Modern Foreign Languages (MFL)

Learning a foreign language should provide an opening to other cultures, encourage pupils’ curiosity and create a deeper understanding of the world.

To gain a deeper knowledge of a foreign language in KS2, we have chosen to teach and learn Spanish throughout the Junior School. We aim for our teaching to enable pupils to express their thoughts and ideas in another language and respond to others through speech and writing.

We believe that language teaching in KS2 should provide the foundations for pupils to learn further languages and giving inspiration for travel and working in other countries in the future. From September 2017, Year 3 through to Year 6 have been learning Spanish and it has been fantastic to see the progress! The children are now able to use a range of phrases and apply their knowledge in extended writing in a second language. We believe these language skills will give them the confidence to progress with their learning of other languages and building on their Spanish in high school.

We incorporate Spanish speaking into the daily routine through exercises such as taking the register and giving basic classroom commands in Spanish alongside weekly timetabled lessons.

We are creating a stimulating and cross-curricular approach to teaching and learning a modern foreign language using a mapped out curriculum to build on progress year by year.

Cinco de Mayo 2019

To celebrate Cinco de Mayo in Year 3, the children created their own collages of a view that they could imagine seeing through a window. The children thought about the scenes that they may see and used colourful pieces of tissue paper to create their pictures. The children learnt about the history of Cinco de Mayo and how people still celebrate it today.

Year 4 learnt about the significance of Cinco de Mayo and the history behind the celebrations. The children carefully designed a poster to inform others about the importance of Cinco de Mayo to different countries. They used facts learnt from the lesson and decorated their posters with themed illustrations.

In Year 5, the children learnt about the origins of Cinco de Mayo and about how people still celebrate it today. They tested their new knowledge with a short quiz. The children learnt how to make a zine book using an A4 piece of paper, some folds and just one cut! The children then filled their zine books with facts and illustrations about Cinco de Mayo.

Year 6 enjoyed learning about the significance of the war between France and Mexico and how this impacted on the people of that time and why Cinco de Mayo is still celebrated today. The children looked at pictures of typical festivities. Year 6 then tested their knowledge of what they had learnt by answering some quiz questions. The children produced postcards to send to a family member or friend back home to tell them about their time at a Cinco de Mayo celebration.

Toftwood Junior School Bronze Linguamarque Award

After continued hard work and dedication, the staff and children at Toftwood Junior School have been awarded the Bronze Linguamarque award. This reflects the consistently high expectations across KS2 to develop our Modern Foreign Language learning skills. Children have benefited from various cultural activities, not just focusing on Spanish but also increasing our understanding of the wider world. The examiner who presented the school with our accreditation was pleased to see that the children were engaged and enthusiastic in their learning and were proud to show off their developing skills in Spanish. A huge well done to the staff and children at Toftwood Junior School, fantástico!

European Day of Languages 26th September 2018