School Council – Junior

Our School Council consists of representatives from each year group. The Council itself, is modelled on a democratic model, with a Chairperson to lead each meeting. The School Council meet regularly to discuss issues they feel are important and to ensure the children of Toftwood Junior School are represented in decision making within school.

Please see below for details of work the School Council are currently undertaking:

Summer Term 2019

We are all very excited that our “blue area” is now ready to be used at lunchtimes! Our school councils have been fundraising with a Bring and Buy sale for the last two Christmases and have raised money towards buying items for this area. We now have very smart picnic benches and storage boxes. Previous school council members suggested that the area could be used for quiet play by the PATHS person of the day and a friend, during lunchtime.

We will think of more fund-raising projects throughout the year to keep adding to our fun area. We will also be welcoming our new school council members for the summer term and seeing what new ideas they have for this on-going project.

Spring Term 2018

The School Council decided that they wanted to help vulnerable people in the community. Following a discussion, the members decided to support a cause which would benefit homeless people.

Members of the council then researched the Salvation Army and how by collecting used or new warm blankets and clothing, children and families in Dereham could help homeless people without any financial outlay. Members of School Council then shared their idea with all children in an assembly.

Items were then collected over a period of two weeks, and all donated items were delivered to the Salvation Army meeting hall during the week of the 5th of February.

We would like to thank the school community for supporting this venture and making our collection so successful.