Isolation/closure Home Learning

We realise that there will be children and families following the Government and Public Health England advice and self isolating. We are trying to take a sensible approach to what work your child can do at home and are putting resources online. In addition all children will have one printed booklet. Please ensure you do the following:

  • Continue to read with your child, read to them and hear them read. there are many free audio books on line. You can sign up to Oxford Owl and get access to free books online. 
  • Complete learning on numbots/my maths/TT rockstars 
  • Use vocabulary ninja every day on line. It is free and you just need to sign up. The children use this in school for Years 1-6 every day and they think of sentences with the word in, think of words that mean the same (synonyms) or the opposite (antonyms). Use them in a poem or a piece of writing.  
  • Encourage safe exercise in the garden if you can each day or use the cosmic yoga sessions on you tube that we use in school. Joe Wicks also has online resources. Please supervise this as we cannot guarantee advert content. You could skip, use your trampoline or use something such as swingball. 
  • Practise times tables quick fire questions for children in Years 1-6
  • Design and create an art project - think of a favourite artist and create something yourself. Visit a virtual art gallery and take a tour - If your child takes a tour then they can reflect on the art they enjoyed, if it is similar to anyone else or they could make a timeline of famous artists
  • Practise their Spanish if in KS2 - or even try if KS1! There are lots of free websites 
  • Play a board game, do a jigsaw, do a bug hunt in the garden, go and do some gardening, keep a weather diary. There are lots of fabulous activities you can do that are educational. 
  • Watch a film together and talk about the characters and the story. Get them to predict what is happening. 
  • See if they can learn a new skill - knitting, cooking, cross stitch. 
  • If your child is in reception, then please upload your pictures and learning to Tapestry. 
  • Do some mindfulness and well being activities. You can find examples online
  • Build an amazing model from recycling or lego or anything else you can find
  • Study another country - learn how to say hello, goodbye and some other key phrases in that language. Depending on age, look at some buildings in that country and compare them to ours. you could also compare food, customs, religions. 
  • Find a famous person you admire from History and research their life. Where did they live? What are they famous for? Can you draw a picture of them? How did they change the world? What did you admire about them? Depending on age your child could create a fact booklet about this. Can you make a timeline of famous events related to an area such as medical science, discoveries or inventions, world events. 
  • Children in KS2 can use the corbett maths website which has five questions a day.