At Toftwood Infant School we value music as a subject.  We aim to develop children’s music ability and their confidence to perform. Alongside this we aim to develop the children’s appreciation of different music, including music from different countries, cultures and periods of history. A cross curricular approach is taken to music. All year groups combine discrete music lessons with the use of music in other subject areas. Music is also used day to day when attending assemblies, tidying up and lunchtime clubs. In the EYFS, the children have access to high quality music provision both indoors and outside. There is a clear progression in skills from EYFS to KS1 through the Charanga Programme. A success of last academic year was the use of music and dance visitors and workshops which enriched the learning across all year groups and improved outcomes. This will be built upon this year by organising a music enrichment week for EYFS and KS1 to take part in.

June 2018 – Music Hub Award Winner

Mr Hardy was nominated for the Norfolk Music Hub in their innovation award category, reflecting on his enthusiasm and approach to the teaching of high quality music.

Mr Hardy, the Junior School music lead has been working with Miss Coombes, the Infant School music lead and they have used Music to draw the two schools closer together. Our first training as a combined staff group was a singing workshop which was an incredible success and great way to break the ice when bringing two lots of staff together. They applied for and received the Hub’s bespoke project grant which we used to fund a series of steel pan workshops for Yr2 and Yr3 children to play alongside one another. Not only was this an amazing opportunity for some really top quality instrument tuition it helped with the younger children’s transition to KS2. (It also added some much needed focus on Music from around the world.) After attending a Singing Playgrounds workshop Mr Hardy formed a singing group of Key Stage 2 children who have learned some of the songs and have visited the Infant School playground at lunchtime to teach these to the younger children
In terms of innovation, Mr Hardy has introduced making music with technology to each of the Year Groups – Yr3 using the fantastic ‘Isle of Tune’ online program, Year 4 using MadPad, Year 5 Scratch and Year 6 Garage Band which led to a group of Yr6 students running a lunchtime Garage Band club.

The amazing loan of Samba instruments from the Hub has enabled Mr Hardy to start teaching Yr 6 a term of Brazilian percussion (with a great deal of help from John Owen from Neatherd High School and by joining Norwich Samba to give himself a crash course in an area of music he had had no previous experience of) again trying to give children a more global idea of Music.

Mr Hardy has been playing and teaching ukulele for 16 years and has a very dedicated Ukulele Club who have recently performed at a concert organised by BTEC Music students from Neatherd High School.

Mr Hardy has also ensured equality of access for all students, regardless of physical difficulties and carried out some research into open tunings and spending an afternoon with a child and her uke a uke blu-tacked to a table and various plectrums and sticks to use as slides they were jamming together playing ‘Three Little Birds’. She is now a stalwart member of Uke Club.

At the awards ceremony, Mr Hardy was one of 3 Norfolk Music-Coordinators shortlisted. In the speech, the judges recognised his engagement with the Music Hub over the last 2 Years, the work he has done with Miss Coombes to use music to bring the federation together, organising the steel pan workshops; the whole federation staff singing workshop; taking children from Juniors to do Playground Singing with the children at the Infants at lunchtime , the inclusion of music technology in each Year Group; the Yr6 Samba lessons; the ongoing Ukulele club and the efforts to be fully inclusive.

We are pleased to say Mr Hardy was chosen as the winner of the award for innovation in music co-ordinators 2018. Congratulations Mr Hardy!

Music in Spring 1 2019

During Spring 1 pupils across the Federation have been busy learning how to sign to the song ‘The Greatest Day’ by Take That as part of our This was to raise awareness for deaf health in school and part of the national Sign2Sing event. The event was a huge success and children from Toftwood Infant School and Toftwood Junior School shared participating in the main halls. The local newspaper also came to see our performances – please see the published article through the link below:

In Nursery and Reception classes children have had an exciting week learning about Chinese New Year and had a visit from Miss Helen who came into school to do a dance workshop. Children enjoyed listening to music, learning how to use a gong and boomwhackers and also had the opportunity to dance to Chinese music. Some of the children even became Chinese dragons for the dance!

Music in Summer 2 2018

As part of ‘Live music week,’ the children in year 1 and 2 were lucky enough to take part in a Singing Playgrounds workshop led by the Norfolk Music Hub.

The children learnt 3 songs including, John Kanaka, Singing in the rain and Seven steps circle song.

Nasser said, “I really liked the dragon song.”

Rebecka said, “We got to go outside and sing songs on the playground. It was fun.”

