Year 6 Holt Hall Residential

81 children from Y6 attended Holt Hall for their residential trip away. They learnt map and compass work for orienteering, using microscopes for their freshwater pond dipping and creating large scale art work. Their favourite activity was building and lighting fires, then cooking apples and gutted fish on them.They learnt to work with each other in new and challenging situations. In the evenings they all had time to relax and play and work together, on night walks and on a quiz night too. They finished with a cup of hot chocolate and shared stories.

Autumn 1 2017 Greek Hook Day

Year 6 welcomed their first topic of the year with an ancient Greek hook day. Activities on offer included Greek writing and numbers, designing their own mythical beasts and even taking part in their own mini Greek Olympics. The teachers were impressed with some brilliant ancient Greek costumes and the children’s knowledge of the different gods and goddesses. Since then, children have worked on their Greek pot designs and created some authentic shapes, patterns and motifs on their clay models.

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