We are welcoming tours for parents/carers of children who are due to start their Reception year in September 2019.

Tours have been arranged for Toftwood Infant School:

Tuesday 30th October at 9:15am and 1:30pm.

Monday 5th November at 9:15am.

Thursday 8th November at 1:30pm.

Please email admin@toftwood.norfolk.sch.uk to book a time and date


We are welcoming tours for parents/carers of children who are due to start Year 3 in September 2019.

Tours have been arranged for Toftwood Junior School

Wednesday 7th November at 9.15 – 10.15 and 11.00-12.00

Please email reception@toftwood-jun.co.uk to book a time and date

Neatherd Projects

September 2018 work experience rewards

Neatherd work experience presentations – September 2018

We are always pleased to host work experience students who have a real interest in working with young children and developing their skills in this area. We were pleased to be able to give excellent reports to those who attended from Neatherd. They all listened well to the brief they were given, they applied themselves well to their duties and their conduct was excellent and in keeping with our expectations. We wish them all well for the future and maybe we will welcome them back in the future.

Please see the newspaper report below. Mrs Pedlow was very honoured to be asked to go and talk to the Year 11 students and hand out the certificates of excellence also. It is always good to revisit some past pupils!

High school pupils rewarded for excellent work experience reports

Mandarin Lessons Summer 2 2018

In the Summer term, some of the Year 6 children from Toftwood Junior School were offered the fantastic opportunity to learn some Mandarin at  Neatherd High School. The children attended 3 afternoons at Neatherd High School where they taught greetings, numbers and body parts. They were really enthusiastic about their learning, enjoyed it and were excited to share what they had learned with their friends when they returned. We are so pleased they had this amazing experience to develop their language skills. 

Here is what we learned!

Week 1

  • To start off the lesson, our teacher taught us how to say hello/how are you. Once we had welcomed each other we began a comparison of England and China and we found out that China is over 5000 miles away. We learned that there is a total of 56 different languages in China.
  • Mandarin is a tonal language which has 4 main tones, we practised these tones throughout the lesson.
  • There is NO grammar in mandarin! Am, is, are = all the same = ‘shi’
  • Our teacher moved on to showing us the basic strokes which make up the Mandarin characters. We then used some of these to write some words. The ones we began with were Mandarin characters which looked like their meanings!
  • We completed the lesson by speaking to each other in Mandarin, introducing ourselves and asking how each other were.

Week 2

  • We recapped the previous weeks learning. We then moved on to learning the numbers 1-10. We thought about what the numbers sounded like to help us remember what they were!! The number 7 sounds like ‘bah’ which made us think of a sheep!
  • Once we knew what 1-10 was we could easily work out 11-19. We found out that 11 could be made by putting the number 10 with the number 1 = 10 + 1 and 12 could be made by putting the number 10 with the number 2 = 10 + 2.
  • We also got taught the multiples of 10 and the pattern that goes with it. For example, 20 could be made by putting the number 2 with the number 10 = 2 x 10 and 30 could be made by putting the number 3 with the number 10 = 3 x 10.
  • Finally we could work out what other numbers is! E.g. 32 is (3 x 10) + 2
  • By halfway though the lesson we were able to say and discover all of the numbers up to 99!
  • Going over 100 was more difficult! The work hundred has it’s own word to add numbers to! So 100 would be 1 + hundred, 103 would be 1 + hundred + 0 + 3 and 324 would be 3 + hundred + 20 + 4

Week 3

  • After a recap of what we had learned the previous weeks – our memories were great – we moved onto learning how to say different parts of the body. We first learned how to say all of the parts of your face and then onto the rest of our body! We had loads of fun singing head, shoulders, knees and toes!
  • We then used our learning to ask each other what the different body parts were and discussed different animals and how they moved! Here is some feedback from the children
  • “I found the language very interesting and it was a bit like English if you thought about it, like the way in both languages how you raise your voice when asking a question.”
  • “I was very interested and excited about learning Mandarin. I am glad I went to the lessons as the teacher was very nice and the language was easier than I thought!”
  • “It was just really nice and new, I’m glad I did it.”
    “I thought it was a great experience learning a new language, it was really interesting and very fun.”
  • “It was a great experience doing the mandarin and I hope I can do it again in the future.”
  • “It was a very fun experience and at first I thought the language would be very hard and even harder to write but when I did it it wasn’t that hard once I understood the brushstrokes.”


Collaborative Projects

Maths Action Group (MAG) 2018

We were happy to be invited to join a new action group by our colleagues at Neatherd.

Toftwood Infant and Junior School Federation are members of a new Maths Action Group which is being developed to share best practice and facilitate consistency in mathematics across member schools. Member schools hope that the group will promote the best outcomes for all children in mathematics at all stages of school life, and member teachers already represent staff working with children from Nursery year to the end of high school!

The initial meetings have taken place at Toftwood Junior School, but the group plan to hold meetings at all member schools to facilitate shared working and collaboration.

All schools currently taking part in the MAG aim to plan and carry out a shared project during the 2018-2019 academic year. Details of this and other work will be shared on this website so please check back again soon.

Member Schools:

Toftwood Infant and Junior Federation

Scarning Primary School

Neatherd High School

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