Music in Spring 2 2018

In Spring 2, the children were very lucky to experience some live music. Miss McTavish and Mrs Harrison sang and played the guitar while the children walked in and out of their celebration assemblies.

Thank you very much to Mrs Harrison and Miss McTavish for providing such a wonderful experience for the children.

Ashley said, “I didn’t know that the teachers could play the guitar and sing!”

Amelia said, “I liked how they sang in tune and Mrs Harrison played an instrument as well.”

Music in Spring 1 2018

The children in Year 2 have been very busy this half term! They have been learning how to play the ‘Ocarina.’ An Ocarina is a type of wind instrument that sounds similar to a recorder. It has four finger-holes which can be covered in different combinations to play 14 musical notes.

Music in Autumn 2 2017

The children in Nursery have been exploring how the CD player works and listening to different music and stories on there. They have also been playing the instruments in the outdoor area.

The children in Reception have been learning about ‘Celebrations’ this half term. When they were learning about fireworks, they spent some time listening to music about fireworks and using instruments to make their own music.  They watched an orchestra playing a classical piece called ‘The Firebird’ and talked about the different instruments they could see being played and the role of the conductor.  They talked about the music and how it changed from quiet to loud, and from slow to fast.

The children then had the opportunity to explore the instruments. They talked about what the instruments were all called and everyone was given an instrument to play.  They explored playing the instruments at different volumes, and playing a slow beat and a fast beat.  After they had finished working together many of the children continued to play and explore the instruments and how they could be used to make different types of sounds.

The children in Key Stage 1 have been busy rehearsing and performing their Christmas play and pantomime. Year One teamed up with the Reception children to perform ‘Baubles’ and the Year Two children have been putting together a pantomime, ‘Sleeping Beauty.’ All the children have worked incredibly hard to learn lots of new songs, actions and lines to perform to the rest of the school and their grown-ups.

Music in Autumn 1 2017

In nursery and reception the children have been enjoying exploring the different musical instruments in the classrooms and outdoor area. They have also had a go on PurpleMash and experimented with making music and tunes using the interactive screen.

In Year One the children have been following the ‘Hey You!’ unit from Charanga. They have been learning different songs and raps and noticing the differences between the two. They have particularly enjoyed playing the warm up games and learning how to find the pulse.

In Year Two the children have been listening to music from the medieval period as part of their topic, ‘Medieval Norwich.’ In PE, they learnt and made up dances to this music to perform to the rest of the year group on their medieval day.

Ukelele club perform at livewire – June 2018

Toftwood Ukulele Club were invited to perform at Dereham Memorial Hall on Wednesday 27th June as part of the ‘Live Wire’ concert.

The event, organised by Year 10 BTEC Music students at Neatherd High School, was the Ukulele Club’s first experience of playing on a real stage to a packed audience (quite a leap from playing in our own school assemblies) however everyone performed brilliantly and were cheered and applauded enthusiastically.

‘It was really fun,’ said Edward, ‘we were nervous at first, but we managed to pull it off and it sounded really good.’

Evie  added, ‘We got more confident as it went on. It was fantastic to play in a concert and all of the acts were so good. When we were actually on stage it sounded amazing!’

Not only was this a fantastic opportunity to gain experience of performing in a wonderful venue, it also gave our pupils a chance to see the incredible musical talents of the high school students and see what they can aspire to in the future.

Thank you so much to all the parents and grandparents who supported the event and Mr Owen (Neatherd Head of Music) who helped make it all happen.

The children are still glowing with pride from their success and are looking forward to more chances to get on stage and shine.

Congratulations to all of the children who worked so hard and embraced the opportunity to perform in front of such a large audience, with such enthusiasm and such excitement. Thank you to Mr Hardy for all of his work in preparing the children for the concert and for encouraging and supporting them on the night. We are proud of all of you.

Ukelele club is offered free of charge to all children in the junior school currently and we are looking to possibly extend it to Year 2 at some point in the future.

Live Music Summer 2 2018

The junior school were treated to music through the ages on Tuesday 5thJune as the Live History of Music Show performed for us in the main hall. After a rendition of the Doctor Who theme song (so we could travel back in time!), the children listened to music by Vivaldi and Mozart and learned that the oldest recorded instrument was a flute/recorder-type instrument from the Ice Age. They were also treated to a segment of John Cage’s 4’33’’ – a song written to be totally silent – and movie soundtrack music from John Williams (Star Wars and Jaws). The performance ended with Ed Sheeran’s ‘Thinking Out Loud’ – which the Year 3s couldn’t help but join in with.


A Visit from the Dereham Brass Band members – March 2018

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