Cats Protection Visit to Year 1

As part of Year 1’s ‘Animal Life’ topic, we have had a visitor from the Cats Protection charity.

The children learnt about how to look after cats, how to behave around them, and the signs that the animals might give to show how they are feeling. The children asked lots of inquisitive questions about how long the animals live for, how they are looked after, and used their own experiences of looking after cats to suggest answers to questions. They were very interested to look at a microchip and learn how it can help us to know who a cat belongs to.

Year 1 Banham Zoo Trip Autumn 1 2019

Year 1 children went to Banham Zoo as part of their topic ‘Animal Life’. They took part in a workshop learning about animals that are carnivores, herbivores and omnivores which fits in with the science learning for Year 1. The children had the chance to touch and hold an animal from each of these groups. They were also able to look at the different teeth animals had depending on what they ate.

The children had plenty of time to look round the zoo and were very interested to read the information on the signs and find out what the animals ate. They were then able to classify them into either a carnivore, herbivore or omnivore.

The children were excited to find out new facts and many of them thought of questions about the animals. We continued our learning by researching some of these questions back at school.

Summer 2 2019 – Year 1 Holkham Hall Trip

We were very excited on the coach during our journey to Holkham Hall. As we travelled down the long drive we played I-Spy to see what we could spot.

When we arrived at Holkham Hall, we were greeted by the staff and we started our different activities.

We walked around the Field to Fork experience.

We learnt about the Coke family who lived in Holkham Hall and saw their family tree. We learnt that now Lord and Lady Leicester live there with their four children, four dogs and a parrot named Basil!

We saw lots of different tools and equipment that are used on the farm.

We saw lots of different products that are made from crops that are grown at Holkham.

We also learnt about the deer and birds that live at Holkham Hall and we looked at one of the deer antlers.

Some of us got to try on the game keepers hats!

We also watched a film all about farming at Holkham.

Another activity was learning all about the story of Holkham Hall.

We learnt about the history of the hall, the families and about the different people who work there. Some of us got to dress up as these people and pretend to do their jobs.

Finally we went into Holkham Hall. We saw the beautiful Marble hall, the Parrot Bedroom, the old Kitchen and the Saloon.

We all had a fantastic time at Holkham Hall and learnt about how people used to live years ago!

Summer 1 2019 – Year 1 Wedding

Celebrations were in full swing at Toftwood Infant School when all of the Year One children went to St Nicholas’ Church in Dereham to learn about the Christian celebration of marriage. The Reverend Sally Theakston conducted a special friendship ceremony for three ‘brides’ and three ‘grooms’, who pledged to be friends for ever. All of the children dressed up for the occasion, with the wedding party in full wedding dress and all the guests in their best clothes.

The visit took place to enhance the children’s learning about the Christian celebration of marriage, which they had been learning about in school. The children have learnt about the roles of people involved in a wedding, used a range of Christian artefacts to develop their understanding and made celebration cupcakes and invitations.

They also sang the song ‘Sing Hosanna’ accompanied by Mrs George, a TA at the school, on the Church organ.

They then returned to school to have a wedding breakfast. The children all enjoyed eating the cupcakes they had made and decorated, followed by a first dance and the celebrations continued throughout the afternoon.

Spring 2 2019 – Year 1

Our Planet and Beyond

The children have been really interested in our topic so far. We have learnt about the ‘Race into Space’ and enjoyed finding out about Albert the monkey, Laika the dog, Yuri Gagarin, Valentina Tereshkova and Neil Armstrong. We also looked at moon buggies and the children were able to design and make their own as part of their Design and Technology learning.

The children have also learnt about the artist Jackson Pollock and had a go at creating some galaxy pictures in the splatter painting style – this was great fun!

We all had a go at making our own rockets that would shoot into the air too. We used a plastic canister and filled it with water before dropping an effervescent tablet into the water and putting the lid tightly on. We then stood back and waited for the results.

In Science, we have learnt about materials and the children went on a materials hunt around school. They were also able to describe different materials and went on to investigate the different properties of these.

Mad Science, wicked weather workshops – Spring Term 1 2019

As part of the year 1 topic ‘Weather Experts’ the children had a visitor, Dr Dee Enay, from Mad Science. She started with a whole school assembly focussing on lightning and how electricity travels. The children were amazed!

“The electricity went through 5 people”.

“Dr Dee Enay is very clever because she pressed the boy’s head and the light turned off”.

Afterwards Dr Dee Enay worked with each year 1 class to explore rainbows and how light bends through rain drops. The children were able to wear special light bending glasses to observe all the colours in white light. Finally the children witnessed how the lightning in the Vander graph could create static electricity, it was a “hair raising” experience!

This extended the children’s current science knowledge and learning. Each class have been completing an enquiry where they observed changes over time. The children have created weather diaries recording what they could see and hear. After each recording they discussed the similarities, differences, patterns and changes between the weather we have had this term. For example last week a child said “the ice has gone”. The teachers then explained how a change in temperature had made the ice melt.

Christmas Production of ‘The Inn-spectors’

This half term the Year 1 and Reception children have been busy preparing for their Christmas Production of ‘The Inn-spectors’.

The story was about a group of ‘Inn-spectors’ who visit Bethlehem to inspect inns around the time Jesus is born. They meet the special baby, Mary, Joseph, the wise men and the shepherds, before declaring that the stable is fit for a king!

The children performed to their grown-ups and did a fantastic job!