We are welcoming tours for parents/carers of children who are due to start their Reception year in September 2019.

Tours have been arranged for Toftwood Infant School:

Thursday 8th November at 1:30pm.

Please email admin@toftwood.norfolk.sch.uk to book a time and date


We are welcoming tours for parents/carers of children who are due to start Year 3 in September 2019.

Tours have been arranged for Toftwood Junior School

Wednesday 7th November at 9.15 – 10.15 and 11.00-12.00

Please email reception@toftwood-jun.co.uk to book a time and date


Technology and computing has become an important part of most people’s lives. We would like to ensure that all children in our school can become competent and confident users of ICT, ready for their adult life.
The curriculum has been updated to focus on ‘computing’ in line with the proposed new curriculum. The computing subject covers all objectives for the new national curriculum for Key Stage One, over Year One and Year Two. Planning in EYFS relates to the Development Matters document and the larger objective of ‘Understanding the World’. The computing curriculum has been designed to give the children breadth of understanding of technology using a variety of tools and equipment.

We have a commitment to ensuring we have equipment that is relevant to the age and stage of the children, and that we embrace and introduce new technologies where relevant. To enhance the curriculum the children are able to access a range of technology in the school including desktop computers in the computing suite, programmable toys and iPads for classroom and group use. Children are able to develop and progress their skills in computing each year to build on prior knowledge and skills they have been taught before.

We have a commitment as a school to ensure that all children are online-safe using technology and the internet. All classes have a poster displayed to promote the key tips for being online-safe. Each half term the children have an online-safety lesson during their computing slot to recap these tips and procedures.

Children across the school have enjoyed using a range of technology and can talk about how this technology can help their learning in other curriculum areas.

Purple Mash

We use Purple Mash at Toftwood Infant School to develop children’s understanding of computer science. The children learn to write simple algorithms (precise sets of instructions that we give technology to follow) in a fun and engaging way. Quite a few of the children have said that they would love to grow up and to be able to make computer games like Minecraft and the skills that Purple Mash develops allows the children to develop a wide range of their computer skills.

As well as developing children’s computer science skills, it also has lots of creative tools that we use with the children. For example, we have previously use MashCams to import our own photos into different characters to enrich our literacy work – we have used astronauts for the topic of space in Year 1.

It also links with other curriculum areas, like Music. An example of this was seen in KS1 have made their own musical scores and compositions.

You are able to access Purple Mash at home too! Please ask your child’s class teacher for the class log in. If you are logging in with the username and password, please remind your child of the Online-Safety tips.

Please remember password safety and do not share passwords with others.


Computing in the Summer Term


Some children in Nursery have used the computer to research different animals. They researching the different types of dinosaurs and their names.


The children in reception have been visiting the computing suite to use the computers. They have been using the mouse and keyboard to develop their control too. The children have been able to draw using Purple Mash. They have created minibeasts and have written the name of the insect they had drawn.

Year 1

Year 1 have used Textease to create their own drawing about their trip to Holkham Hall and their favourite part of the year. They added a caption about what they had drawn too. The children used different tools on Textease to create these designs too.

Year 2

Year 2 have used an internet search engine to research different artists. They used Textease to import a picture of their artwork or a picture of the artist they had chosen. They then added text about the artist’s life.


Computing in the Spring Term


Some of the children in Nursery have been using the computers to research about fire and chopsticks. They were able to look at pictures to make their own fire and also watched videos about how to use chopsticks.


Children in reception have been researching about where they live and about animals they want to find more about. They have used Google Earth to find out about where they live and have used Google to look at pictures and videos about animals they want to know more about.

Some of the children have been able to move the beebot around the maze using the controls on the computer. They have been able to select the arrows using the mouse to turn the beebot and also move it forwards and backwards.

Year 1

Year 1 have been using the new beebot maze creators. The children can make their own beebot maze using the smaller pieces of wood and then program the beebot to move around the maze in smaller instructions. They had the challenge of writing the algorithm for the whole maze and the children could de-bug their beebot if it did not reach the finish.

Year 2

Year 2 have been linking their computing lessons to their topic ‘Art Around the World’. They used Google Earth to look at Dereham and surrounding areas such as Norwich. The next lesson they looked at places in the England and then finally they explored different countries around the World. They really enjoyed finding familiar places such as McDonalds, Tescos, Disneyland Paris and the Eiffel Tower.


Computing in the Autumn Term


Nursery have created their own designs for a Christmas tree. They used Purple Mash to draw decorations on a template of a Christmas tree. The children then printed their designs and went to collect them from the photocopier. The children were so excited to see that their design was waiting for them!


Children in reception have been using a range of technology to help develop their mouse and keyboard skills. They have been using www.phonicsplay.co.uk and www.cbeebies.co.uk too!

Year One

Year 1 have been following and writing algorithms (clear, precise instructions for a computer). They have used the beebot maps and app on the ipads to help with their learning of this. They had to give the beebots clear instructions to move it around from a starting point to an end point.

The children have also linked computing and outdoor learning through the use of ipads. They took pictures of signs of Autumn so that they could share what they had found and talk about how the seasons change.

Year Two

Year two have also being learning about algorithms. They used the beebot maps to create instructions for the beebot and used direction cards to record the algorithm they had made. They developed their knowledge further through using logical reasoning to give the beebot the whole instruction instead of giving it lots of smaller instructions to get to the desired location.

Spring 2018

Year 3 have been working on their word processing and typing skills. They have used dance mat typing to help them learn how to type correctly and consolidated their learning from Literacy and their topic by typing up non-chronological reports and creating posters.

They have been continuing to learn about coding using the code4life website and writing code and algorithms to direct a vehicle.

Year 4 have also been developing their word processing and typing skills.  They have been using Scratch to learn how to manipulate sprites to begin creating a game.  The children then used PowerPoint to create presentations on the Islamic Pilgrimage and used iPads to create movie trailers!


Year 5 have been concentrating on improving their typing speed by using touch typing skills and creating spreadsheets. The children have used their spreadsheets and know how to complete calculations using the ‘auto sum’ function.

Year 6 have continued to develop their typing skills and have created music using the Garage Band app.  The children have also extended their spreadsheet knowledge and have presented data in different ways, such as in numerical or graphical form. The children have also created PowerPoints following their Holt Hall residential trip.

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