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Visiting Authors

We try to inspire a love of reading in our federation, and one way to do this is to have visiting authors come in. In this year (17-18) we have already had 3 authors visit us, talk to us about their work and share their inspiration with us. Children have the opportunity to buy signed books, and for those that may be unable to we purchase copies for our library so everyone has access to them.


Alex Scarrow

Alex Scarrow is a bestselling local children’s author, who writes the very popular series of books Time Riders. Although they are maybe aimed at slightly older readers, Year 5 and 6 took up the challenge and have been looking to see who can read the whole series first!

Alex gave an entertaining, memorable and inspiring talk to the children about his career, as a musician, computer games designer and now author.

He shared his first book of the series with Y5 and Y6 from TJS and Yaxham Primary School who joined us as well. The children thoroughly enjoyed his talk to them and many took the opportunity to purchase the first two books on the day. We also purchased some of the books for the library for those who were unable to buy them so everyone has a chance to read his stories.

His website is


Julia Edwards

Julia Edwards came to speak to years 3 and 4 about her popular books. Julia is the author of The Scar Gatherer series, a sequence of seven time-travel adventures for 8 to 12 year olds. The fifth and latest book, “Slaves for the Isabella”, brings its hero, Joe, face to face with some of the most powerful men in Georgian England – the slave traders.

The first four books in the series are: “The Leopard in the Golden Cage”, set in Roman Britain; “Saving the Unicorn’s Horn”, set in the Viking Age; “The Falconer’s Quarry”, set in Tudor England; and “The Demon in the Embers”, set during the Great Fire of London.


The teachers are going to read some of these books to the children in their class as they link well to some of the topics we study. We have bought sets for the library for everyone to enjoy and some children bought their own copies.

Her website is


Alex Bellos

Alex Bellos visited the school on 23rd February 2018. He is an established author who is well known as a mathematician, and children’s author of the Football School books as well as books on Science and other topics.

Alex spoke to years years 5 and 6 about his life as a journalist, author and his life in Brazil where he ghost wrote Pele’s autobiography. He gave an insightful look  into the many unknown facts of football. The children were all involved at points during his talk, some even doing some drama at the front of the hall.

Alex is also a well known and very clever mathematician. He has regular articles in the guardian and some of the children were copying his methods for calculations. He not only inspired them as readers, but also as mathematicians.

Alex Bellos website for Football School is.

His home website is

His work for the guardian can be found here

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