Please do look at all of the exciting activities and learning experiences the children have been experiencing.


The Infant School were graded outstanding by OFSTED in 2007 and again in 2010. Since then we have continued to work hard to keep up to date with new ideas and current practice, reviewing what we do and seeing if it works well, and always having plans in place for the future. It is really important to us that we continue to maintain excellent standards of care and education.

We want the very best for all of our children in everything we do, so we are committed to building on our successes and moving things forward.

We are very lucky to have such fabulous children who work so hard and display such excellent behaviours, in their learning as well as their day to day activities. We are equally fortunate to have such dedicated staff, governors and parents who display an ongoing commitment and enthusiasm for the school.

The Junior School have a current grading of Requires Improvement. Plans are in place to move forwards and improve the outcomes and grading for the children, and this is a priority of the new leadership team from September 2017 and of the Governors.

The work of the federation is an important part of securing good provision, education and care for all of the children who attend either federation school.

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