Summer Term 2018

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Mathematics – Junior

Mathematics teaching at Toftwood Junior School is designed to equip children with the necessary skills to become fluent and accurate mathematicians as they move through Key Stage 2 (year 3 to 6) and prepare for the next phase of their education.

Teachers use White Rose Maths as a teaching tool and Mathematics is taught on a daily basis following the National Curriculum Programme of Study.

Teaching is designed to equip children with the necessary skills to become fluent and accurate in their working, and develops learning and understanding by use of concrete resources and pictorial representations where appropriate.

Learning progression is achieved through using the method of beginning with concrete resources, leading to using pictorial representations and finally mastery of abstract concepts. Pupils learn to use and apply mental and practical strategies to solve problems that they may face in day-to-day life. We aim to make maths as practical and fun as possible, using it in other areas of the curriculum as appropriate to make mathematics meaningful and purposeful.

Children have opportunities to develop fluency, reasoning and problem solving whilst exploring concepts throughout Key Stage 2.

Regular challenges are set for all children to apply reasoning skills to problems and to prove that they have really ‘mastered’ their learning. More complex challenges are also set for children to experience working at greater depth. This approach enables more confident mathematicians to be stretched and challenged, whilst some children will need more consolidation of other mathematical skills. We encourage a ‘learning from our mistakes’ culture, and this is reinforced through our Excellent Learner characteristics.

Further information about mathematics in Key Stage 2 can be found below:

In addition to our mathematics teaching in school we provide two online mathematics learning tools. MyMaths is provided for all children and provides a platform for homework and revision of taught skills, as well as games. Times Table Rock Stars is also provided as a fun and effective way to develop fluency in multiplication.

For additional information about using MyMaths or Times Table Rock Stars please see below.

Year 3

There has been a big focus on using concrete resources to show how we are finding our answers. We have been using a variety of methods to show place value, and adding and subtracting numbers including using base 10. We have also been focusing on money and measurement. We have been using money to find different ways to get the same value e.g. 10p = 5p + 5p or 5p + 2p + 2p + 1p, converting between £ and p and adding and subtracting to find amounts.

Year 4

Year 4 have been continuing to use concrete resources to show and explain how we are finding our answers. In our recent topic, we have been creating models to support our understanding of fractions. We have then used these to help us draw a range of pictorial representations and calculate answers to a range of problem solving questions.

Year 5

We have been focusing more on our reasoning and problem solving skills by explaining how we have found an answer. This has been shown through written explanations, pictorial representations and through the use of concrete resources. We found the concrete resources helpful during our multiplication and division topic. We enjoyed using the bar models when learning about fractions which helped to reinforce equivalent fractions.

Year 6

We have been building on our prior learning this year in preparation for SATS. We have enjoyed our focus on deepening our learning, reasoning and problem solving. We have learnt how to break a more difficult question into simpler and more manageable steps. We are feeling much more confident with this process and have been showing how we can do this in our maths books.

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