touched it, it was cold! It was also amazing to learn how the snake moved using it’s muscles.

For the rest of the afternoon, we explored the zoo completing research for our next English topic of non-chronological reports. We gathered lots of information about animals from different continents to use and put into our reports.

Some of the highlights of the day included seeing the two cheetah cubs that were born last year and the two new exhibits – the baboons and the sealions!

Year 4 Summer 2 2018 – Easton Farm Visit

Year 4 Trip to Easton College

As part of our Geography learning, the children had an exciting trip to Easton College. First up, was a guided walk around the college farm, taking in information about how the land is used. The children were surprised to discover that they grow lots of different crops- some used to feed people and some for animals. They could even spot the difference between spring and winter barley. Using their geographical skills, the children completed a map of the site using their own symbols. In the afternoon, they examined and investigated different types of seeds and discussed different ways to sort them. They also looked at a range of farm machinery and used their observational skills to identify the purpose of each piece of equipment.

The college staff remarked on how well the children behaved and how interested they were in everything they saw. The Year 4 team wanted to say a big thankyou to our parent volunteers and members of staff who accompanied us on the trip as without their help the trip wouldn’t have happened.

“I enjoyed our trip since I learnt about the parts of a combine harvester and about the crops that are on the farm like barley and sugar beet.” – Adam

“I learnt that barley could be different sizes depending on when it is planted.” – Ella

“Overall, the day was amazing and I learnt about the structure of a combine harvester and how it works.” – Ffion

“The information and facts they told us were super accurate!” – Ryan

Summer 2 2018 Mini Monsters Visit

The year 2 children at Toftwood Infant School enjoyed their visit from Mini Monsters as part of their ‘Habitats and Environments’ topic. The children were able to meet some captivating creatures and reptiles and could look closely at them. Some children were even brave enough to handle them! The children learnt about the different habitats that these creatures live in and how they have adapted to live there. They were not only able to meet Salsa the snake but also look closely at the skin that she had previously shed. They learnt that snakes shed their skin in order for them to grow.

The children were fascinated when meeting Trinny the Tarantula and learnt about how some creatures like Trinny have an exoskeleton. This means their skeleton is on the outside of the body. Although many of the children wanted to hold Trinny, she was the only one that they couldn’t (although others were very relieved about this!). They learnt that Tarantula’s are so fragile that if they were to be dropped, even from a short height, that they would shatter to pieces.

The children all really enjoyed it and found it very interesting, which resulted in them having lots of questions!

Summer 1 2018 – Visit from a radiographer

The children in Year 3 at Toftwood Junior School really enjoyed their visit from a radiographer. The children have been learning about different scientists and inventors and found researching Marie Curie and her involvement in the development of X-Rays and understanding of radiation extremely interesting. The children created their own X-ray images using art straws and black paper as part of their science learning.

Mrs Evans visited the children and explained that her job title ‘radiographer’ comes from the word radiation. We learnt that radiation comes from the sky, the ground and even food! We were particularly interested to learn the bananas were radioactive (even though this is the tiniest amount and we know they are very good for us!).

We looked at how radioactive waves create X-ray images. Mrs Evans then directed children into the position they would need to be for different
X-Rays. We all looked at different X-Ray images, showing different parts of the body. We saw some broken bones, which looked very painful and even saw an X-ray of a snake that ate a shoe! It was very interesting and this was shown by the amount of questions we had for Mrs Evans!

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