Year 5 Summer 2 2019 STEM Day

Year 5 have enjoyed lots of different activities all around the ‘M’ in STEM – Maths!

Miss Skinner and Mrs Hodges led an exploratory session about the golden sequence, where the children discovered the perfect spiral in nature.

Mrs Lee led a session to investigate the best environment for mini beasts. Children had to use their timing and observational skills to see what sort of environment the mini beasts preferred.

Mrs Rathi led an exciting session allowing the children to visualise just how large some sea creatures are, and used the playground to re-create their size.

All in all, the children have enjoyed learning about Maths in a different and creative way.

Summer Term 1 2019 Hickling Broad Visit

On Friday 5th May, year 5 enjoyed a trip to Hickling Broad to support our work on the history, tourism and habitat management of the Broads. Despite the gloomy weather, the children took part in sketching the view from the bird hide, learning about the variety of habitats and wildlife there – as well as dyke dipping. It was lovely to receive a compliment from the staff there who commented on their enthusiasm, engagement and excellent behaviour. Well done year 5!

Don’t forget to look at our blogs to see more photos from the day.

Spring 2 2019 Year 5 Railway Focus for Literacy

In English lessons in the spring term, year 5 enjoyed learning about classic poetry. They studied ‘Night Mail’ by WH Auden and ‘From a Railway Carriage’ by Robert Louis Stevenson. The children then went on a very exciting train trip in the last week of term from Dereham Station to Wymondham Abbey Station. We took lots of photos which helped them write some fantastic poems in the style of  Stevenson’s when we got back to school. If you’re down at Dereham Station, have a look out for the children’s displayed poems!

The children worked really hard throughout the poetry unit and produced some brilliant poems which they were all proud of. Some of their poems are below, enjoy!

Here is a galloping horse in a meadow,

1 or 2 laps, but still the lush grass won’t grow.

Here is McDonald’s letting out a fume of air,

And a burger for 99p, now that’s fair.

Here is a fox, there is a deer,

Rumaging in a pile of leaves near.

Here is an abandoned, rusty train,

Vandalised and standing still in the rain.

Here is a small, adorable bunny,

Eating carrots that she thinks are yummy.

Here is the wind whispering to us,

of tales and songs as we walk to the bus.

Spring 2 2019 – British Science Week

Year 5 had a busy British Science Week. In keeping with the theme of journeys, we learned about the journey of milk – from the different farms that cows are kept on right up to when the milk gets delivered to the supermarkets.

We also had a go at making butter from shaking milk, it was a good workout for us all!

We  cooked some delicious cheese scones and researched where the ingredients had come from. The ingredients that travelled the furthest to get to us in Dereham were the oat milk (from Belgium) and lactose free butter (from Sweden).

We really enjoyed all of the different visitors who came in to talk to us about their roles in the science world.

Year 5 science week presentation Dr Smith

Year 5 science week presentation Dr Payne

Year 5 South America Topic

As part of Year 5’s South America topic, the children spent Friday 4th January learning about different countries  in the continent. The children all really enjoyed the day and learned a lot about South American counties.


The children learned all about carnival and created their own dance routine to have a carnival celebration themselves. In the afternoon, the children learned about the artist Romero Britto and had a go at creating a piece of art in his style.


We learned about the things that make Columbia an interesting country and lots about Columbian heritage. We discovered the lost city of El Dorado, which as the myth goes, was an old Columbian city. Our treasure maps show just where we think the city might be. In the afternoon, we found out how chocolate is grown and then made. Some of the best chocolate beans are from South America!


Children enjoyed a poem called “Up and Down the Andes” which explores the journeys made by children across Peru to celebrate the sun festival. We then painted Aztec style suns. We also tried Aztec style weaving using wool and sticks.

Year 5 Autumn 1 2018

Mrs Rathi and Miss Skinner are settling in nicely to their new roles in year 5 and the children have been incredibly kind in assisting them.
We have had a busy half term, with some exciting learning opportunities that the children have relished.

In English have been writing persuasive letters; we hoped you enjoyed reading them! Once we had perfected our persuasive prose, we then moved on to learning about science fiction. The children seem to have loved creating their own characters and sci-fi scenarios. We are currently in the process of writing our own science fiction stories so watch this space for some exciting and gripping stories.

Our reading is now taught as a whole class lesson once a week. The children have really engaged with “Kensuke’s Kingdom” by Michael Morpurgo.

Our maths has been focused around place value, addition and subtraction. Through using concrete, pictorial and abstract representations of our numbers, we have been ensuring our maths skills are getting stronger by the day. We have also taken advantage of the good weather to participate in some active and fun lessons to support the strategies we have learned.

In our Science topic, we have explored “Earth and Space”. We found out about the heliocentric and geocentric models of the solar system and sought evidence that the Earth does really revolve on it’s axis. Ask your children if they can explain why we have night and day.

Linked to our science, in geography, we have been learning about geographical features of the Earth. Volcanoes were a popular and exciting topic; the children were in awe when confronted with an erupting volcano.

In year 5, we proved that having no pen was not a barrier to learning. What an exciting and creative day we had! Following on nicely from our previous day’s learning in maths, the children enjoyed an active lesson. In mixed teams, they developed their reasoning skills as they helped each other by explaining the significance of estimating and rounding to solve space-themed word problems. This was followed by fun and games with our times tables. Have you tried playing Fizz Buzz recently? It really got us thinking!

In English, we were able to think differently about novels. With pens down, we turned our attention to creating an illustration for a book cover, especially for our own story. We carefully considered the purpose and impact of a book cover first, before exploring a range of artistic media and techniques.

It has been a fantastic half term for our year 5 classes and team.