We are welcoming tours for parents/carers of children who are due to start their Reception year in September 2019.

Tours have been arranged for Toftwood Infant School:

Tuesday 30th October at 9:15am and 1:30pm.

Monday 5th November at 9:15am.

Thursday 8th November at 1:30pm.

Please email admin@toftwood.norfolk.sch.uk to book a time and date


We are welcoming tours for parents/carers of children who are due to start Year 3 in September 2019.

Tours have been arranged for Toftwood Junior School

Wednesday 7th November at 9.15 – 10.15 and 11.00-12.00

Please email reception@toftwood-jun.co.uk to book a time and date

Maths Workshop

Maths Workshops for Parents, October 2017

Thank you for making our Maths Workshops such a success – over 85+ parents and carers attended!

We are very happy to hear that the sessions have helped parents feel more confident when talking with their children about maths and helping them learn at home.

We understand that our session covered details about the entire Key Stage 1 Mathematics curriculum, so if you have any further questions or queries please don’t hesitate to ask your class teacher or Mrs Adams our Maths Subject Leader.

Our website also has a Mathematics page which has lots of additional information, including videos, that you may find useful.

Please find the power point that was used during the workshop here. We hope that this may be useful for you to access at home.

thumbnail of Workshop DAY 2017Here’s some of the feedback we received:

Very well presented session. Handouts are always great to take home and recap. It’s good to be updated on words now not being used in Maths and the new words to use instead.

Very informative and helpful to know what maths language is being used in school. It was also interesting to see how maths is taught in school.

What a brilliant workshop! I have learnt so much. It is wonderful to see the children so excited about maths.

I think this session has been very useful. It is lovely to get an insight into what the children do. It is amazing to see how much they know. Great job.

I appreciated the chance to have time in the classroom seeing what the children are learning. The talk was very good, clear and informative. It is lovely to see how confident my child is.

The presentation was brilliant. You are very enthusiastic about maths! Having these sessions to make the parents aware of the children’s goals for the year is very useful as parents can help to reinforce what they have learned in class. Thank you!

I really enjoyed being in the classroom with my child. Thank you for this opportunity to see the children’s enthusiasm. It was really fun too.

Interesting to see the methods used to teach maths to ensure we are consistent at home.

It was great to see the methods they the children will learn. I can now help at home and reinforce these to check my son understands.

I didn’t realise how in depth the children learn. It is great to see what they are capable of!

The workshop was really useful. It was great to find out the methods of how my son is being taught.

My son loves maths! Maths Whizz is a good tool too. I wish I had these fun lessons when I was at school. It was really informative – thank you.

Great presentation. Thank you for the star words handout to make sure we are using the right language at home.

It was great to hear about what and how they are learning in class. We will use this to continue to support our child at home.

This was a really good workshop. It has helped me a lot to understand how they learn and how I can help more.

Very helpful and everything was clearly explained. Thank you for your time.

The workshop was brilliant. I really learnt a lot – how to break it down the way the children do in school.

I found the workshop a very useful insight on what is being taught and how we can encourage and help at home. My daughter likes maths and says it is really fun.

Very good maths workshop. Things have changed a lot so it was really useful.

Very helpful to see the correct way to help at home. It was lovely to spend time in class too.

An excellent workshop. My daughter has been using methods at home which were explained to use today. It was lovely to go into class to see the methods used.

Fantastic presentation which was delivered really well. The class work was great too.

I found the workshop very informative. I feel more confident now about how to help my child solve maths problems.

Four parents also commented that the materials shared at the workshops were useful, so we are sharing the handouts here in case you need a refresher or were unable to attend:

Here are some websites to use at home to practice the maths skills your child has been learning in class:

www.whizz.com (log ins provided from school)




Always supervise your child when they are using the internet.

An improvement that could be made was also mentioned in an evaluation – this ensures our workshops continually improve.

  • One parent said that they thought there were too many methods taught to the children and the language used is too confusing for a 5 year old.

We always ensure we are extending the children’s learning, and that includes extending their mathematical vocabulary. In early years we would always use practical examples to demonstrate this too so they would see and hear what we were explaining. In our experience the children soon pick this up, just like they pick up terms in literacy and other subject areas. It is important that we do use correct terms from the beginning. The methods are a progression of methods from the end of reception/start of year 1 to the end of year 2 so a variety was shared at the workshop to allow parents to help their child depending on the stage they are at.


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