Maths Workshop

Maths Workshop for Parents, October 2018

Thank you for making our Maths Workshops such a success – over 50+ parents and carers attended!

We are very happy to hear that the sessions have helped parents feel more confident when talking with their children about maths and helping them learn at home.

We understand that our session covered details about the entire Key Stage 1 Mathematics curriculum, so if you have any further questions or queries please don’t hesitate to ask your class teacher or either Mrs Adams or Mrs Ponder, our Maths Subject Leaders.

Our website also has a Mathematics page which has lots of additional information, including videos, that you may find useful.

Please find the power point that was used during the workshop here. We hope that this may be useful for you to access at home.

Maths Workshop Powerpoint

Here’s some of the feedback we received:

It was particularly useful to learn the way of teaching with tens and ones, rather than units. I also enjoyed seeing and joining in with the children in their own learning environment. It was a very useful morning to attend.

Keep up the excellent work – even I learnt something even after all of these years!

Great presentation – it’s so lovely and reassuring to have such enthusiastic maths teachers. It’s a great opportunity for parents to be informed and involved, and give us ideas of how to help at home to successfully learn and like maths.

The workshop was really helpful and has given me a clear understanding of what my child will be learning in year 1. The handout is fantastic and will help me to remember what you taught us.

Very informative and always helpful to know how to help home learning. The teachers are very enthusiastic!

I found today very insightful, knowing what is expected of my child and I think it was all explained fully as to how I can help him reach his targets.

A very useful session – interesting to see the many different methods of teaching maths. I will incorporate these into home learning!

Great to get an insight into my child’s learning. We will be practising learnt today at home.

I can now understand how the system works and can be useful in helping at home. Before the workshop I didn’t understand some of the things my child was trying to tell me about maths, but I do now!

We are sharing the handouts here in case you need a refresher or were unable to attend:

Here are some websites to use at home to practice the maths skills your child has been learning in class:

Always supervise your child when they are using the internet.