Please do look at all of the exciting activities and learning experiences the children have been experiencing.

Cluster Family Support

In addition to our school based staff, we also have the benefit of cluster based staff supporting our school community.

Our school is part of the Dereham Cluster, which has 17 schools from the area, from Infant to High School and one complex needs school. As a cluster we all pool funding to employ members of staff to work for all of the children in the area.

Parent Support Adviser

Our parent support adviser is Mrs Alison Thompson. In addition to the work she carries out for the cluster, Mrs. Thompson also works in the Infant School school once a week with their parents.

A Parent Support Advisor (PSA) is there to help, support and advice parents and carers who have worries or concerns about their children, their family or anything that may affect a family or child.

A PSA could offer support in a range of situation, such as

  • when you may have a worry at home that affects your child or your family
  • giving advice and strategies to help you with your child’s behaviour at home
  • helping you to access services to support your child and you as a family or an individual
  • offering a listening ear and supporting you through a range of difficulties at home or at school
  • any other issue you may have relating to your child that you would like support with

Telephone: 07930609168, Email:

We may not have all the answers, but we might be able to help you work things out, or help you find someone who could help you more.

Cluster SENCO Lead

In addition to the PSA services, we also have cluster SENCO leads, looking at supporting and assessing children across the cluster with SEN, as well as co-ordinating provision and support with the SENCOs from each school. This means we can share expertise, ensure we use our finances appropriately and give consistency of provision for all children in the cluster with Special Educational Needs.

Our cluster SENCO lead is Alie Ottey.

Telephone: 01362 693915, Email:

Cluster Attendance Support Officer

Sian Brisco

Her role is to offer help and support to any family experiencing difficulties with school attendance.  Her responsibility is to offer support where possible to ensure that your child is attending school.  Everybody’s end goal is that all children are in school every day and on time and this means that your child will be happy and being encouraged to reach their full potential.  Please contact her if you have any concerns or questions relating to school attendance.

Telephone: 07724 626451, Email:

The schools in the Dereham cluster work together on attendance matters. Please refer to the four documents below:

Cluster support team leaflet
This leaflet sets out who the cluster staff are, how they can help you and how you can contact them.

Cluster attendance letter
This letter has been sent to pupils in all cluster schools and sets out the procedures in relation to children missing school through holiday absence or other absence and what action will be taken.

Cluster fit for school leaflet
This leaflet will give you some advice and guidelines on how to judge if your child is ‘fit for school’

How to use your cluster attendance support officer
This flowchart will show you how to get the most from the cluster attendance support officer and how we can help with attendance difficulties

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