Year 2 trip to Norwich Cathedral

Year 2 had a very exciting day out to Norwich Cathedral. Lots of the children had never been to the cathedral before so they were very excited!

We were greeted by Mistress Martha that may have lived in the cathedral in Norman times and we all took part in different activities during our visit.

The children experienced what life would have been like in Norman times and what the people would have eaten and what jobs they may have done. The children even got to look at some real herbs that they would have used to flavour their food.

They enjoyed looking at real Mason’s tools and watching how they were used, working as a team to build arches and singing like Monks in the choir seats.

The children behaved well and were a credit to our federation! Visiting the Cathedral brought our topic, Norwich’s Past to life. The children are now really excited for our forthcoming medieval day which will include making pottage soup, medieval dancing and a medieval banquet.

Year 2 African Bags – Summer 1

The year 2 children have been focusing on the topic ‘Art Around the World’ this half term. They have learnt about different continents and countries as well as different artists and the artwork they create. They have painted their own ‘Concentric Circles’ paintings in the style of Kandinsky and created their own Andy Warhol portraits of themselves using pastels.

As part of this topic the children took part in a workshop run by Amy Brewster from Amy’s Artbarn. The children looked at different African fabrics and patterns and discussed what they could see.

The children then created their own African style patterns on fabric bags using different objects and fabric paints.

All the children really enjoyed the workshop and were pleased with their finished bags. The bags will form part of the year 2 art exhibition ‘Toftwood Tate’ in the Summer term, which will feature all the artwork the children have created.

Year 2 Samba – Spring 2 2019

As part of our ‘Art around the World’ topic, year 2 were fortunate enough to be visited by Lorraine Theobald who ran a Samba workshop. Lorraine talked to the children about how dance is a form of art and how Samba dance moves link to African dancing and are used in Brazilian carnivals. The children learnt the basic moves and then developed them into their own routine for a mini Toftwood carnival! It was lovely to see the children dressing up in traditional headdresses and masks. The children and staff thoroughly enjoyed it and they all joined in with the spirit of the carnival atmosphere.

Year 2 Shabbat – Spring Term 1 2019

As part of our RE learning this half term, Year 2 have been learning about the Jewish celebration of Shabbat. The children were very lucky to have visitors from the Norwich Synagogue come into school and share information about Shabbat and demonstrate what it is like to be part of the celebration. Each year 2 classroom was set out for the celebratory meal of Shabbat. The children were able to bring their RE learning to life by recreating what a Jewish family would do on Friday night and how they finish celebrating on Saturday. Ann Reeve, RE KS1 subject leader said, ‘Having visitors to enhance the Religious Education lessons really enables children to be immersed in the cultures and beliefs of others.’


Cinderella Year 2 Performance, Autumn 2 2018

The year 2 children have been working really hard this term to practise and perform their pantomime of ‘Cinderella’. The children have been learning lots of lines and practising songs, as well as dance routines.

The story is based on the classic tale of Cinderella but with a twist! It features Prince Charming as a rock star named Rockerfella and Cinderella who wants to go to his concert but can’t because of the many jobs that she has to do for her Royal Step Sisters, Catherine and Philippa. Luckily, the fairy brigade help Cinderella and get her to the concert where she meets Rockerfella. Unfortunately, Fairy Nastyboots ruin the plan and change the clocks so that Cinderella has to leave but she leaves her shoe behind allowing her to be reunited with Rockerfella when he tries to find the girl that the show fits.


The children were excited to share their hard work with the rest of the school and their grown ups, as well as some members of our community.

Summer 2 – Visit to Easton Farm Year 2

In school our topic in year 2 is ‘Habitats and Environments’ and we have been learning about habitats and the animals that live in different habitats and how they survive.

As part of our learning, the year group went on a trip to Easton Farm to look closely at different habitats. While we were there we looked for and identified minibeasts in different places and went pond dipping where we used a key to identify the creatures we found and met various animals and discussed why their habitats were suitable for them. We also made bug hotels and bird feeders to put in our gardens at home using natural outdoor materials.

As always, we were so proud of all of the children who were superbly behaved during this visit.

Summer 2 2018 Mini Monsters Visit

The year 2 children at Toftwood Infant School enjoyed their visit from Mini Monsters as part of their ‘Habitats and Environments’ topic. The children were able to meet some captivating creatures and reptiles and could look closely at them. Some children were even brave enough to handle them! The children learnt about the different habitats that these creatures live in and how they have adapted to live there. They were not only able to meet Salsa the snake but also look closely at the skin that she had previously shed. They learnt that snakes shed their skin in order for them to grow.

The children were fascinated when meeting Trinny the Tarantula and learnt about how some creatures like Trinny have an exoskeleton. This means their skeleton is on the outside of the body. Although many of the children wanted to hold Trinny, she was the only one that they couldn’t (although others were very relieved about this!). They learnt that Tarantula’s are so fragile that if they were to be dropped, even from a short height, that they would shatter to pieces.

The children all really enjoyed it and found it very interesting, which resulted in them having lots of questions!