Year 2 Castle Trip October 2018

Year 2 had a very exciting day out to Norwich Castle. Lots of the children had never been to the castle before so they were very excited!

We were greeted by characters that may have lived in the castle 800 years ago and we all took part in different activities during our visit. The children experienced what it would have been like to live in a castle by creating their own pennants for a jousting competition. They enjoyed handling real objects and deciding what they were used for, learning about some of the different jobs inside a castle and listening to a storyteller.

The children said:

“This trip is fantastic, I love seeing all of the arrow slits around the castle.”
“When I’m 7 I can be a knight!”

The children behaved impeccably and were a credit to our federation! Visiting the Castle brought our topic, Medieval Norwich to life. The children are now really excited for our forthcoming Medieval day which will include archery and a Medieval Banquet.

Summer 2 – Visit to Easton Farm Year 2

In school our topic in year 2 is ‘Habitats and Environments’ and we have been learning about habitats and the animals that live in different habitats and how they survive.

As part of our learning, the year group went on a trip to Easton Farm to look closely at different habitats. While we were there we looked for and identified minibeasts in different places and went pond dipping where we used a key to identify the creatures we found and met various animals and discussed why their habitats were suitable for them. We also made bug hotels and bird feeders to put in our gardens at home using natural outdoor materials.

As always, we were so proud of all of the children who were superbly behaved during this visit.

Summer 2 2018 Mini Monsters Visit

The year 2 children at Toftwood Infant School enjoyed their visit from Mini Monsters as part of their ‘Habitats and Environments’ topic. The children were able to meet some captivating creatures and reptiles and could look closely at them. Some children were even brave enough to handle them! The children learnt about the different habitats that these creatures live in and how they have adapted to live there. They were not only able to meet Salsa the snake but also look closely at the skin that she had previously shed. They learnt that snakes shed their skin in order for them to grow.

The children were fascinated when meeting Trinny the Tarantula and learnt about how some creatures like Trinny have an exoskeleton. This means their skeleton is on the outside of the body. Although many of the children wanted to hold Trinny, she was the only one that they couldn’t (although others were very relieved about this!). They learnt that Tarantula’s are so fragile that if they were to be dropped, even from a short height, that they would shatter to pieces.

The children all really enjoyed it and found it very interesting, which resulted in them having lots of questions!

Year 2 Shabbat Day

As part of our RE learning this term, Year 2 have been learning about the Jewish celebration of Shabbat. We were very lucky to have visitors from the Norwich Synagogue come into school and share information about Shabbat and demonstrate what it is like to celebrate it. Our classrooms were set out for a celebratory meal which looked beautiful and made the learning come to life. Each class also performed a song to the year group at the end of the day.

Hatching Chicks – January 2018

The Year 2 children have had a really special addition to their classrooms linking to their topic of ‘Air, Land and Sea’ this month. On Monday, 22nd January ‘Living Eggs’ delivered twelve eggs, and the children waited in anticipation for them to hatch.

The classes didn’t have to wait long, as the first chick hatched on Tuesday evening! Eight hatched in total, and Year 2 were fortunate enough to record a clip as one of the chicks worked hard to break free from their egg.

The children have used this experience to enhance their Science learning, as well as in their Literacy lessons. They have kept a diary of the ‘journey’ from an egg being laid to a chick hatching and written fact files about chickens and the different stages of the life cycle of a hen. The work produced has been fantastic.

One child said, ‘It was really exciting to see them hatch.’

Another added, ‘I’ve really liked watching them move around and they look so cute. It was good to touch them and they felt so soft.’

Year 2 Performance of Sleeping Beauty

The year 2 children have been working really hard this term to practise and perform their pantomime of ‘Sleeping Beauty.’ The children have been learning lots of lines and practising songs.

The story centres around King Hugo and Queen Maybelline ruling over ‘Bella Vista’ and the birth of their royal baby Princess Tiffany. A curse is put on Tiffany by Wanda the Witch that on her 21st birthday she will prick her finger and fall into a deep sleep from which she will never awake. As Princess Tiffany grows up, she forms a friendship with the palace gardener Alfie Mulcher. The story shares their difficulty in having a friendship as Alfie may not be the person many thought Tiffany should be with. On her birthday Tiffany does indeed fall into a deep sleep, and the only person who can wake her up is Alfie. At the end of the story Princess Tiffany and Alfie are given the space they need to be together.

The children were really excited to share their hard work with the rest of the school and their grown ups, as well as some members of our community.

Year 2 Medieval Day 16.10.17

On Monday 16th October, year 2 enjoyed a medieval day which linked to their Medieval Norwich topic. The children enjoyed taking part in lots of different activities including jousting and jestering. They also took part in archery which was run by Goldcrest Outdoor Activity; lots of the children managed to hit the targets and really enjoyed learning how to do this.  In the afternoon the children took part in a medieval banquet and dressed up in their own costumes. They enjoyed eating cheese, bread and grapes and each class performed a medieval dance, which they had been working on in PE, to the rest of the year group. It was a great day, enjoyed by all!

Summer 2 – Butterflies of Britain Visit

Last week the Year 2 children at Toftwood Infant school were visited by Lindsey and Steve from Butterflies of Britain and a group of Painted Lady butterflies. This was part of their topic Habitats and Environments, through which they are learning about insects, their life cycles and how they survive in the wild.

During this visit the children had the opportunity to go into the butterfly tent where they could hold the butterflies giving them the opportunity to see this beautiful insect up close. They were also able to watch them feed on a selection of fruit and fly around the tent.

The children learnt a lot about the butterflies throughout the day. They learnt the different names of the most common butterflies in Britain, by taking part in a name matching activity and butterfly trail outside the tent.

The Reception children were also able to come and meet the butterflies as they have been growing their own butterflies in the classroom, observing the life cycle from caterpillar to cocoon to butterfly!

At the end of the day the children helped to release the butterflies into our school grounds and the children were excited to wave goodbye to them as they flew away.

One child said “It was amazing to hold a butterfly; I’ve never done that before!”

Kirsty Ponder, the Science subject leader said “It’s very important to have enrichment opportunities in school to give the children real life, up close experiences. It helps them learn in a practical and exciting way!”


Summer 2 – 2017 – Toftwood Tate Art Exhibition

This year, the Year 2 children have been working really hard on lots of different pieces of art work to share at our art exhibition ‘Toftwood Tate.’

The exhibition included Pop Art in the style of Andy Warhol, paintings of our school pond using watercolours, African clay mud huts, African fabric bags, Chinese name printing and Egyptian paper featuring hieroglyphics.

We had lots of visitors, including our parents, grandparents and siblings of the children involved, children from our school, and children from Toftwood Junior School. We were also joined by governors and previous members of staff of the school.

One governor commented ‘It was fantastic to see all of the children’s artwork. They all worked so hard and should be very proud of their amazing results.’

Summer 2 – 2017 – Trip to Easton Farm

In school our topic is ‘Habitats and Environments’ and we have been learning about habitats and the animals that live in different habitats and how they survive.

As part of our learning, the year group went on a trip to Easton Farm to look closely at different habitats. While we were there we looked for and identified minibeasts in different places, went pond dipping, used a key to identify the creatures we found and made bug hotels to put in our gardens at home using natural outdoor materials.

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