Nursery Autumn 2 2018

Our topic for this half term was food.  We read the story Pumpkin Soup and made our own pumpkin soup.

We enjoyed making and decorating reindeer cakes.

Nursery Christmas Activity Morning

The children did a brilliant job with singing songs to tell the story of the first Christmas to friends and family. They also enjoyed participating in a selection of Christmas activities including decorating the Christmas tree, making decorations and wrapping presents.

Nursery Autumn Term 1

The nursery children have had fun getting to know their classmates and exploring the nursery environment, including the toad stools, storytelling chair and fairy garden.  They have also visited other parts of the school, such as the hall for parachute games and the library to select books.

Our topics for this half term were colours and harvest.

The children focussed on colour and pattern linked to the story ‘Elmer’.

They explored fruit and vegetables as part of the harvest topic.

Nursery Summer 2 – Visit to Church Farm, Stow Bardolph

We had lots of fun visiting Church Farm, Stow Bardolph.  We stroked some of the animals and asked lots of questions about them, during an animal encounter session.  We went on a tractor and trailer ride and stopped to feed the pigs some carrots.  We enjoyed exploring the indoor and outdoor play areas, including the massive sand pit.

Spring 2 in Nursery

Our topic for Spring 2 was pirates. Activities included pretending to be pirates, writing treasure maps and counting treasure.

We celebrated Chinese New Year with a special workshop. We completed Chinese dragon dances, made music and danced with ribbons.

Nursery Spring 1 2018

Our topic for this half term was clothes.

We listened to a story called “My Mother’s Sari”. We used large pieces of fabric to make saris and danced to Bollywood music.

We have used the story “Aliens Love Underpants” as a starting point for work on shape and colour

We also designed our own pants.

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